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Albert Strange Association April Newsletter

Greetings Strangers,

Happy Spring!  Here in New England we have had a strange winter, March colder than January or February, and no warm days the end of the month to reflect the sun’s move over to our Hemisphere.  My experience says within 2 weeks of the equinox noticeable changes occur, still a few days to go.  Anyway, Sea Harmony’s winter cover has withstood the snow and wind of a stormy March and it will soon be time to uncover her for paint and varnish work before launching into a new season afloat.  We see here about progress on Charm.  I also know that keel bolt replacement proceeds on the Scott’s Galatea and am confident Fabian Bush is back working on Leona for Dick Wynne.  We need to work more for Tally Ho with donations and spreading the word!  We have three more months to raise money and get her safely out of the Port of Brookings.  All of us getting this newsletter could probably donate enough money to get Tally Ho back to England, where she has been offered free storage for five years at Barton-on-Humber.  

Back at the beginning of March I “attended” the ASA Annual General Meeting through a
Facetime link.  It was held in a beautifully paneled room around a huge table and well attended.  I got a glimpse of some members I hadn’t seen before and heard the discussion better than they could hear me.  The meeting was very well attended with more than 20, more than there were chairs I think.  Pretty good, and it went along well.  Of course I missed the talk and the dinner, having to supply that myself, thank you.  

This past weekend I spent at the Maine Boat Builders Show in Portland Maine.  I brought the1898 C. D. Mower 21’ racing dory I built a few years ago and had our poster and booklet on Tally Ho for all to look at, which many did.  I talked to many people about this too and gave the booklet to the bigger boat yards displaying at the show. This is a homegrown show at the turn of spring where people come to talk about boats when there is still snow on the ground, but it is melting.  Here’s the dory:  
 "If you look under "Albert Strange" on Ebay and check "worldwide" you will find the John Leather book (including a couple hardback originals, one for $25, the other $220) as well as some of his etchings (mostly taken from books)."

Thad Danielson
ASA Hon Sec
EEL - Canoe Yawl – FOR SALE

EEL - Canoe Yawl – FOR SALE - £20,000 – Kept at Horning at present.  See Chapter on “Eel” in book  “George Holmes of the Humber” published by Lodestar books.  Tel 01603 720412.
Designed by                                       George F Holmes (a great friend of Albert Strange)
Built by                                               J.A. Akester, at Hornsea.
Year                                                   1897
Planking                                             Larch
Frames                                              Of Oak, some steam bent, and some sawn to shape, all copper                                                                    fastened
Length over all                                   21 feet
Length on water line                          19 feet
Beam                                                 7 feet
Draft without C.B.                               2 feet
Sail area                                             200 square feet
Displacement                                      2.5 tons
Much work was carried out in 2012-2013 including:
New wooden keel of Iroko
Bed logs and centre board case of Iroko
New steamed and sawn frames of Oak
New stem
New stern Knee of Oak
New floor frames of Oak
New tabernacle
New mast of Douglas Fir
Some new deck beams
New deck
New toe rails
New rubbing band’s
New jib roller
New rigging
Sails by Wilkinson Sails in tan terylene
Electric outboard motor. 
Letter from the Chairman
 April 2017
The AGM in Scarborough was terrific, and many thanks to our Scarborough contingent for organizing the weekend event.  Next year’s AGM is planned for Portsmouth, with Russell Reed doing the organizing honours.  If he is able to match the terrific service provided by the staff of The Courtyard, it's sure to be a successful event!

