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Earth Day is April 22nd
Behold Mother Earth, Gaia 
by artist Oberon Zell in all her beauty and magick! 
We have 2 sizes in stock: small 7” tall and extra-large is 24” tall. 

Herkimer Diamonds!
We have an abundance of these magical gems set in sterling silver rings, earrings and pendants. 

The traditional birthstone for April is the diamond. We offer Herkimer Diamonds found in and around Herkimer County, New York. They are actually not a diamond but are nearly 500 million year old quartz crystals known for their clarity, facets and naturally double terminated formation which is a diamond-like geometrical shape. Herkimer Diamonds are said to be one of the most powerful quartz crystals. They assist attuning to a person or environment and can be used to link people together when they have to be apart. Stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy, they promote dream and past life recall. In healing Herkimer Diamonds detoxify and help clears chakras & opens channels alleviating stress & tension. They are great for clearing electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity and blocking geopathic stress.
Have you seen our new pair of amethyst wings? They could be yours.
Zellie was the first to model them.
New bunny and mer-bunny have arrived in the Mystical Bazaar! These are hand-sewn and designed by Kim Wilson Brandt. Made to give to someone you love.
Come see our recent arrivals of glass spheres fumed with gold and silver with gorgeous opals inside by Larry Cazes.

Raven skull altar pieces or pendants blown glass by local Artist Jorge.

makes beautiful art and has restocked her earrings! Each pair is handmade by her and unique. There are lots of new styles to choose from at remarkably low prices. She has a buy 1 get 1 half off deal on all-new earrings and also a 50% off the rack to choose from. Check out her new resin wall art with flowers from her garden. Susan lost her home in Boulder Creek to the CZU Lightening fires and is rebuilding and making art to help cope. Come in to check out her treasures!
Above is one of several trays of sterling silver rings with stones such as moldavite, meteorites, labradorite, tourmalinated quartz, kyanite, tanzanite, colored tourmalines, morganite, aquamarine, opals, sunstone, moonstone, kunzite, malachite, herkimer diamonds, peridot, larimar, topaz, iolite, alexandrite, onyx, larvikite aka Norwegian moonstone, lepidolite, sapphire, emerald, ruby, agates, chrysoprase, pyrite, amazonite, aragonite, tiger eye, amethyst, citrine, diopside, chalcedony, lapis, smithsonite, charoite, chiastolite, turquoise, garnet, shungite, auralite 23, atlantansite, hypersthene,  seraphinite, aquaprase, healers gold, thulite, amber, ammonite, some poison rings and more. Come in to choose from a nice selection of pendants and earrings in many of these stones.
We made a new batch of CBD Blend salves. This can be used just about anywhere on the body, it has a light concentration of essential oils for added healing benefits. If you have inflammation going on, chances are this salve can help. It is often used to relieve symptoms of arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain, joint pain, muscular aches, sprains, bruising, and much more. The salve can be used to cover a wide area of the body.
For smaller surface areas you might try one of our CBD Roll On’s formulated to relieve some specific ailments such as migraine headaches, Arthritis, and Nerve Pain. The roll on’s are blended with essential oils used to treat these conditions and in higher concentration than the salve.
We receive stories reported back to us from handfuls of people who have experienced major relief from ailments with our CBD Blends often when nothing else has seemed to help. It is because of these heartwarming stories of medicine working so well that we continue to make this stuff. Different bodies can respond differently and results will vary from person to person. We hope you all have a good quality of life.
Green Earth Soap

Green Earth Natural Soap is gentle on your skin and the environment. It is a great complexion bar with green clay that absorbs oils away from the skin, and we make it with anti-bacterial essential oils that may treat and heal various skin conditions. In this batch, we have added hemp seed oil for added benefits.

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Lavender Sage Soap

This is a brand new soap. We have blended these two wonderful plants and swirled them together for their cleansing and relaxation benefits.

Lavender has the ability to calm and soothe. We use the blossoms and French Lavender essential oil which is well known for its relaxing, effects and can reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Bay Soap

A new soap made with bay leaves from Maura’s garden and essential oils of bay laurel, bay rum, and lime. The scent combination is enticing and has a masculine appeal. The bay leaves are robustly aromatic and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants making them beneficial in skincare.

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Holywood Soap

One of our newer soaps featuring palo santo wood and palo santo essential oil. Palo Santo means Holy Wood and is native to Central and South America. The aromatic wood has been traditionally used by indigenous people in sacred practices for centuries. 

