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Shoreline Preservation By-law

There is a lot of consolidated information and mis-information about the proposed Shoreline Preservation By-law.  We encourage you to review the actual bylaw (John has the link in his update below) and make up your own mind.  Others' opinions, understandings and comments, are simply their interpretations.  We also encourage you to voice your comments, questions and/or support/opposition to: 
Charlsey White
Director or Planning, County of Haliburton
Phone:  705-286-1333

From the desk of John Smith

Here is an update (on the Proposed Shoreline Bylaw) for all as I continue working to share details of the actual bylaw proposal and other facts relevant to the process.

As you may be aware, County Council has been discussing this bylaw concept for a few years now.  Yesterday it held a meeting with the objective of defining details of the next stages of the public consultation process for the bylaw.  There was a wide ranging discussion including consideration of various possible next steps. 

From the discussion it was very clear Council is committed to getting this right.  After much consideration of alternative approaches there was unanimous agreement on using a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify and select a firm which could provide necessary expertise and conduct further public consultation.  Council directed staff to prepare an RFP to identify a third party to lead the development of a draft bylaw based on both relevant scientific information and conducting additional public consultation.

The next step will be staff returning to Council with a draft version of the RFP for review by Council prior to its release.  The public meetings previously announced as possible for February or March are deferred until a firm has been engaged through the RFP process.

This link will take you to a local media article which summarizes yesterday's discussion and decision making process:

Council members expressed gratitude for the many thoughtful and respectful emails received from residents offering helpful feedback and recommendations.  Concern was expressed about some of the misinformation in social media.  All interested parties are encouraged to use the County website to access accurate information and announcements.  I suspect the County will work hard to do a better job of communicating going forward and I know thoughtful and reasoned comments will continue to be welcomed and valued.

Here is a link to the shoreline bylaw portion of the County website:

Finally I would stress the importance of being respectful of others even if they have opinions which differ from your own.  In the end everyone wants what is best for our community.  Personally I will continue working to share information or respond to questions you may have.  Please feel free to reach out. 

Take care and be well!!!  

Yours truly
John Smith
Councillor Ward 4
Dysart et al
705-754-9844 (home)
647-393-5528 (cell)
Follow me on Twitter - 

Healthy Shorelines

Thinking about planting native?

It looks like we'll all be spending more time in our gardens again this year, so it's time to think about how you can integrate more native plants into your plans. There are of course garden suppliers who will be happy to provide you with native plants, and a number of organizations have indicated plans to host their annual sales, though details are not yet available. This year they'll all have more time to prepare for pandemic-inflected sales.

In the meantime, you can do your research. Here are a few resources to start with:

Watch this space for details about plant sales as they become available.

Gerry Oxford
Healthy Shorelines Champion

New year - new opportunities

  • FOCA 2021 AGM & Spring Seminar, 

    When: Saturday, March 6, 2021 (9:00am-11:30am)

    Where: by webinar  (link to the upcoming agenda)

    If you are interested in attending, on behalf of the association, please let us know.  The only ask is that you attend one of our executive meetings to provide a recap of the seminar.

    Registration cost will be covered.

  • Would you like to learn how to use a Campaign Builder?  We use Mailchimp to send out our eBlasts.  If you are interested, we're looking for someone to take over the monthly creation and distribution of our Monthly eBlast  Training available.
  • We are also looking for a Secretary for the association. The primary responsibilities are to pull together our Monthly Executive Agenda and Annual General Meeting (for the most part it's a standing agenda) and publish the minutes and action items. We meet over Zoom on a weeknight usually for about an hour.
FOCA Elert - January 2021

RLCA is a member of FOCA and as a member of RLCA you can enjoy all the benefits FOCA offers.

2021 Membership Fee is now due 

When we count our blessings these days most of us will think of our little piece of paradise on our beautiful lake.

RLCA is committed to protecting our lakes in many ways, education of property owners is key.  Please consider joining or renewing your membership in your lake association.  $30 annually or 3 years for $80

Please use Interac eTransfer to when making your membership payments.  Your payment will be immediately deposited automatically into RLCA's bank account.

Visit our website to register and submit your payment.

Donna Luger
Membership Coordinator

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