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We are normally closed on Sundays but will be open this Sunday, August 2, 2020. 
Face Covers by Ya Ya

Pre-shrunk cotton fabric, with 100% cotton muslin liners. They are washable and made with a pocket to add a filter if you wish. We are carrying these 2 prints with tarot cards and magick. Many more fabric options are available at Agz Ragz who is open Thursdays 11-2 pm.
First Friday
Art Walk with Crafty Phoenix
August 7th 

12:00pm to 7:00pm
We invite you to August’s First Friday ArtWalk in Boulder Creek. Many downtown businesses have re-opened their doors after implementing new sanitization schedules and procedures to safely welcome you inside! 
Air and Fire is excited to be featuring The Crafty Phoenix – By Michelle Fleschute.
“As an artist that has worked across multiple mediums, I have recently combined my love of creating unique pieces with my ongoing studies in Shamanism, ritual work, and sacred tools. My wands, pendants, and smudge fans can be used for cleansing rituals, protection, and setting intentions. All of my pieces are created intuitively using crystals and stones I have personally chosen. Custom orders accepted and welcomed.”
Our event will be spread out from 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Social distancing remains in effect, face masks are required to enter the shop and guests will be limited to 4 at a time inside Air and Fire during the event. 
Dozens of new crystal and stone bracelets have arrived in so many beautiful colors! Turquoise, obsidian, amethyst, super 7, rhodonite, tigers eye in gold, blue & red, rhyolite, hemimorphite, lepidocrocite, Kunzite, jade, morganite, red leopardskin jasper, carnelian, Tibetan agate, bloodstone, unakite, aventurine, Amazonite, chrysoprase, astrophyllite, petersite, dendric agate, labradorite, moonstone, epidote, lepidolite, Ruby-zoisite, rutilated Quartz, tourmaline, fluorite, garnet, pyrite, purple goldstone, lapis, hematite, rose quartz and more! Many are on our website, visit the shop for the full view. 
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Zebra Amber

Zebra Amber from Sumatra and surrounding Indonesia islands. Some of this amber has a natural milky blue sheen when viewed in sunlight. Under a UV light, the blue is highly visible on all of this amber. It is called Zebra amber due to the white and multiple amber browns and black colors in it. Blue amber is the rarest color of amber. 
Amber is a fossilized tree resin known as a powerful healer and cleanser, it draws disease from the body. absorbing negative energies and transforming them into positive, stimulating the body to heal itself. It is an anti-depressant bringing in motivation, drive, and a sunny disposition. Amber is protecting and balancing energetically and stimulates the intellect. Thus blue amber is both a 3rd eye and solar plexus stone but is known to cleanse all the chakras as well as the environment.
White Sage Wand

Certified Organic White Sage Bundles.
The white sage we are using to handcraft our bundles comes from the wild plants that grow on Madre Grande Monastery land. They are part of our family. 
White Sage is a plant that transforms negativity and creates a space of clarity of mind and heart. Many daily problems benefit from a positive and clear state of mind and white sage facilitates this shift of understanding. 
When we are working with the white sage our intent is to bring selflessness into our thoughts and actions.
Madre Grade Monastery is a holistic healing center and nurturing environment for spiritual unfoldment. The monastery is a temple for all religions, a nature preserve, and a place for ceremony and celebration. 
One of a kind Balance/Grounding Chair Handcrafted by Maura

The top and legs are redwood.
The top grounding stones are Unakite and hematite (with pyrite and carnelian under it)
The balancing elemental stones on the legs are:
~ Fire: Fire Agate
~ Earth: Green & Brown Agate
~ Air: Clear Quartz
~ Water: Blue Quartz
Spirit Altar by Maura

The top wood is myrtle wood.
The Stones are:
~ Spirit: Amethyst
~ Air: Clear Quartz Crystal
~ Fire: Goldstone Ring
~ Water: Blue Chalcedony
~ Earth: Kambaba Jasper Wand
~ Balance/Grounding: Hematite 

Redwood and stone talisman by Maura

Eager for 2020 to be over with? Perhaps you can speed things up by getting your 2021 Witches Datebook and Calendars now!