At the AGM there was some initial talk of the summer meet.  It appears we agreed in principal to have the meet at the Walton Backwaters (again), which suits me, and as such I'll do my best to organize it again as I did last year.  We are looking at the late August bank holiday weekend.  The East Coast OGA cruise is in early August this year, so there should not be a conflict.  Since I was remiss in writing up the event of last years meet, I will try to ensure this years meet is properly documented.
Now on to some boating thoughts...I spent the morning today working on (really more like organizing…) Charm.  She is in Nivana's tent at Larkman's yard being looked after by the team there.  Her masts have been taken down to bare wood and are being refinished, and her mast electrics upgraded.  James is also fitting a new cockpit sole, and cockpit panels.  I'm planning on doing the usual annual maintenance, and repainting the lower part of her interior.  I've been contemplating switching from Charm's current bermudean mizzen sail to a gaff, and will be testing a new rig this spring with sails made by Steve Hall of North Sea Sails in clipper canvas.  But alas, it's a beautiful day here in East Anglia, so I clocked out early and will spend the latter part of the day on a bicycle.
.  Along with catching up on annual dues, it would be wonderful if members capable of making a donation, could do so at the Tally Ho justgiving page.  The ASA has saved yachts before, and we can do it again with your help.http://www.yachttallyho.comWhich brings me to the most pressing matter.  As many of you are aware, we have been asked to remove yacht Tally Ho (the Albert Strange designed 1927 Fast net Race winner) from her current location in the Port of Brookings, Oregon USA.  A group of ASA members have been working tirelessly to find her a new home, and/or owner, since we were notified that she has to be removed by the end of June 2017.  There is a Facebook page, a Justgiving page, and a dedicated website: also want to convey to all the membership that without your annual dues, it will be nigh impossible for the ASA to continue its mission.  I understand that there are many members, and even some committee members who have not paid their dues.  Please take a moment to do so.  It is easily done via the ASA web page, and the Association needs your help now.  You can join, or renew from this link: 
I want to thank Dick Wynne for serving as Chairman of the Association during the last three years.  At the AGM, when I was voted in as Chairman, rather than giving Dick his due, I made a joke about 'making the ASA great again'.  While perhaps funny (depending on your politics), it was not really in the best of taste.  So, apologies for any offence.

Fairwinds and following seas to you all !
In years to come when we return where happy days ran fast,
Old memories then will round us cling of friends and deeds long past.
The 2017 AGM of the Albert Strange Association
in a Special Year

 It is (another) truth universally acknowledged that all AGMs are to be seriously avoided whenever possible, so it was with forebodings that many of us living in the deep south set off for darkest Scarborough in early March, thermal underwear and waterproofs at the ready, in driving rain and the sort of forecast which sailors should take seriously, even on motorways.
We have an agreed pattern for the AGM of north one year, south the next, to be fair to our well spread out UK membership;  but this year is special, being the 100th anniversary of Albert's death in 1917.  So Scarborough, where he spent his last 35 years, it had to be, despite being in York last year.  
And special it was, thanks to hyperactive local member John Hobson and the 'Friends of Albert Strange' (i.e. his mates), who had put on a wonderful programme of events to distract us;  and open to other locals who had already heard of their illustrious fellow citizen Albert Strange -  or were about to. A display in the local Library, Three Men and Their Boats, and an exhibition in the Art Gallery (no, Scarborough isn't your average amusement arcades and kiss-me-quick seaside resort) of an impressive number of Albert's paintings, several portraits, and a vivid account of his family and professional life as founding Principal of the Scarborough School of Art.

You will read of the AGM proceedings elsewhere, but a real highlight was the presence of his two great great granddaughters, Amy and Laura, who were apparently learning for the first time just how special was the man in their family history who was 'a bit of an artist'.  (Laura is one too;  must be in the genes).  Our Secretary Thad was there too from the US, via Skype.  
Newly-elected Chairman Robert Westling closed the meeting. So we now have an American Hon Secretary and American Chairman. 
The meeting was followed by a talk given by Nick Taylor a former Commodore of the Scarborough Yacht Club (which Albert founded), explaining something of the history of yachting there as AS would have known it; and we then adjourned to a well-chosen pub/restaurant for dinner together.  (John's knowledge of the best local hostelries is clearly the result of tireless research.)
Sunday morning was rounded off with an invitation to visit the harbour lighthouse, which also  incorporates the clubhouse of the SYC;  and passing on the way there the information board provided by the ASA a few years ago commemorating the 'Albert Strange Moorings' in the harbour.
All in all a great weekend, and our heartfelt thanks to John, Austen, and Co.   Next year the plan is for Portsmouth and the Historic Dockyard;  yes, another AGM to endure, but with the major distractions of the Mary Rose, Victory, Warrior, and much else, to soften the blow.  If plans are confirmed we will be meeting in Boathouse 4, the new home of the IBTC, which was formerly  -  and still is, under new ownership  -  in Lowestoft.
 Russell Read
Gents  ?
A text from Mark at the Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre

