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"Australia New Zealand as global leaders in the sustainable production and use of biochar"
Dear Members and Subscribers, 

Thank you to all the new and renewed members who signed up for our one-month trial in February and for those existing members who referred others. Assuming all will proceed on and including pledges that are delayed by the extreme flooding event in Northern NSW & South East Queensland, we achieved our target of doubling the monthly average intake. Also, our webinar last week, Get Paid to Use Bio-Products is our most attended and viewed to date. 

Unless ANZBIG knows where it's going and how to get there, we are unlikely to achieve our overarching key performance indicator of growing the industry in our region. That's why we are launching our Biochar 2030 Industry Roadmap on Thursday, March 24. ANZBIG is also about connecting people from the complete value add chain and so we will host an invitation-only 2 Day Summit mid-year to seek your interaction and contribution to the map. We seek your support and confidence to raise the funds, 50% from Industry, 50% from the government via sponsorship packages and an online crowdfunding campaign. I ensure those that are invited will be at the table to help us map out the emerging ANZ Biochar Industry's full economic potential by 2030. 

Finally, ANZBIG is continuing to work hard to roll out a certification program this year that will link into both national and international carbon markets as well as help meet regulatory requirements for producers and user expectations. We look forward to making announcements as the program and our code of practice are fine-tuned and tested in the marketplace. 

Our vision at ANZBIG is to transition to a new carbon economy, where we mine renewable sources of carbon and take the natural carbon cycle into account whilst contributing significantly to our economies and societies. 

Enjoy the February 2022 drawdown edition and look forward to catching up live later in the month. 
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New Small Business Member Advanced Resilient Carbon

Marshall Mermell, Chief Executive, Consultant, Co-Founder stands beside Italian manufactured pyrolysis technology

Marshall Mermell, Chief Executive Officer, has assembled a team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industrialists from around the world to join in a collaborative initiative for improving global quality of life by restoring environments, sequestering carbon, and generating renewable energy. Applying his Risk-managed Marketing™ business development skills, Marshall has directed his team to create a highly profitable, commercial enterprise based on the transformation of organic waste into multiple valuable resources, including electricity, heat, and Biochar. Read more...


Want to be at the table when the biochar ship comes in? ANZBIG will produce a roadmap report highlighting the carbon drawdown potential of technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and torrefaction for release in October/November of 2022. This will provide a commercial pathway for the complete value add chain of the emerging biochar industry to scale to significant production levels by 2030. Our selected expert team will present the aims, objectives, and outcomes of the roadmap as well as how you can partner and contribute to its manifestation including sponsorship packages and an online crowdfunding campaign. Please join us on Thursday, March 24 from 1-2:30 pm AEDT.

Get paid to use bio products webinar recording is available. 

Feed biochar to your animals and use dung beetles to bury it, methane reduction benefits, productivity gains, biochar laden dung is buried by dung beetles to supercharge your soil carbon project. We will cover the carbon markets such as ERF and voluntary carbon markets...........

Other biochar news

Residues Utilisation and Stewardship Strategy

Forestry and sawmilling generate byproducts, known as residues, that can be processed into a wide range of intermediate and final products. MS2 has examined barriers and opportunities for optimising residues along the North East Coast of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, for the North East NSW Forestry Hub. Read Report


Puro Standard Biochar methodology edition 2022 is out now!

The new version of Puro Standard Biochar carbon removal methodology – edition 2022 – is ready to be used! Read Blog 


Kathleen Draper, Chair of IBI & US Director of Ithaka Institute of Carbon Intelligence has made the expert review panel for X Prize, the prestigious carbon removal awards. Read Blog

Castlemaine residents vow to fight renewable energy plant amid health concerns

A sustainability group plans to build a biomass facility in central Victoria to process waste as energy.

Puro Registry, the first public registry dedicated to carbon removal and CORCs

When our work started in 2018 the voluntary carbon market was focused on reductions and avoidances. But knowing that the world could not wait to remove carbon from the atmosphere we looked for a way to incentivize the formation of a carbon net-negative economy. Read Blog



BIO360 Conference - Biochar Day

See what's on the programme at this very popular European Bioenergy Conference
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All the latest news from the European Biochar Industry


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New to Library 

*The Negative Effects of High Rates of Biochar on Violas Can Be Counteracted with Fertilizer
*Application of Biochar as Functional Material for Remediation of Organic Pollutants in Water: An Overview
*Use of CO2 in Pressurized, Fluidized Bed Gasification 
*Pyrolysis Behaviors and Residue Properties of Iron-Rich Rolling Sludge from Steel Smelting
Biochar development from thermal TGA studies of individual food waste vegetables and their blended systems
*Impact of Biochar Amendment on Soil Properties and Organic

* Drought Preparedness Grants
ARC Centres of Excellence commencing in 2023
* Net-Zero Industries Mission


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General Jeffery Soil Health Award 2022

The General Jeffery Soil Health Award recognises, honors and celebrates an individual’s outstanding contribution to improving soil health. Watch this video to learn more about the award and meet the 2020 inaugural winner Lynette Abbott. Start to consider who you want to nominate! Watch Video

FarmLab gears up for Series A funding round to scale tech globally

Agritech startup, FarmLab is on a mission to help 1 million farmers sequester 1 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2025, with grand plans to scale up technology across Australia, the US and Europe – and now actively seeking investors for its $3 million Series A funding round. Read more ....

Offsetting carbon emissions – what does additionality mean?

For anyone who has spent time looking into offsetting, the concept of additionality comes up time and again. But what is it and why is it such a hot topic? Let’s get down to the basics. Read Blog

Preparing environmental management plans for contaminated land

The aim of this practice note is to guide contaminated land consultants (practitioners) engaged by site owners, and anyone else who is preparing a contaminated land environmental management plan (EMP) See report

Giving (carbon) credit where it’s due

Fusion energy. Electric airplanes. Fertilizer from air. The world of climate tech overflows with mind-bending technologies. But perhaps the most mind-bending of all? The voluntary carbon market. Read Blog

2022 Carbon Farming Industry Forum

Every year the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) hosts the Carbon Farming Industry Forum. The 6th annual Forum will be held on the 1st and 7th of April, 2022. The Forum is the key industry event that provides a platform for stakeholders to gather, consider the latest developments, and progress key actions in CMI’s Carbon Farming Industry Roadmap. View Programme

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