AUGUST NEWSLETTER – EDA's Election Results Are In!
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Meet EDA's Newly Elected
Executive Committee and Mediation Body 

Dear <<First Name>>,

In alignment with our core values to create a democratic process that firmly establishes EDA’s vision into the future, and achieving a quorum of over 80% voter participation, we are pleased to announce our newly elected Executive Committee members: 
George Catlin, President
Eva Simonsen, Secretary 
Jonathan Stoller, Treasurer 
Three Individual Members of the Mediation Body:
Terry Blatt, Betsy Gasek and Marguerite Kolb
Each of our new committee members has prepared a brief introduction below to allow you to become better acquainted with them.

These individuals have been tasked with guiding this organization in a bold experiment to create a democratic economy that serves the needs of everyone while preserving our vital resources. That’s no small responsibility. While they will be guiding our steps forward, this undertaking is quite literally a cooperative. We each own this process and we each need to actively engage in it to support its success.

Continuing this month, we will add to our governing circle by holding a second election August 13th to the 16th. Candidates are already submitting their applications on Loomio for three At Large Trustee positions – due August 8th.

A big thank you to all those that participated in our first election process! And if you're not an Active Member yet, JOIN US TODAY as we step into an exciting future. 

EDA Election Team
George Catlin, President

My vision for EDA is simple. Together we need to:
  • Build an organization that emphasizes grassroots advocacy to create a sustainable future
  • Build an organization that offers people a vision of what is wrong and how to fix it
  • Build an organization that offers hope through action to address the real problems of human need and the ability of the planet to meet those needs
We can do this if we work together subordinating personal preferences for group-determined strategies to fulfill our functions. I think the Board has a special responsibility to ensure that our structures are sound and all voices are heard in plotting a coherent, coordinated course forward. 
Eva Simonsen, Secretary

Thank you for voting for me to be Secretary of EDA. The opportunity to learn and practice with you better ways for making democracy work excites me because I see the inclusivity of all our points of view as the way into the place we call common ground. From that place where we hold all our best interests at heart, I feel certain we can build our organization into a place where people can come to learn and understand why economics can only truly function when it is grounded in democracy and learn, furthermore, how to advocate for economic democracy. I also feel certain that times will come when our way into common ground looks murky. For those times, as well as the times in which the way ahead looks clear, we have our Cooperative Charter to guide us. Using it as our basic agreement, a common ground so to speak, for how we work with one another, I believe we can achieve our Vision of being a leading organization dedicated to research, education and grassroots advocacy for governmental legislation in support of meeting basic human needs on a sustainable basis. Thank you again and … on we go.
Jonathan Stoller, Treasurer

EDA is indeed a daring experiment and any bold endeavor requires a structure to support its vision. I believe EDA has the potential to make a substantial contribution to our local communities as well as to the population on a larger scale. With the drafting of the Charter we have formed a blueprint, drawn with guiding principles, showing how to build and run a functional and effective body.  It is no small thing that this was written by a group of individuals who had equal say to participate in its formation.
In my view, EDA’s success will come from the hearts and minds of its members participating democratically. It is incumbent upon us as a body to make sure the organization’s financial foundation is solidly built and structurally secure to support its members.
It is my hope and intention to be a part of enabling EDA to fulfill its potential by creating a financial footing that will support the work ahead.
Terry Blatt, Mediator

Creating a real functioning democratic institution requires patience, respect, appreciation for everyone’s contribution and a dedication to the mission. As a member of the Mediation Body, I think it is my job to make sure that we all live up to our ideals and our charter, no matter the immediate circumstances. We want to create a credible, lasting institution. So, we won’t dismiss another person’s contributions for any reason. The Mediation Body will try to be as clear as we can be in all our dealings with one another, and we will all listen to each other, and to each other’s positions. I pledge to do my best to be open, fair, understanding and objective. I see EDA as being the best hope for making the world a better place to live for generation upon generation.
Betsy Gasek, Mediator

Hi everyone. The formal launching of EDA with the ratification of its Cooperative Charter and the election of its first Board of Trustees is an exciting moment. I am looking forward to EDA’s future and working with many of you on various EDA initiatives. I am one of three newly elected members to EDA’s Mediation Body. The Mediation Body was established by EDA’s Cooperative Charter for the purpose of ensuring that members have due process in the event a grievance arises. The first order of business for the Mediation Body, therefore, will be to establish guidelines for the filing of a grievance and the steps that the Mediation Body will take to address it. I look forward to working with my fellow Mediation Body members to ensure that a fair and functional process is developed.
Marguerite Kolb, Mediator

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for their vote of confidence in my abilities to be a member of the Mediation Body. I look forward to serving EDA and utilizing the skills I have gained during my life, both personal and professional, to ensure that any grievances presented to the Mediation Body are equitably resolve for all parties involved. It is important to me that EDA continues to be a organization that supports all members, an organization willing to consider all members opinions, thoughts and ideas. I know as EDA grows the need for the Mediation Body may become more prevalent.

Working with Terry and Betsy will be a pleasure. I am sure we will be able to come to a consensus on any issues we need to resolve. I envision us working on setting up the process of mediation within EDA and the ground rules to be observed and followed by those submitting a grievance over the next few months. Through my work I have experience in creating procedural documents, educating those who will use the process and enforcing the process as needed.

I believe in EDA principles and purpose. I support its goals and I am glad to have participated in the convention this year where we established our charter. At the convention all participants needed to practice the principles of mediation to ratify every part, line and word of the charter. I am sure this cooperative attitude among the member of EDA will continue into the future and will make the Mediation Body’s job over the next few years a piece of cake!

Once again thank you and I am looking forward to working with all of you!
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