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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all who turned out for the June 5th traffic meeting for Village 35/ Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan.  Safety and congestion were key topics even up until 12:00 am, when the meeting finally ended.

The Village 35 engineer, Mr. Carl Pehnke, spoke most of the evening, utilizing his 2016 traffic study and focused on the ingress / egress points of the mall project, as well the Twin Brooks extension. 

Since the meeting ran until 12:00 am, the Township’s independent traffic study presentation was postponed until Wednesday, July 10th. 

While Mr. Pehnke admitted a Wegmans was not considered in the 2016 study, he claimed he recently studied traffic volumes at the Wegmans in Woodbridge and felt his data was in compliance. We disagree.

The 2016 traffic study did not include any of the new developments recently completed, planned,  or in the works  on Route 35, which equates to 137,000 sq ft. of retail . Mr. Pehnke stated his study accounted for 380,000 sq. ft. of retail and, therefore, this mall being 342,000 sq. ft. was well-covered. We completely disagree.


The main point of contention all evening was that there are three jug handles and a connector road on the northbound side of Route 35 to assist with traffic flow around the site and there is only one southbound jug handle at Twin Brooks Ave. that will access the mall. There is no other way to access the mall from the southbound side of Route 35 except for Twin Brooks Ave. 

The traffic engineer claimed the revised Twin Brooks Ave jug handle (which will only be slightly wider than it is now) will be sufficient to handle all the traffic in one cycle. They previously looked at trying to get a second southbound jug, but there were 3 businesses and environmental constraints in the way.

The Planning Board was concerned about only one southbound jug handle accessing the mall and felt it would be an issue. 

Planning Board member Mr. Colangelo stated that Village 35 should have to take a hard look at the traffic improvements 6 months after the mall is built and this should be addressed in the redevelopment agreement. He was referring not just to traffic light phasing ,but for reconfigurations if needed. 


Mr. Colangelo also mentioned there will be significant increase in traffic backup at Kanes lane on Saturdays. Another resident pointed out the many stops drivers need to make to leave Kanes Lane to get out of that jug handle onto Route 35. Mr. Pehnke stated that NJDOT designed the Kanes Lane jug handle.


When pressed, Mr. Pehnke acknowledged that Kings Hwy East will have double the traffic volume it now has, in both directions. 
Sleepy Hollow Rd. and East Rd, as well as cut-through streets off Kings Highway East, will have significant increases.


NJDOT has acknowledged that some lanes at the Chapel Hill Rd/ Oak Hill Rd intersection will be failures with very long wait times . They have decided since there is no land available adjacent to these lanes in the intersection to fix the issue , that no mitigation will be done at this time. We cannot understand how this intersection will work properly and are baffled as to why this will be tolerated. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 6:30 pm, Town Hall
This is the first hearing for the Toll Brothers Middletown Walk, 350-residential unit project planned under the Village 35 Redevelopment Plan. The Engineer and Traffic review for the residential tract will be heard.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 6:30 pm, Town Hall
The Township's commissioned  traffic study will be reviewed and recommendations for traffic flow and remediation will be heard. 
RT35 and our neighborhood roadways are at peril.
 View the Independent Traffic study here. 


We were told NJDOT already approved the Village 35 traffic plan. 

Many residents spoke passionately about their quality of life concerns and are well aware that once the shovel hits the ground, this area will be changed forever. 

Mark your calendars and show up!
The next Village 35 traffic meeting for the commercial development will take place on Wednesday July 10th and will have a presentation discussing the road revisions proposed by the Township and how they will affect your daily lives. They will explain their plan to connect Kings Highway to Tindall Rd . Will it be enough to make a difference? How will it work? 
Come find out on Wednesday, July 10th, 6:30 pm at Town hall.

Sincere Thanks,

Minding Middletown, LLC

Informational Meeting. Jan 9th. 8:00pm, 90 Kings Hwy. Christ Church
Our Goals for the Circus Liquors Redevelopment Plan, formerly known as Village 35:
Create more open passive and recreational space, be mindful of the rights of surrounding residents, reduce additional traffic congestion, public involvement for the design and a plan that is appropriate for the area and protects our quality of life.
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