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What's Happening at Hawker College?
May 2019
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Important Dates
Interschool Parliamentary Debates
ANU Humanities Showcase
Psychology Street Retreat Excursion
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
ACTUP Student Fringe Festival
Mountain Bike Champion
Interschools Equestrian Competition
Parking Safely & Legally
Student Accidents Incidents Policy
Community Announcements
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Dear parents and carers.

Hawker College has achieved 5 star accreditation for sustainability via the ACT Government for our efforts over recent years to reduce our water and energy consumption, manage our waste, increase biodervisity on our school grounds and introduce a sustainability focus in our curriculum. We are the first ACT College to achieve this, and the Deputy Chief Minister Yvette Berry and the Minister for the Environment and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury will attend on Monday to present our award. We have been gifted 21 native trees to add to our endemic planting, and the Ministers will be here to plant a tree with our Gaia (Sustainability Group) students. Parents and carers are welcome to join us for the ceremony on Monday as part of a College meeting commencing at 12:30pm in the Arts Open Area. All students are required to attend.

We held our 2nd College Board meeting for the year on Monday night. I am pleased to welcome new board members; parents Richard Czumak, Tiffany King and Janet Abbott, and new student members Helen Teng and Ella Douglas (both in year 11). Janet Abbott was elected as Board Chair, with Tiffany King as Deputy Chair. They join current members Kate Fuller (parent) and Linda Ly (Year 12), and staff representative Chontel Green. 

We are holding our Open Night on Thursday May 30th from 6-8pm. It is a very important event on our calendar each year as many prospective students make their choice about which college they are attending based on their experiences at Open Night. We have asked our students to attend on the night to talk to prospective students about college and their experience, and to engage visitors in a taste of the activities on offer at Hawker College. We ask all students to act as ambassadors for the college on the night, by wearing the Hawker College T shirt and/or hoodie (available from the front office), so that they are easily recognisable to guide and advise visitors. We usually provide pizza from 5:15pm for those students volunteering to help, and they can receive credit for these hours toward R unit points on their Year 12 Certificate. 

We are finalising the exam timetable for the end of term and I will publish that in my next bulletin. I'd like to remind you that College students in the ACT finish the semester around the end of week 18 to allow for the marking, moderation and final assessment processes to take place through the office of the Board of Senior Secondary Studies. I will publish the exact dates with the exam timetable.

Enjoy the weekend!

Andy Mison


Monday 27 May 2019
Reconciliation Day Public Holiday

Thursday 30 May 2019
Hawker College OPEN NIGHT 6-8pm

Monday 3 June 2019
College Meeting - All Students

Thursday 13 June 2019
HAWKWARDS Performing Arts Event

Tues 18 - Fri 21 June 2019
EXAMS - Alternate timetable

Monday 24 June 2019
Catch Up Day

Tues 25 & Wed 26 June 2019
Year 12 AST Trial - Year 12 Tertiary package students only   

In Term 1 on Friday 12 April 2019, Legal Studies students of Year 12 and I had the opportunity to participate in the Interschool Parliamentary Debates which were held in the chamber at the ACT Legislative Assembly. 

Isobel Schoon, Daniel Bamber, Daniel Minns, Alyssa Attioli and I represented Hawker College in two debates against Canberra Grammar School and Daramalan College. In our first debate against Canberra Grammar School, we were placed as the affirmative team on the topic, “marijuana should remain an illicit substance”. We presented our case confidently by proposing very convincing arguments. In the second debate, my fellow peers and I were on the negative team against Daramalan College. We posed some challenging questions for them on the topic, “low-level offenders need alternatives to imprisonment”. All the debates were presided over by Ms Elizabeth Kikkert MLA, Ms Joy Burch MLA and Mr Michael Pettersson MLA. They were able to share their insights into parliamentary processes and debates regarding current issues in the Legislative Assembly, which was intriguing.

This insightful event allowed us to not only understand but appreciate the role and significance of the Legislative Assembly. The whole day was a fantastic opportunity for us to experience parliamentary debating in action and develop our skills against various teams from a number of Canberra colleges. On behalf of the ambassadors for Hawker College, I would like to extend my gratitude to our Legal Studies teacher, Ms Liz Ahern for organising this memorable educational excursion.