Hi John, many thanks for all your work this weekend. Woodend was a great place for the agm and it was nice to meet up with all the crew again. I got some great photos from Nick's lighthouse this morning and it was super that they could all see Scarborough in the sunshine.  I only had two members come into SMHC in the mornings, Ralph and Jamie, but they both spent a lot of time and were very interested so thanks for putting it on the list.  It was also amazing to encounter the great granddaughters of Strange. I wish you all the best of luck with the Tally Ho project. If I hear of anything that may help I will let you know.
Have a relaxing week

Sent on behalf of the Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre 
Run entirely by volunteers and public donations 
A registered charity No 1144532. 
Patrons: Earl of Burford, Lady Caroline ffrench Blake, Lord John Beauclerk
Queen's Award for Voluntary Services 2016
Children's University Network
Northumberland SC Class Boats
 Whilst perusing the Model Yachtsman & Canoeist for Strange stuff I came across an AS advert in 1894 listed these boats chronologically after Cherub II and as further examples of his designs. His use of the plural suggests possibly more than one type.
Background Material

  1. List of NSC Members & Boats dated 12th May 1896.
  2. Committee minutes re. Cullercoats Regatta for 1894-1898.
  3. HYC Yearbooks 1891-1894.
  4. Complete set of MY&C.
Confirmed details

  1. Two members of the NSC belonged to the HYC from 1891-1893. These were a Dr. WG & an RM Richardson.
  2. WG Richardson’s boat was ELNA, a 15’ x 2’ 6 ¾” CB Canoe, she appears in the HYC Yearbooks of 1891-93 but not in the NSC list of 1896. RM Richardson’s boat was KELPIE, a 17’ x 5’ 6” CB Sharpie Canoe Yawl.
  3. There was a NSC Class of Canoe Yawls in 1896. There are only four boats in 1896 which fit the description, there are other Canoes and Canoe Yawls listed but they are all clearly different boats, such as KELPIE already mentioned. These were LOLLIPOP owned by HS Baumgarter, RIVULET owned by C Laws, ROGUE owned by L McPherson and SEAGULL owned by AL Wright.
  4. There was also a Seabird Class, which were 0.24 rated and comprised 9 boats in all. Three of these were owned by the Club, CURLEW, EIDER and WIDGEON. Of the others CORMORANT and TERN were in multiple ownership, EVELYN was owned by a Gerard Fenwick, GANNET by HT Newbigin, PUFFIN by a J Alaric Richardson, and finally TEAL owned by a W Cail.
Present assumptions

  1. These are the only two potential candidates so far, if we exclude Cobles, which are only referred to as a type rather than a class.
  2. The membership of the HYC by the Richardson’s, prior to the assumed design date of the Class boats, suggest the link between Strange and the NSC.
  3. There is regular mention of ‘the 15 footers’ in the Cullercoats Regatta minutes, as all the other possible boats are mentioned separately, I conclude that Seabirds were probably the 15 footers in question.
  4. One of the Seabirds, TEAL has a separate Rating of 0.34 when setting a Jib which suggests the Class was a single sail design. The Rating was SA in sq. ft. by LWL in ft. divided by 6000. Below 1 the quotient was rounded up to the nearest 0.01. This suggests a SA of about 96 sq. ft. if 15’ was the LWL, a little more if not.
  5. To confuse the issue I am advised by Mark Miller that there are at least 3 seabird classes, the main one (still an active class today) was designed about 1898 as 0.5 raters, clearly not the NSC boats.

