Architectural review, April 17. Get mad NOW!  “Pedestrian oriented,” and “designed in the spirit of sustainable design,” have nothing to do with the Village 35 Circus redevelopment plan being shoved on Middletown.    web view

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Hi Everyone,

The next meeting for Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan (CLRP) commercial development only, will be held on Wednesday April 17th at 6:30 pm at Town Hall.

Mentioned at the end of the previous meeting, National Realty and Development Corporation will be discussing Architecture for the entire mall project and they are expected to have a presentation from a Wegmans spokesperson.

These developers, including Wegmans, need to see concerned citizens in attendance asking questions referencing the size, scope and overall impact their project will have on our everyday lives. 


For those of you who missed the March planning board meeting, an engineer review of the Circus Liquors Redevelopment plan, it was a fiasco.  

The Town did not make the "Technical Memorandum" regarding the commercial plan specifics they were reviewing readily available to the public. The residents were unable to effectively participate in the commercial site review hearing. This go around, you have the tools to be informed. 


We requested and received the "Technical Memorandum" through the Open Public Records Act. It's the only way we would have gotten our eyes and hands on the document. Click to view the "Technical Memorandum" full document or the Architectural excerpt.


The next meeting, Wednesday April 17, will focus on the Architectural Review.

Be prepared. Download & Read the "Memorandum."
Ask Questions. Be Offended.  

“recognizable village style character” 
“pedestrian oriented,”
"sustainable site and building design practices"

Technical Memorandum: ARCHITECTURAL excerpt. Click Here!

Go to, find the NRDC commercial portion of the plan with a zoom-in feature on our home page. Also, see details about NRDC leasing plans.

This month's goal:


To those of you who haven't contributed, please consider a donation now.

We started raising this round of funding on March 14th. We've reached +52% of our goal. 

Legal challenge is the only way we will be heard. Your help is needed.

Thank you to all who have contributed!


Let's try for a miracle this week: $5000
We can’t roll over after 2.5 years of fighting. We need you and your contributions to keep challenging the Town. 

We have hundreds of concerned residents, taxpayers, neighbors on our mailing list.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW. Our extraordinary Legal team, Litwin & Provence, LLC, needs to be funded, as do other members of our challenge team. We are lucky to have them all. Regarding the lawsuit challenging the redevelopment designation, we still have not yet received notice of a decision by Judge Quinn.

Please forward this email to neighbors and fellow residents who care about how Middletown is being developed. 

We know these meetings can sometimes be long and tiresome but we appreciate each and everyone one of you coming out to meetings and staying involved.

Sincere Thanks,

Minding Middletown, LLC

Informational Meeting. Jan 9th. 8:00pm, 90 Kings Hwy. Christ Church
Our Goals for the Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan, formerly known as Village 35:
Create more open passive and recreational space, be mindful of the rights of surrounding residents, reduce additional traffic congestion, public involvement for the design and a plan that is appropriate for the area and protects our quality of life.
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