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Chris Lewis, Shadow Minister for Labour, Addresses Canada's Building Trades Unions Conference

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It was an honour, as Shadow Minister for Labour, to speak to Canada's Building Trades Unions (CBTU) conference in Ottawa about my Private Member's Bill for a tradesperson’s tax deduction for travel. I was excited that so many had come together to support construction trades. These are the people who are building our future!!! Thank you to everyone attending this event and for the invitation from CBTU!

CBTU Facebook reads: "Thank you Chris Lewis MP for addressing the CBTU #StrongerNow Conference and your support for skilled trades workers." (April 27, 2022)

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A Review of April 2022

At the beginning of April, I spoke in support of Bill C-228 on The Pension Protection Act that my friend and colleague, Marilyn Gladu, Sarnia-Lambton MP has brought forward as her Private Member's Bill. This Bill will help ensure that Pensions will be further protected! "A pension is the portion of a worker’s wages that companies put aside for their worker’s retirement.

This is money employees have not only earned but is understood to be their reward for the years they have worked. It is heartbreaking to hear countless stories of employees that have had their pensions drastically cut and their plans for their retirement dashed [because of bankruptcy]....Let’s act now before we have another General Chemical or Sears scenario. It’s always a good time to do the right thing."

Above: I wore my uniform proudly, to represent the brothers and sisters in the Firefighting community and to support C-224 — National Framework on Cancers Linked to Firefighting Act.

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As many of you will know we celebrated Easter in April. My wish for you this Easter was that God illuminates your path and fills your heart with warmth, love and joy. I hope you all had a Happy Easter.

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I had a great meeting, even though I was the online participant, on April 6th, discussing hunting, fishing, trapping and firearms issues across Canada in the Conservative Hunting and Angling Caucus. 

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Above: It was great to meet with Consul Vanessa Calva at the Mexican Consulate in Leamington on April 19th. We spoke about International Trade and Labour issues. Mexico is also so connected to Canada in the Autotrade and Agriculture sectors. It is always good to meet and show support for those nations so close to us!

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Above: On April 25th, I was invited to read to Tracy Armstrong’s grades 4 & 5 class at Essex Public School for Young Authors Day. I found a great book to read that resonates with me, someone who once played as a goalie! It’s called “The Best Goalie Ever”!! It’s always good to read things that are fun and relevant. I hope all the kids I read to enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed meeting them and reading to them! Thanks, Tracy and all the kids I met at Essex Public School for a great time. Well done to all!
Above: As Ukraine continues to be besieged and mothers and children flee to safety in other Countries… it would be easy to suggest that they are alone. Canadians have always been passionate and compassionate when others desperately need help. Now is no different. Chris Profota from #Weatherby Canada and the Canadian Shooting Arms and Ammunition Association has graciously stepped up to help. The Firearms and Sports Communities have recognized that Ukrainian children must not go without food, clothing and diapers.

They have donated for raffle many thousands of dollars and created a website to allow Canadians across the country to donate. 100% of all proceeds raised will go directly to feeding and clothing the children affected by the war. Information here -> Legal Firearms owners are compassionate, and they lead by example when others are in need. Thank you, Weatherby and the Canadian Sporting Arms & Ammunition Association for your dedication…. I urge everyone to donate as you are able. Gun Owners for Ukrainian Kids! Watch the video here.

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Above: Conservative MPs, Chris Lewis and David Epp were honoured to sponsor the trout pond at the Big Buck show hosted by the Southwest Outdoors Club at the Tilbury Memorial Arena. Here Kaylee Knelsen proudly shows her morning catch - a beautiful rainbow trout!

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Above: So good to meet with a local Police Officer from Windsor-Essex in #Ottawa. Shawn McCurdy is a member of the Canadian Police Association and visited me in the last week of April so we could talk about how we can support law enforcement as they serve Canadians across Canada. I look forward to meeting Shawn and his colleagues back in the riding of Essex.
Above: It was an informal but very special meeting with members of the Knesset, Israel, and his excellency, Dr. רונן הופמן - Ronen Hoffman, Ambassador of Israel to Canada. Thank you to Melissa Lantsman, Shadow Minister for Transport, for setting up this meeting. The visit coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day: Yom HaShoah.

The Conservative Party of Canada will always stand with the State of Israel and Jewish Communities around the world so that Jewish people can continue to live in peace and security, and never again face the horrors of the Holocaust.
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Above: On April 26th, I had an eye-opening meeting about how electrical workers at coal plants will transition from coal to other forms of energy or skilled trades when the government phases out coal. William Campbell and Keith Madu are some of the many union reps trying to think and plan ahead so families and workers have income when the transition happens. One thing was clear, the NDP-Liberal government currently has no plan on how these people will find work. Thank you to Dr. Robert Kitchen, MP for setting up this meeting. Further discussions to follow.
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Above: Francis Bradley is the President and CEO of Electricity Canada. I had a very interesting conversation with him, at the Electricity Canada reception in Ottawa, about how we are going to power the new wave of electric vehicles in Canada and I am sure we will meet again. Thank you, Francis, for a great evening.
Above are photos taken on April 28th when I met up with the University of Carleton students hosting an event to support Conservative MPs from Alberta. Thank you to the team for hosting and setting up this important event. These are the next generation of politicians and MPs! Well done all!

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Above is a photo taken while walking between meetings, in Ottawa, I met this lovely family. They were pleased to know I was a Conservative MP and asked me for a photo. It's always good to stop and talk to the people on the ground!! Thank you to all for a lovely conversation. I hope your visit to Ottawa is a special time.

On Friday, April 29th, I asked this question in the House of Commons.

Since Provinces have now ended mandates for vaccination requirements for public spaces and businesses are following suit. When will the Federal government catch up with the rest of the country, and the world, and end vaccination requirements for their workers? People need to work to support their families. When will this NDP-Liberal Government allow people to work again or would they prefer to keep hard-working Federal employees out of the workforce?

The NDP-Liberal Government has said it will discuss changing the vaccination requirements for Federal workers, but we have still not heard of any discussions or changes. Many of those who cannot work because they are not fully vaccinated, have no benefits and no income. Has the government had any discussions on this issue or is this going to be another broken promise?

In another speech on the same day, I asked: Why is the government not preparing for the many jobs that will be lost if they achieve their goal of transitioning from coal to another form of energy in the Regina area and across Canada? We need to be getting ready so we can train those workers who will lose their jobs with new skills!!! I also asked the Liberal government to help municipalities build more homes!!!

See the first question video here the rest of me speech on my Facebook page here.

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