  1. The NSC lost all their records when the Club Houseboat capsized in 1947; the NCC Archive original material is all I have been able to trace thus far.
  2. I have been in contact with the NSC (now the Royal Northumberland YC) Archivist on several occasions, but have made no further progress.
Future Research

  1. Enquire with other Clubs local to the NSC to see if any of them adopted either of their class boats. This is not unusual so I understand.
  2. Look for references to the NSC and the other Local Clubs at the time say 1890 to 1900. Check for any references to the individual boats, in the publications of the time, such as ‘The Yachtsman’, etc. or any other sources.
  3. The little snippet with Albert’s advert not only identified these boats but two others, KITTIE and CUPID. Kittie was a HYC boat and previously unattributed to Strange. She was a 15’ x 5’ c/b Cutter. CUPID was presumably his well known Model Yacht designed in 1891.This just goes to show that the smallest thing can lead to significant gains in our knowledge.
  4. A re-trawl of ‘The Yachtsman’ may produce something, now we know what to look for.
  5. A search of ‘Hunts’ yachting magazine may well be revealing but I do not have access to a collection. The Cruising Association Library used to hold a number of them but I understand that the Library is much reduced and the fate of the collection is not known to me.
If any member can help in connection with any of this please let me know.

Rick Powell - Technical Secretary.
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7HP Kelvin E2 Petrol/Paraffin engine - Unused NOS from 1950s

I have a Kelvin E2 engine.  It is new and unused and may be one of the last manufactured in the 1950s.  The design is, as you know, unchanged from the original which was popular for installing in small fishing boats around the 1930s.
As well as the engine I also have a propeller and adjustable prop shaft that are compatible (Kelvin made) with the engine and both, like the engine, are “New Old Stock”.
The combination is ideal for restoring a boat of around 6 metres from the very early 20th century, and the items would also be able to work together to form a working museum display.
Or, you may know of someone restoring a period-correct boat who might be looking for such an engine, which was used in small yachts as well as fishing boats.
I bought the engine for a project that did not mature.  I am therefore looking to sell it for a modest sum, and I’d like it to go to a good home.
The engine is with me in the South of Scotland.
Would it be possible to circulate this to your members who could then contact myself directly if they find it of interest?  
I attach a couple of photographs and if of interest, I would be happy to send more photographs of the engine and other items.
Andrew Paterson 
         TALLY HO          
The clock ticks ever closer to the deadline by which Tally Ho must be removed from her shore berth in Oregon, or she will be broken up—but all is by no means lost. At our recent AGM the ASA decided to employ funds currently on hand to have her moved locally, provided somewhere free or inexpensive could be found to store her for a while. In the sparsely populated state of Oregon we are hopeful of finding somewhere. Meanwhile we have been researching in detail the costs of recovering her to the UK, and someone has very kindly offered us free storage ashore once she gets here, for up to five years. We have been, and are, in discussion with a number of individuals and organisations with a potential interest in Tally Ho, but have nothing firmer to report so far.

Publicity-wise we are advancing on a number of fronts: This week we have gone to press with an informative booklet conveying Tally Ho's remarkable history, and why she is worthy of preservation; we have also created some downloadable posters for display at yacht clubs and elsewhere inviting support; the worldwide readership of Lodestar Books, the nautical publisher operated by our former Chairman Dick Wynne, is being approached with Tally Ho's story; and we are in discussion with various magazine editors to secure her some editorial coverage; all this aimed at identifying that person or organisation with the means and imagination to see this superb and most seaworthy vessel ('steady as a church' during her Fastnet win) once more plying the seas. Our activity evolves almost daily, and you can catch up with it at our dedicated website We do hope you will feel able to contribute in some measure to our efforts to preserve Tally Ho.

--Richard Wynne
New and neglected nautical writing
Tally Ho - Bring her home!

In connection with the appeal for funds to rescue Tally Ho a  long standing member of the association recently wrote to the committee saying

"Why do people join an Association and then ignore it`s aims ?  The Association`s aims could not be more clearly laid out, "to trace and PRESERVE the yachts etc.  "  How many have chipped in dosh ?  
May I suggest an email to every one from the Chairman  to point out the urgency of the situation and asking for a meaningful response ?"

Fortunately  the membership has responded well and generously but there are still a few ASA members who have not even paid their annual subscriptions let along contributed towards saving Tally Ho
ASA Annual Subscription £10 due in January, pay by Pay-Pal on the ASA website or BACS: Sort code: 30-98-56
Account no. 01394599
Or send a cheque to the Treasurer
Hugh Browton
Sun House
Saxmundham Road
IP15 5JD.

Many thanks
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