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Chris Lewis, Shadow Minister for Labour, Meets with Workers at the Gordie-Howe International Bridge Construction Site
Above and below: I had an awesome time meeting with workers at the Gordie Howe International Bridge construction site. These workers are some of the most motivated and positive I have met. Workers on this site have so far worked over 5 million hours, cumulatively, to get the work done and they seem to be enjoying the work it. It is great to connect with the skilled trades as they literally build our future!!! Thank you to all who came to say hello!

A Review of May 2022

Above: I was blown away by the Gordie Howe International Bridge tour I took. This site has seen so much progress even during the last few years. I was also impressed with the management and safety record so far. Thank you to Stephanie Campeau and Heather Grondin for organizing this time and to Jamie for downloading so much good information about the build so far… proud to have this happening in our region!!!
Above: It was great to be at the Invest WindsorEssex AGM. Thank you to the Invest Windsor-Essex team, and Stephen Mackenzie, for all you have done for our area. It is exciting to hear some of the details of the partnership between Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions for the battery plant that will be opened right here in our region. It was also great to meet representatives from both companies!
Above: Thank you to Karl Lovett, IBEW Local 773 Business Manager, for the on-site meeting with electricians. It was great to talk through some of the details of my Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-241, with the people it will impact directly.
Above: Thank you to Flavio Volpe, President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association (APMA) for lunch and networking time. The auto industry in the Windsor-Essex region is looking forward to the new developments coming in the next few years and so am I. Well done to all who attended today and for all your hard work for our area!!
Above: Thank you to George Cornell and Gary McNamara, and all of the Wardens from the Western Ontario Wardens' Caucus for bringing to the MPs from the region your top four priorities: Housing, Workforce Development, Broadband Infrastructure and Mental Health! Thank you also to all my fellow MPs who brought some excellent comments and discussion to our meeting with the Wardens' Caucus.
Above: Great to connect with Joel Epp at Southwestern Ontario Gleaners Food for all Luncheon in Leamington. There must have been around 500 people present. It was also nice to see Mayor Richard J Meloche from the Town of Essex, supporting this great charity that sees support from across Windsor and Essex County. SWO Gleaners aim to send over 4 million meals around the world! Well done SWO Gleaners.
Above: Thank you to Amico’s Dwayne Dawson for setting up a meeting about Bob-Lo Island’s new housing development with Jamie Di Laudo and Ryan Capogna. It was useful to hear about the good things that are happening on the Island but also the challenges with the construction industry. The bottom line is we need more homes and Amico is one of many companies building them. Another issue that came up is the need for skilled tradespeople and training for them!! Something we hear time and time again.
Above: Just wanted to say thank you to this awesome group of people for our breakfast with the Deputy Speaker of the House. Thank you to those key supporters that came out, Anthony Leardi, and my colleague, Chris d'Entremont, Deputy Speaker of the House. Together, this group made for an excellent breakfast and conversation time!!! What a great way to spend your Saturday morning! 
Above: It was a privilege to take my colleague, Chris d'Entremont, on a tour of the Canadian Transportation Museum Heritage Village. The vehicles are incredible but the stories are what make this experience unique. If you haven't been there lately, you really should go and check it out!
Above: Thank you to Community Living Essex County for hosting the 16th Annual Mayors Luncheon. Loved the focus on initiatives that are helping those in need in various ways. I hope to connect with those groups who presented at a later date. I do appreciate all that the Municipal government leaders do for our area and I am committed to working with them as the MP for Essex. I also mentioned that now that my wrist has healed I am looking forward to giving Mayor Santos a run for his money in the next Apple Peeling competition!! Watch this space...
Top: Thank you Sukwhinder for opening up your home for a reception with Tim S. Uppal and Anthony Leardi. The Conservatives in the riding of Essex have some great friends!! What a wonderful day visiting with the Sikh and Hindu communities. 

Bottom left: Thank you to Tim S. Uppal for coming with me to the Windsor Hindu Temple to meet the wonderful community there. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen especially Nitin, Sukwhinder and Manbir. Thank you also to Anthony Leardi for coming along with us. It was so good to meet with the Hindu people in my area and learn about their community.

Bottom right: Thank you to Tim S. Uppal for representing Pierre Poilievre and to Anthony Leardi for joining us at our time with the Windsor-Essex Sikh community at the Sikh Gurdwara. It was a privilege to meet with these wonderful people. I learned so much. Thank you to Sukwinder and Manbir for setting this up!!!
Above: On May 14th, I attended the Windsor Life Centre Annual Walkathon where I presented Julie Hunter, Executive Director of WLC, with a Certificate in recognition for their 9 years of service. They provide a safe haven, counselling, nutrition, treatment support, aftercare, and more for women recovering from addiction and trauma.
Left: Honoured to attend the Blessing of the Bikes ceremony with my colleague MP Dave Epp - Chatham Kent Leamington at the beginning of May. The Hogs for Hospice kick-off was amazing, to say the least. Thank you also to the Lutheran church and the Town of Kingsville for being such gracious hosts of this event. Please support Hogs for Hospice as you are able.