Arbiya Chowdhury, Year 11 student  
ANU Humanities Showcase at the School of Music
On Wednesday 10 April, Ruby Kleeman, Nikki Luc, Isabelle Arundell-Prest, Sedrina Choo and myself set out with Literature/Drama teacher, Megan Cartwright to the Australian National University’s HASS Showcase (Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences). Located in the School of Music, our minds were opened up to a wide range of Arts subjects, some of which included Gender Studies, Sociology, Linguistics and Languages, Visual Arts, Design, Art History and Curatorship. The day was organised around multiple short, student-selected sessions that enabled attendees to experience a range of disciplines.
We were given first-hand information from friendly ANU lecturers and students who spoke of the varied opportunities that can arise from an ANU Bachelor of Arts degree, such as fieldwork and exchanges across Australia and the world. We also heard about possible double degree options, for instance, combining a language with Anthropology to open up fieldwork opportunities and to more fully understand and experience other cultures. The day included lunch, ANU freebies and prizes. Overall, it was a valuable experience that ignited passion for Arts and the Humanities.
Julia Chan, Year 12 student  
Wayside Chapel
YEAR 12 PSYCHOLOGY STREET RETREAT “every life has equal value”

Hawker College Psychology students were offered the opportunity to visit Sydney for a two day 'Street Retreat' 2nd & 3rd May to provide us with case study examples in the until we are currently studying, “Psychology of Wellness”.
We visited the Odyssey House Ark detox centre where we were able to learn about the stages of overcoming addiction, included their four-step plan to rehabilitation — centring on community, responsibility and routine. At Odyssey Motherhouse, we we had the privilege to listen to the story of two people who had struggled with addiction and how it affected the lives of their families and themselves.
The Sydney Jewish Museum provided us with insight into the profile of Holocaust survivors. We listened to the story of Lilly, a 91-year-old Hungarian Holocaust survivor. Lilly freely opened up about the most devastating time in her life during WWII, which she had only recently made the decision to share publicly. Listening to the extreme hardships she experienced was humbling and made the whole group reconsider the privileges we have in life today.
William Booth House, an addiction rehabilitation centre in Surrey Hills, offered a different take on recovery, allowing for more personal freedom whilst taking an approach involving faith. Ice, in particular, is most rampant currently in Australia. One of the things we found most striking about the excursion was simply being able to listen to people's candid recollections of their lives and what lead them to where they are today.
Finally, we visited the Wayside Chapel in King’s Cross where we were able to have a look around and learnt about the facility. We listened to Rob Holt’s journey from living on the streets of King’s Cross to doing his best to make a difference in people’s lives. He spoke about the struggles of people living without a home and the real reasons they found themselves in that situation. The facility aims to treat all of their visitors equally without any judgement of who they are or their decisions, the ideology of which they passed onto us. The Chapel aims to give support from a more distant approach, assisting people in helping themselves in many areas, rather than telling them to simply get off drugs.

The ability to debrief in between visits & have time to relax in Darling Harbour & surrounds served as an effective decompression tool for us after hearing such confronting and intense experiences.
Overall, although it was a taxing experience, this was perhaps the most valuable excursion we have ever been on and has definitely changed our outlooks on wellness and judging people based on how they first present.
Robbie Tankard and Jasmyna Steele, Year 12 students
Student reflections

This excursion has been an eye-opening experience. I have always been aware of the consequences of addiction especially of drugs and alcohol but hearing all the different stories, my outlook has completely changed. I realise now that the reality of addiction is scary and the people who ultimately overcome their struggles are very strong, both physically and mentally. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the psychological aspects involved in our day to day lives. Street Retreat has been so educational not to mention memorable! It was a fun way to learn about the many aspects of psychology affecting the people around us.

(At the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross) they treat everyone as equals….Give love to them, don't leave them alone even if they don't appreciate you/change their behaviour, the worst thing you can do is leave someone alone, be persistent. It is in human nature to push someone away when they do something that we don't approve of or understand.

That addiction doesn’t pick and choose who it takes hold of, no matter your background, childhood or income anyone can become an addict.

An excellent trip to help me understand the psyche of the people in a rough spot.

I felt extremely privileged to listen to a Holocaust survivor in the small group setting facilitated by the museum. To hear her story of surviving the brutal Nazi occupation in detail and to be provided the opportunity to ask questions was a truly special experience. Although there are many equally significant stories and interviews/speeches from other survivors available online, there is something especially striking about being able to speak with somebody in person. This person has taken time out of their life to speak about horrible events they have experienced, at an older age where everything becomes more of an effort. I took away an additional appreciation for the life I have experienced thus far here in Australia, at a relatively peaceful time for the world. Nobody should have to live their lives in fear and this has reminded me to think about the places in the world where people still experience repression, extreme hardship and even killings based on arbitrary factors like race, religion or beliefs. This can be extended to Australia and other 1st world societies today, where racial prejudices continue to exist and have driven people to commit atrocities such as the recent Christchurch attacks in New Zealand.