We have many Air & Fire products in stock. Stop by and enjoy the magick!
Sacred Smudge

Sacred Smudge Aromatherapy Mist for the body, mind & spirit is made with essential oils of sage, juniper & cedar. Our mist brings the properties of these special plants traditionally burned for their cleansing, clearing, uplifting and healing effects without the smoke. Carry one with you in the car, purse, or work to use anytime you can benefit from a cleansing dose and shift of energy.
Grounding Mist

Grounding Mist has a very earthy, pleasant aroma, spray to promote calm, centered, focus vibrations. Use to enhance your connection to yourself, the earth, and its creatures.

Natural Insect Repellent

Wards against insects naturally with essential oils.
Contains no DEET or other harmful chemicals.

Available in 2 oz or 4 oz bottles.

Air Candle

Our newest batch of Air Candles are ready. Light to bring in something new, welcomes creativity, and a fresh perspective. Use to inspire hope, joy, clarity, and communication. Represents the energy of the rising sun in the East. Made with soy wax and essential oils of lemongrass and sage in the Gemini moon. Burn time 15 - 20 hours

Water Candle

Our latest batch of Water Candles were made on the dark moon in cancer with soy wax and lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Light to awaken psychic perceptions, boost intuition open to the realm of dreams and visions.

Witchy Soap

This soap smells really good, it is formulated to bring out and honor one's witchy nature. It can be used any time, but is especially good for pre-ritual cleansing, before or after meditation, divinations, spellwork, or witchy gatherings.
White Magick

We craft our White Magick Soap with fragrant white roses from Maura’s garden, goats milk, and cocoa butter, especially used for spiritual cleansing and protection. It is based on a White Bath with roots in African spirituality. The preparation of a White Bath was passed down to me 20+ years ago by my spiritual teacher an elder in the tradition.
Spiritual Cleanse Soap

It has essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and a touch of Cinnamon. They are an ancient combination used in sacred rituals, ceremonies, prayers, offerings, and meditation for thousands of years!
Naked Soap

Our Naked Soap is a gentle castile soap with olive & coconut oils enriched with avocado oil. We add beeswax and water to it and that's all there is besides a large dose of love. Avocado oil is moisturizing, healing, anti-inflammatory, and protective to the skin.  This is a good choice of soap for babies and those with sensitive skin. Get Naked!
Purification Soap

This soap is pure and has simple yet effective ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and Lemon-eucalyptus essential oil. It has a smooth creamy texture and rich lather. The lemon-eucalyptus essential oil is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, it supports the respiratory system and is wound healing of the skin.
Rosemary Lime

Our Rosemary Lime Soap is back with a twist... we have experimented with the indigo plant to achieve this beautiful color. Its energy is uplifting and refreshing. It feels nice on the skin and the smell is great. Both men and women enjoy a bar of this soap.
Uncrossing Soap

This is made with the sacred white sage plant grown on Madre Grande Monastery. We have swirled a new ingredient into this batch which has boosted the action to purify and banish  toxic energy while assisting the removal of impurities and toxins from the skin, its activated charcoal. Blessings on this work.
Mystic Rose Soap
Essential oils of palmarosa, rose geranium, rosewood and rose absolute blend harmoniously together for a lovely fragrant floral bathing experience. It is soft and nourishing to the skin and can only be described as Mystic Rose.
Dragon's Blood Soap

Our Dragon's Blood soap is formulated for strength, empowerment and protection. Made with dragons blood resin, red sandalwood, Moroccan red clay, and essential oils of blood cedarwood, blood orange, frankincense, and dragon's blood extract.
Free mini soap with each on-line order while supplies last!