May 2022 in the House of Commons

On May 30th, I voted on a Conservative motion that would end the unnecessary federal restrictions caused by this government during COVID-19. The voting records of the three Windsor-Essex Members of Parliament are posted above for you to see. Industry experts from a wide range of disciplines are calling on the government to drop travel restrictions. I will continue to hold the NDP-Liberal government to account for these unacceptable delays.
Above: On May 20th, I asked the Minister of Finance if she will approve more financial support for firefighters. Unfortunately, the non-answer wasn't worth including in the post. Firefighters deserve more support for all they do for our communities!! See this link to view the full question.
Above: Thank you to the CPAA - ACMPA Canada Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA) for meeting with me, in Ottawa. It was a very good meeting. I was concerned when I found out that 445 unvaccinated members have been put on forced leave without pay, causing some post offices in communities to be shut down and others to work with only one person on staff. Thank you, Brenda McAuley, National President, for bringing this terrible situation to my attention. I look forward to more conversations on this and other issues.
Above: In May I met with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada. Thank you to Kevin Ernst and Ken Lancastle for bringing up some important labour issues with me. I appreciate these kinds of meetings as I get to hear the issues that really matter because I don't know what I don't know!
Above: The Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus is an excellent way for MPs to support all things hunting and angling and is open to MPs from all parties. This morning's breakfast was my first meeting as Co-Vice Chair of the Committee. Thank you to the Chair, Bob Zimmer MP, and the whole board for your welcome!!
Above: Thank you to Jane and Katherine from Single Seniors for Tax Fairness - SSTF for bringing to light some of the injustices in our tax laws facing seniors who are single! Once again we see the government taking way too much money from hard-working seniors!!
Above: Two of my recent questions in the House of Commons related to the boating community: Does the Prime Minister know that boaters still have to travel long distances to register their boats on returning to Canada. Will the government of Canada re-open all 400 small vessel reporting sites? Please see the two questions I asked on this issue here and here
Above: As a result of the above questions and several other questions from my fellow MPs, there was a win for Conservatives in May! Not enough small vessel reporting sites being open was an issue for boaters for several weeks. I brought this problem up in the House of Commons as a result of a conversation with a friend. Shortly afterwards, the CBSA announced that MOST reporting sites will be re-opened, including several in the Windsor-Essex area. After recently asking questions about this issue I was glad to see these sites re-opening for the long weekend without which boaters could have been left in dangerous waters!! Thank you fellow MPs, Raquel Dancho, Melissa Lantsman, Lianne Rood M.P. and Tony Baldinelli for your work and questions to the Liberal Government in the House of Commons on this issue. It was a great team effort. To all boaters in the Windsor-Essex area, and across Canada, enjoy your time on the water and stay safe!
Above: In May, I was invited to be a guest at the Finance Committee. I had the opportunity to question Sean Strickland from the Canadian Building Trades Union (CBTU) on my Private Member's Bill, C-241, on a tax deduction for travelling tradespeople. He stated that this PMB will help balance labour markets across Canada and allow workers to go where the work is! Click here is to see the full question and response. 
Above: I was able to join my colleague, Melissa Lantsman, MP Thornhill, at the Taiwan night reception to enhance Canada's trade relationship with Taiwan. Thank you for a great event.
Above: It was an honour to speak in support of the Canadian-Ukrainian Parliamentary Program. Welcome to Canada to all of the Ukrainian interns!
Above: I met with Kenneth Bobby, Steve Madden and Ana Santarem from the National Police Federation (NPF) who represent the RCMP. I have even more respect for what the RCMP does for our communities and security across Canada after our meeting and will of course look into some of the requests NPF made today to see what can be done. Thank you, NPF for your time and your work on behalf of the Mounties across Canada!
Above: The NDP-Liberal Government continues to break the backs of unvaccinated Federal workers by not allowing them to be able to return to work. Many of these workers have no benefits and no income. Today, in Question Period, I continued to push for the ending of vaccine mandates. View this question here.
Left: It was a pleasure to meet with the Minister for Labour Seamus O'Regan, at the beginning of May, for an introductory conversation about issues for Labour across Canada and the world. Thank you, Minister O’Regan, for working across the aisle to get things done for our Labour force.
Above: The NDP-Liberal government wants to put pressure on legal firearm owners once again with their gun registry 2.0 instead of focusing on criminals, gangs and gun smugglers. See my question here in defence of legal firearm owners from May 2022, in the House of Commons.

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