The way the Wayside Chapel have specifically thought about what creates a sense of dignity made me extremely happy. It also made me think about the situation I am in and how lucky I am with everything around me and that despite being down in the dumps, there will ALWAYS be someone in a worst scenario.
That addiction doesn’t pick and choose who it takes hold of, no matter your background, childhood or income anyone can become an addict. 
Antonella McCarthy, Psychology Teacher    

Performing Arts students across the college recently visited Sydney to witness the musical retelling of Roald Dahl’s delicious tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A group of over 50 students and 6 teachers enjoyed the sights and sounds of this magical tale at the Capitol Theatre. Big thanks to Donna Sullivan for organising this incredible opportunity for the students. The trip provided the students with lots of inspiration for their own musical production of Little Shop of Horrors later this year - stay tuned!
Juliet Moody & Donna Sullivan, School Leaders  
Left to right:Year 12 Drama students Jemima Phillips, Taylah Gillespie, Gareth Bertoz, Lara Ingvarson and Eve Curtis rehearse their devised work.
Left to right:Year 12 Drama students Jemima Phillips, Taylah Gillespie, Gareth Bertoz, Lara Ingvarson and Eve Curtis rehearse their devised work.


Congratulations to the Hawker College Drama students selected for this year's ACTUP Festival at Canberra Theatre. These talented students will have an opportunity to present their self-devised short theatre pieces on stage at the Canberra Theatre next month. Thanks to Megan Cartwright for her gifted direction helping to prepare the students for the festival. Tickets to the festival can be purchased via the Canberra Theatre website:

Juliet Moody, School Leader Performing Arts and Physical Education  
Corey Smith pictured with his championship jerseys

Congratulations to Corey Smith who was successful in his campaign at the Australian National and Oceania Mountain Bike Championships coming in first place in both races to be Australia's National Champion for the Under 19s and Oceania 's Champion for Under 19s.

Fantastic effort Corey!  
Chloe Richard represented Hawker College in the Snowy Mountains Interschools Equestrian Competition on her horse Apache

Chloe Richard and her horse Apache represented Hawker College at the Snowy Mountains Interschools Equestrian Competition on 27 and 28 April in Jindabyne.  Over 200 riders from across the State travelled to the event to compete in a number of disciplines including show-jumping, dressage, sporting and showing.  It was Chloe and Apache’s first competition back in nearly 18 months due to illness and injury.  It happened over a weekend right when a cold front came through and the temperatures dropped in Jindabyne to minus
4 overnight!

Day one was a bit stressful and filled with nervous energy.  Chloe and Apache competed in dressage, show-jumping and a hotly contested 6 bar show-jumping competition where the jump heights were continuously raised until all riders and horses were eliminated.  Day two was a bit more relaxed with more show-jumping, barrel racing and the Working Hunter event where Chloe and Apache came second.  A Working Hunter horse is judged on skills used for traditional hunting (i.e. it’s strong, powerful and can actually jump) and placing in this category against high level competition was quite an achievement.  Apache worked hard and Chloe did well to handle him amongst all of the excitement and distractions in and around the competition arena.

Congratulations Chloe.  
Please park safely and legally around schools

As we drive and park our cars around schools we all need to ensure the safety of school students is our priority. Parking illegally and unsafely across pedestrian crossings, corners and verges puts children at risk. This message also applies to driving around high schools & colleges.  We all need to help keep our children safe. Here is a short video demonstration:

Access Canberra inspectors will be patrolling our school zones to help us ensure drivers do the right thing.  

Please refer to the link here for further information on the policy.
ParentLink provides parenting education to the community, from birth to teenage years. It is available for parents, carers, kin, teachers, and the broader community, providing information and links to local resources and services.

The ParentLink website provides links to all ParentLink guides including a variety of topics - Starting School, More than Reading and Writing, Optimism and Cyber Safety.

The ParentLink suite of resources includes guides specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, and access to resources for diverse cultural groups.

ParentLink guides are available to view and order via the website at,
Address: Murranji St, Hawker ACT 2614
Phone:(02) 6142 0355

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