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What's Happening at Hawker College?
March 2019
Hawker College New Educators


Dear parents and carers.

We are approaching the end of term one, school reports will be emailed home tomorrow evening. The reports will include a link to access the Parent Teacher Online booking system to book your parent teacher interview next Wednesday evening between 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Parent Teacher interviews will be conducted in our library, please come through our main entrance and follow the signs for Parent/Teacher evening. 

There has been some negative media attention recently about Canberra schools. We are concerned that this narrative does not reflect the overwhelmingly positive experience our students and families discuss with us, and the evidence of engaged, inspired and achieving learners that we see in our privileged role every day here at Hawker College. We prioritise the wellbeing and learning progress for all in our community and worry that we don't have as many opportunities to connect with our families as we would like. Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you might have, and I welcome your advocacy in the community to support the amazing public school system here in the ACT. We welcome everybody and see this inclusiveness and diversity as a strength.

As you know, we recently held our third annual Student Leadership Group (SLG) Elections. This is a student designed and led program in partnership with Elections ACT. Our goal is to provide meaningful opportunities for students to contribute to policy and practice here at the College, and to educate students who will shortly become active citizens in our democracy, in electoral processes. I am pleased to announce the following students as elected to the SLG: 

Year 11
Ben Jones, Ella Douglas, Helen Teng, Riley Tait, Rosie Hartigan, Jessica Hill, Josephine Gonzalez, Ben Macdonald
Year 12
Jarrod Humphries, Linda Ly, Diana Morton, Oliver Vincent, Rhys Meredith, Zac Clear, Jonathan Allen, Rory Read

The picture above this story is of three new educators who have joined us here at Hawker College to begin their careers as professional educators. From left to right they are Chantal La (Maths), Kristen Tett (English) and Keah Woodgate (English). They formally graduated on March 2019, with double degrees in secondary education and their subject specialisations. We are very lucky to have them, all three are doing a fine job, and we are pleased to be coaching them in their early years as practitioners! Having observed all three in various teaching and learning contexts I am very optimistic about the future of education here at Hawker and beyond.

KSF (Kangaroo without borders) is an online maths competition inspired by Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). It is very similar in style to the AMC and complements it. It is often used as “warm-up” competition for students sitting the AMC. It is offered to Australian schools only and is now one of the largest international mathematics competitions in the world, with more than 6 million participants annually. 33 Hawker College Specialist Mathematics participated in KSF this year. We have had one High Distinction, 4 Distinction, 11 Credit and 17 Participation awards. Congratulations to all our participating students.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day at Hawker College, another first! We are holding our Women in Engineering and Computer Sciences (WINGS) event for around 100 female students from Hawker College, Belconnen High School, Canberra High School, Campbell High School, Kingsford Smith School and Lyneham High School. Organised by our teacher Ryan Elwell, we will have workshops and forums featuring Robogals, Engineers Without Borders, ANU and many others. Students will have the opportunity to engage in hands on learning; network with like-minded students and industry representatives and participate in discussion about issues, pathways and careers for women in these fields. We will hopefully have some great pictures to share from the day.

Finally, I would like to welcome you to a free outdoor movie night here at Hawker College on Friday 12th of April. This will be a great opportunity for families and our young people to meet and enjoy this social occasion before the weather gets to cold outside. See the poster below for details.

I am looking forward to seeing you next week at parent teacher evening.

Andy Mison


Thursday 4 April 2019
WINGS Women in Engineering and Computer Science Event

Wednesday 10 April 2019
Parent Teacher Evening - Details on how to make bookings online will be emailed
tomorrow evening.

Friday 12 April 2019
Hawker College Free Outdoor Movie Night (see poster for details) - Last day of term

Monday 29 April 2019
Classes resume  
Students pictured outside the Nan Tien Temple and participate in a tai chi class

Excursion to the Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong - “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Buddha

Psychology students spent the day at the Nan Tien Temple Friday 15 March (the largest Buddhist Temple in the southern hemisphere) and were provided with the opportunity to learn about Buddhism, experienced an introduction to meditation led by a Buddhist monk, a tai chi class, origami and a guided tour of the temple grounds.
The focus in Psychology this term has been on “Stress, Resilience & Coping” – we have been investigating chronic stressors in our environment and their affect our stress levels, as well as what might be some evidence-based ongoing stress reduction techniques we can try to ‘prevent’, rather than ‘cure’ mental ill health.
Students were challenged on their return in the bus with news of the Christchurch shootings - insight into the cognitive aspects of Buddhism was able to provide some meaningful context to the cruel and ego driven side of mankind.
The experience at the temple was a calming one; it allowed for worries to be put aside and to think about restructuring those anxious thoughts all of us endure.
Ant McCarthy & Tess Bostle, Psychology  
Picture of the steps of the ACT Law Courts

In Term 1 on Tuesday 19 March, 2019, our Year 11 Legal Studies class had the opportunity to visit both the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Courts as a part of our current unit of study on ‘The Australian Legal System and Justice’.

As we placed our foot in the courtroom for the first time, the sea of suits brought a daunting feeling  amongst us all. The frantic atmosphere within the Magistrates Court was bizarre as the judge proceeded on a number of cases in a rather prompt manner. We observed the variation in complexity of cases and how particular ones were more understandable than others. The overall structure of the court was concise and a feeling of intrusiveness was experienced when the cases involved personal matters.