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Dragon's Blood Soap
Dragon's Blood Soap is supercharged and formulated for strength, empowerment, and protection. Made with dragons blood resin, red sandalwood, Moroccan red clay, and essential oils of blood cedarwood, blood orange, frankincense, and a healthy dose of dragon's blood extract.
The ingredients have detoxifying properties and numerous benefits for both the hair and skin. (low stock)
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White Magick Soap

White Magick Soap is a spiritual cleanse to wash off not only sweat and dirt but negativity, stress, jinxes & bad juju to promoting clarity and coat one with a layer of protection, it is a 9 day working and can have a very powerful effect. Instructions are on the bar.

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Beltane: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for May Day

Beltane―also known as May Day―is a time of fertility and growth. As the start of the summer season, Beltane is the perfect time to put plans into action. This guide to the history and modern celebrations of Beltane shows you how to perform rituals and work magic for protection, abundance, and more.


Cerridwen: Celtic Goddess of Inspiration

The witch goddess Cerridwen is the focus of devotion and reverence amongst witches and Pagans around the world. This book traces Cerridwen's roots through layers of history and myth, and it provides hands-on exercises and visionary rites to help you realize her immeasurable power in your own magical practice.


Elves, Witches, & Gods: 
Spinning Old Heathen Magic in the Modern Day

Journey into the fascinating depths of Heathenry with this tremendous source of history, inspiration, and practical information. Based on decades of research and experimentation, Elves, Witches & Godsprovides explanations and hands-on techniques for galdr, seidr, fiber magic, herb craft, journeying, going under the cloak, and connecting with deities and elves.


Priestess of The Morrigan: 
Prayers, Rituals & Devotional Work to the Great Queen

Build a more personalized devotional practice and strengthen your relationship with the Morrigan using this profound book on enhancing your spiritual path. Through stories, prayers, and rituals for both groups and solitaries, the Priestess of the Morrigan shows you how to better understand and serve the Great Queen―regardless of your gender.


Urban Faery Magick: 

Connecting to the Fae in the Modern World

The world is filled with magic, reflected back to us through the cycles of nature, if we can just slow down and learn how to channel it. This book is a journey through the year, exploring its tides, seasons, and festivals. It provides practical advice for celebrating the whole cycle―not just the eight sabbats―with rituals, meditations, projects, and invocations to help you discover the magical rhythms of the natural world.

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The Gospel of Aradia

In historical accounts, Aradia has many faces: she is depicted as the daughter of a goddess, as the leader of a resistance movement, as the ‘first witch,’ as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and, at times, as a mere mythological legend.

As we delve into the mythos of Aradia, we realize that regardless of who she is, we can still glean so much from the powerful stories that form her legacy. 



Oracle of the Dragonfae

Get back in touch with our strongest, most protective kin: the Dragonfae. This deck offers a portal to their powerful messages of love, healing, and protection. When we connect with the Dragonfae, we reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves, allowing us to fully explore the gift of life on this beautiful planet, and access knowledge deep within ourselves. This stunning deck features imagery from an array of talented artists, including Ravynne Phelan, Selina Fenech, Jimmy Manton, and Toni Carmine Salerno.


Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards

Restore your connection to Mother Earth and let her deep embrace bring you peace, healing, and guidance. In Nature's Whispers, the gorgeous imagination of artist Josephine Wall is brought to vibrant life, resulting in an oracle deck experience that evokes a beautiful, affirming day spent listening to the calling of birds, the babbling of brooks, and the whispers of the trees..

Services are offered in the temple room, by phone, or on a virtual platform. 
Book your appointment today. 
Tarot Readings and Spiritual Consultations with Emelia

Readings are available by appointment.
Tarot readings with spiritual consultation are offered by Emelia, an intuitive Spiritist, and Priestess in the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft. She has been studying the tarot for nearly twenty-five years and reading professionally for twenty years. Prior to reading at Air and Fire, she was a Spiritual Consultant at Botanica Caridad Del Cobre, in Alameda. Her readings are empowering and involve intuitive tarot card analysis with spiritual guidance. Her reading style is based on a fusion of Western Magickal Tradition & Ancestral Spiritist practice.

Reiki Healings, hypnotherapy sessions for breaking habits, spiritual reclaiming, positive body image, inner child, past life and regression work.
Services can be done at the shop, via telephone or face to face using web video conferencing. Call the shop to schedule an appointment.

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