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"Australia New Zealand as global leaders in the sustainable production and use of biochar"
Dear Members and Subscribers, 

Happy New Year & Australia Day to all our members and subscribers! It seemed as good a day as any to send out our first Drawdown for 2022, here's to it being our best year yet! We take a moment to think of the first peoples of our nation who manage the land with respect and make biochar too! 

ANZBIG is at the point of reinvention and we see this year as a great time to consolidate as an emerging cluster. Therefore, we are progressing with our Q3 & 4 marketing plan to help achieve this goal. First up in February is membership drive month where we intend to triple our normal intake of members. We will be offering a one-month free trial so that new members can preview the many benefits of membership before proceeding to payment. Also, existing members who refer new members who proceed onto payment will get a free upgrade to the next level membership for the remainder of their existing membership. The month will culminate in our first online webinar sponsored by South Pole, How to get paid to use bioproducts where we will explore registering a soil carbon project under the ERF, a soil and non-soil project under the new Verra Methodology and how biochar can supercharge both your animal health, wealth and soil carbon. 

We have also packaged up our online webinars so you can now sponsor a topic as well as our 2 Day Interactive Workshop perfect for Landcare groups, Not for Profits, and Farming Co-ops. Welcome to our new and renewed members and enjoy this months drawdown with all it's varied links. 
Best Chars, 
Don Coyne




New Small Business Member Robert Tonks at Australian Hardwood Carbon Products

I have mastered the art of Carbon production. I use HI TECH CARBON production techniques cost-effectively. I have mastered the art of wood VINEGAR production. I claim to be the First person to manufacture BIOCHAR In a liquid form. I grow protozoa from rhino dung to rehabilitate PFAS Fire fighting foam contaminated soil and water. I produce Activated charcoal / Biochar/for Hi-tech CARBON sequestration and low-tech Co2 capture. Carbon Credits from carbon sequestrated back into the soil. Continuous improvement driving the cost to produce down to claim the carbon Credit. Eliminating waste food, clothing, and eating utensils ending up in Land Fill. Converting waste in Carbon C6. I have three different types of machinery to produce Carbon in many different forms. Carbon is my thing! I am a tradesman I design and build my own equipment. I have been granted a Ph.D. on my data presented, on the findings by Converting Liquid Bio dunder from the sugar Cane process, into Activated CHARCOAL.

February Membership Drive 

Get a Free Month's Trial in February

Want to access a free preview of ANZBIG's member benefits and resources before payment? Join anytime in February and we will give you a one month free trial. We will chat with you and send you a reminder the day before payment is due. No obligation if you decide not to proceed. 

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Existing Members who refer new members can get a free upgrade anytime in February if that new member proceeds to payment. 

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With the advent of the Verra Methodology for biochar being released, land managers can now be paid through productivity gains by adding biochar as a feed additive for their animals, using dung beetles to bury it, OR mechanical means all of which will supercharge your soil carbon project. Biochar is also now recognised as a carbon sink by Verra to be used in bio-products such as roads and concrete. This means we can take contaminated feedstocks and convert them into an Industrial Biochar for use in the built environment and claim the carbon drawdown credits! Please join us on Thursday February 24 at no cost and find out more about these significant developments in biochar drawdown markets.


You can book our 2 Day Interactive workshop here Hosted by Don Coyne, our current CEO and delivered by Professor Stephen Joseph with experience and skills dating back to 1975, you will go on a journey through the sustainable sourcing of feedstock, how to make it with safe and effective mobile technology, how to use it and how to start a business in it! This workshop is designed to be perfect for Landcare Groups, Not For Profits and Farming Co-ops.


Other biochar news

NEW PAPER: Technoeconomic Analysis of Negative Emissions Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage through Pyrolysis and Bioenergy District Heating Infrastructure

Visit Official Website

Biocrete – a carbon negative concrete

In recent years, Snøhetta has conducted research on different materials that are central to building and production, and in the early summer of 2020, the idea of creating a carbon-negative concrete was planted.

Patriot Hydrogen’s latest deal supports transition to renewable energy in WA’s Kimberley region

Under the deal, CAC-H₂ will be the exclusive technical and mechanical advisor and supplier for the modular, portable P2H units, which are designed to produce syngas, hydrogen, green energy, and biochar throughout Australia.

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Burtons build boutique Kimberley abattoir and will create green hydrogen and biochar.

FORMER founders of the Yeeda Pastoral Company Jack and Vicki Burton have turned away from the generic, high volume, low-priced beef market and are instead looking to offer a premium meat product from their Kilto station in the Kimberley.

Report finds bioenergy will generate jobs, lower emissions but doesnt mention drawdown

Government Roadmap charts a course for Australian bioenergy with $33.5 million funding boost.

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Contaminated leafy greens turn purple

I have been developing soil amendments to help remedy environmental pollution,” Hoagland said. “These amendments are different mixes of bio char, which includes organic material waste and specially treated wood chips burnt at high temperatures.

International links


All the latest news from the European Biochar Industry


Click on the link to view the latest January newsletter from the USBI and other news. 


See the December Newsletter from the IBI 

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New to Library 

*Techno-Economic assessment of natural gas pyrolysis in molten salts
*A Review About Preparation and Properties of Biochar and Application
*Analysis of the potential of cupuaçu husks (Theobroma grandiflorum) as raw material for the synthesis of bioproducts and energy generation
*Biochar Phosphate Fertilizer Loaded with Urea Preserves Available Nitrogen Longer than Conventional Urea
*Synthesis and Superior Thermal Stability of “Green” Nano-micro Hybrid Carbon Fibers

Funding for Recycling and Clean Energy businesses to translate research and ideas into commercial outcomes
*Funding for Recycling and Clean Energy businesses who are developing new products and manufacturing processes


Other related news

Bioresources within a Net-Zero Emissions Economy: Making a Sustainable Approach Possible

The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) makes plain that, while bioresources are in principle renewable, not all forms of biomass use are beneficial from an environmental perspective: not all biomass is ‘good’ biomass.

Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Package

Australian agriculture depends on a biodiverse and well-managed natural resource base. Agricultural land managers play a key role in environmental management. They are responsible for managing 58% of our landmass. Visit Website


Indoor Agriculture Conference takes off

Indoor Ag-Con is the premier indoor agriculture trade show and conference for indoor | vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture.

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The objective of the ENERGY GLOBE Award is to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for most of our environmental problems feasible solutions are already available.

Queensland EPA under consideration

The Queensland Government has begun public consultation on the establishment of an independent environmental regulator in the state.

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Ten projects share $3.2M from WA Govt carbon-farming program

THE Western Australian Government on Thursday pledged $3.2 million through its Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program which aims to mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration.

CRC Round 23 bids putting an Australian lens over global ag challenges

2021 ended on a high for two commercial opportunities featured on growAG. with news they had progressed to Stage 2 of the Round 23 Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) grants program.

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