The Supreme Court was on another dimension with the sense of formality beyond our imagination. It was surreal for our class to be so ‘up-close-and-personal’ with the defendant, the prosecutor and defence barrister and of course the judge, judge’s associate and twelve of the jury members all present in one spacious room filled with anticipation. We observed various criminal cases unfold as witnesses were presented and it was truly fascinating to see the way judge's handle sentencing. Seeing real people on trial allowed us to understand our right to perceive justice from a transparent perspective. Although, the legal lingo used was often articulated in a sharp manner, we understood the reality of the situation.

This insightful excursion allowed us students to experience the courts in action and witness some interesting cases in progress. It was surprising to see legal proceedings in real life as opposed to their portrayal by the media through film and television. Overall, this eye-opening trip was a wonderfully experiential way for us to become immersed in the compelling realities of the current legal matters concerning our community today. As aspiring law students, we would like to extend our gratitude to our Legal Studies teacher, Ms Liz Ahern for organising this memorable educational excursion and Mr Mike Robertson for his assistance throughout the day.

Arbiya Chowdhury, Year 11  
Students participate in the Generation Next Webcast

Psychology students took part in a student wellbeing program Friday 8th March via an interactive live webcast to build resilience in youth at an individual and whole-school level. Schools had the opportunity to participate in 8 sessions presented by expert speakers & mediated by Clinical Psychologist Andrew Fuller.

Presentations included:  “You are more than your Selfie” by Sarah Alderton & “Overcoming Adversity” by Dr. Gill Hicks

Ant McCarthy, Psychology Teacher

This year, a cross-faculty team of teachers is working on revamping the Hawker College Honours Program, ensuring it is equally rigorous across all curriculum areas.

Students who demonstrate excellence and interest in a specific curriculum area are encouraged to consider undertaking an Honours Program at Hawker College.

The Hawker College Honours Program enriches and extends students and fosters intellectual independence. Honours students are required to maintain a consistently high level of academic achievement and must complete a minimum of six extra-curricular extension activities across four key areas encompassing Academic, Community, Cultural and Leadership opportunities.

Honours extension activities are designed to refine skills that are necessary for twenty-first century learners. Students will build a diverse portfolio that provides supporting documentation increasingly required by tertiary institutions and future employment pathways.

Faculties are currently compiling lists of extra-curricular extension activities suited to Honours in their curriculum areas. These will be available in coming weeks, along with finer details of the program. Meanwhile, any student who is interested in enrolling in the new Hawker College Honours Program is invited to speak the Honours Team representative in the relevant faculty:
  • Faculty 1: Anita Briedis
  • Faculty 2: Tess Bostle
  • Faculty 3: Miriam Ambrose
  • Faculty 4: Kathryn Sutherland
  • Faculty 5: Megan Cartwright
Please note that students who are already enrolled in Honours at Hawker College will continue under the existing conditions of that Honours Program.
Kathryn Sutherland, Executive Teacher, Faculty 4 and Honours Team  
Students and staff dressed in orange for Harmony Day

Harmony Day is celebrated annually on March 21st in Australia. Harmony Day began in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The continuing message of Harmony Day is 'Everyone Belongs'. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and belonging.

At Hawker College students were encouraged to wear orange clothes, or their cultural dress, and share food together during lunch. Some people also brought in traditional food such as ANZAC biscuits, fried rice and traditional lemonade. This provided a great atmosphere as we celebrated the diversity of our students and a culture of togetherness and community. Thank you to everyone who participated it was a great day. Special thanks to the Mental Health Ambassadors, Amanda’s Bakery class on Line 4, and Ben’s Music students for making the day so much fun. Also thank you to Jo and Shireen for inspiring us all with their traditional dance moves!!
Mandy Gray, Chaplain

The ACT Education Directorate does not provide any insurance cover for injury, disease or illness to students resulting from school activities or school-organised excursions. Claims for compensation are met where there is a legal liability to do so. Liability is not automatic and depends on the circumstances in which any injury, disease or illness was sustained.

As there is no automatic insurance cover for personal injury if your child is injured at school or during a school organised activity/excursion you should therefore consider whether taking out personal insurance cover for your child is warranted.

This insurance might cover contingencies including medical/hospital expenses, ambulance transport outside the ACT, and cancellation of transport/accommodation or loss of/damage to luggage.

The ACT Ambulance Service provides free ambulance transport for students who are injured or suddenly become ill at school or during an approved school organised activity within the ACT.  
Free Outdoor Movie Night at Hawker College 12 April 6:30-9:00pm
Headspace 10th Birthday Party
Transport Canberra's New Public Transport Network
Transport Canberra’s new public transport network will start on Monday 29 April 2019, offering one month of free travel. This will transform the way we move around our city and make Canberra better connected.  Routes and timetables will change with the introduction of light rail and more buses, more often, 7 days a week.

To find out how Canberra’s network is changing or to plan your future trip using the TC Journey Planner visit

Authorised by Duncan Edghill, Deputy Director General, Transport Canberra, Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate
Address: Murranji St, Hawker ACT 2614
Phone:(02) 6142 0355

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