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Redstone Lake Cottagers Association

Protecting Your Lake

Bitter, Burdock, Coleman, Little Redstone, Pelaw and Redstone

We have three opportunities available.

One is for the Secretary of the Association.    We meet about 8 times a year for about 2 hours.  Usually busier in the spring as we plan the year and organise the AGM.   We can and do meet via audio/video conference calls if needed.

The role is to co-ordinate the Executive/AGM meeting agendas, take minutes and keep us on the straight and narrow with respect to the Association by-laws.  

We are also looking for leadership on Garlon (see below).  It seems likely that the ban will be reversed.  That would mean that there will be work over the next year leading up to further discussions in 2020.  We need to be prepared with an informed position. 

Of interest:
Joseph Quigley from The Highlander is preparing a piece regarding the end of the Hydro One seasonal class and the potential increase in cottager electricity prices.

Besides FOCA, He's reaching out to area cottager associations to get some local comment. He was wondering if someone might be willing to talk about it. Please feel free to contact him @ 416-779-8507 or  
One of the items on the Agenda at the next Dysart et al Regular Council meeting - 27 Aug 2019 will be Hydro One's use of Garlon (as part of their Vegetation Management Program) and to reverse an earlier (see history) ban and to allow them to continue with the use of the product through 2020 while they research other options.

Council meets in the Municipal Council Chambers located at 135 Maple Avenue and all meetings are open to the public commencing at 9:00 a.m.

A bit of the history on the subject. 
  1. RLCA brings up the spraying of Garlon with John Smith (Feb 26, 2019)
  2. Environment and Climate Change Committee (April 11, 2019)

Motion # 19-09

Moved by: Councillor Walt McKechnie, Seconded by: Councillor Larry Clarke

Be it resolved that the Environment and Climate Change Committee recommends to Council that Hydro One be advised that the use of Garlon be prohibited within the Municipality of Dysart et al.

  1. General Council (April 23, 2019)

Motion # 19-99

Moved by: Councillor John Smith, Seconded by: Councillor Larry Clarke

Be it resolved that Council supports the recommendation of the Environment and Climate Change Committee that Hydro One be advised that the use of Garlon be prohibited with the Municipality of Dysart et al.

  1. Hydro One delegation to the Environment and Change Committee (May 9, 2019)
Hydro One Presentation Regarding Vegetation Management Program


  1. Environment and Climate Change Committee (August 8, 2019)

Motion # 19-20
Moved by: Councillor Larry Clarke Seconded by: Councillor Walt McKechnie

Be it resolved that the Environment and Climate Change Committee recommends to Council that Garlon be banned from application within 300 metres of water bodies, streams or rivers in Dysart et al; And that Hydro One be given opportunity to research and transition to a product that is ecologically and medically acceptable; And further that Garlon be banned from use in Dysart et al after 2020.

Private Buoy Program
We are hearing that boaters travelling from the two Redstone Lakes are finding it much easier and are not breaking shear pins or nicking props. The channel markers and No Wake buoys are working. Thanks to Pete on Rattlesnake Rd.

We are adapting the NO WAKE buoys for next year to comply with Transport Canada.  More on that later.

How is your WAKE
From the desk of John Smith

Earlier this month I spent a day visiting our landfill sites with some experts from eastern Ontario.  Frankly it is not a pretty story.

Most of our landfill sites opened many years ago and are now at or nearing capacity.  The amount of waste we collectively drop off is shocking.  Changes are required but there is no magic solution.  Factors around convenience for residents, cost effectiveness for taxpayers and environmental responsibility to our world will impact the decisions required. 

All of us need to changes in our life styles so as to create less waste.

Recycle everything possible but know that hauling containers full of these materials is expensive.  Those containers are full by volume not weight.  You can help us save money.  Flatten your tin cans, squish plastic bottles and follow the published rules around recycling.

Rather than taking organic waste to the landfill, consider composting at home.  In order to support residents with composting Dysart is now making quality composters available at cost – just $39.  The digesters are priced at $83 and will process a wider range of waste.  Composters and digesters are available for purchase at the Haliburton Landfill site.
If each of us does a little, together we can make a big difference.

As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. 

John Smith
Councillor Ward 4
Dysart et al
705-754-9844 (home)
647-393-5528 (cell)
Follow me on Twitter:  

Approximately 100 people attended the 2019 AGM, of that 58 properties were represented.

2019: 319 members (todate)
2018: 291 members

5 of our lakes have surpassed last year’s membership only Pelaw is holding steady at 7 members. 

Take a look at the top of this newsletter to see your personal membership status. 

Annual fee $30
Save $10 with a 3 yr. membership $80
Easy payment - eTransfer or PayPal to
Please visit our website and be sure to fill out the Membership Registration form and submit online with your payment. 

Donna Luger

Membership Coordinator

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