Tarot and Oracle decks you will love

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Murder of Crows Tarot

As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings you the answers you need, although not always what you wanted. This captivating deck by Corrado Roi presents crows in all their gothic glory. It awakens your soul, bringing enlightenment as well as fear and disquiet. In striking black and white, this deck is a necessary addition to your collection.


Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards

Restore your connection to Mother Earth and let her deep embrace bring you peace, healing, and guidance. In Nature's Whispers, the gorgeous imagination of artist Josephine Wall is brought to vibrant life, resulting in an oracle deck experience that evokes a beautiful, affirming day spent listening to the calling of birds, the babbling of brooks, and the whispers of the trees


Reconnect with the Magic of the Universe!
There was a time when we 'humanity' could see and feel the Divine within each other and all around us. We were one with nature and moved in harmony with the seasons and cycles of life. We honored and accepted the signs and messages sent by Gaia and Great Spirit. This deck is for those who yearn to re-ignite their connection with Gaia, the Great Spirit, the natural world, and its creatures.
The Spiral Dance
The twentieth-anniversary edition of The Spiral Dance celebrates the pivotal role the book has had in bringing Goddess worship to the religious forefront. This bestselling classic is both an unparalleled reference on the practices and philosophies of Witchcraft and a guide to the life-affirming ways in which readers can turn to the Goddess to deepen their sense of personal pride, develop their inner power, integrate mind, and more.
Weave the Liminal

Weave the Liminal explores what it means to truly be a Witch in the modern world. Through the accessible lens of Modern Traditional Witchcraft, Laura Tempest Zakroff helps you formulate a personalized Witchcraft practice and deepen your work with spirits, ancestors, familiars, and the energies of the liminal realm. This book is a guide to connecting to your deepest feelings and intuitions about your roots, your sense of time, the sources of your inspiration, and the environments in which you live.
Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft

In this one-of-a-kind guidebook, award-winning Wiccan author and scholar Raven Grimassi presents an insightful portrait of the spirit of the Witch. He explores the spiritual element of the rituals, practices, and beliefs of Witchcraft, and how these elements apply not only to the seasons of nature but also to the mystical seasons of the soul. Literate and positive, Spirit of the Witch examines the oral tradition of Witches, as well as the cultural, literary, anthropological, and historical roots of Witchcraft.

Services are offered in-person or on a  virtual platform. 
Book your appointment today. 
Tarot Readings and Spiritual Consultations with Emelia

Readings are available by appointment over the phone or 1 person in the "Reading Room" at the shop. 
Tarot readings with spiritual consultation are offered by Emelia, an intuitive Spiritist, and Priestess in the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. She has been studying the tarot for nearly twenty-five years and reading professionally for eighteen years. Prior to reading at Air and Fire, she was a Spiritual Consultant at Botanica Caridad Del Cobre, in Alameda. Her readings are empowering and involve intuitive tarot card analysis with spiritual guidance. Her reading style is based on a fusion of Western Magickal Tradition & Ancestral Spiritist practice.

Reiki Healings by
Kathy Joy Hansen

offering Long Distance Reiki only at this time.

May include aura strengthening, crystal healing, chakra balancing, and energy clearing.

Benefits of Reiki:
*Reduces stress
*Promotes meditative states
*Brings personal awareness
*Enhances spiritual connection
*Supports natural self-healing
*Balances energies in the body
*Eases pain and discomfort
*Adapts to the needs of the recipient

Call to schedule an appointment.

Hypnotherapy sessions for breaking habits, spiritual reclaiming, positive body image, inner child, past life and regression work.
Services can be done via telephone or face to face using web video conferencing. 


We have missed you! Come visit us soon!
We want to thank all our customers, clients, and those who have supported us and other small businesses through these months of closure. We have seen so much love, caring and generosity going around.  The Air and Fire staff is wishing you and your loved ones strong health and safety. 

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