Issue 21: The 16 Types of Marketers
From Serial Marketer: "The Cutting Edge of Marketing”

Anytime I wind up interviewing for a marketing role, the first thing I'm constantly trying to figure out is, "What kind of marketer are you looking for?" Most job descriptions are too vague to answer this properly, and then the hiring manager often has their own opinions that differ from the description.

I wind up asking a lot of questions. Do you need someone who is more about building and strengthening the brand or acquiring new customers? Do you need someone who's spending more time on internal operations or at external functions? Do you need someone who's managed massive teams, or someone who can roll up their sleeves and accomplish as much as possible with limited resources? Do you need someone who's best at relating to the sales team, the product team, prospects, or the press? Do you need someone who's reporting into, managing, or working alongside the sales team? Do you need someone who prefers to spend money judiciously or who prefers to never spend anything at all?

So much of the conversation is trying to understand each other's language. There are quite a few jobs that I've posted in this newsletter where I contacted the hiring company to see if there was a fit for me, found out I wasn't the right type of marketer for them, and then tried to refer the right people =. Some of those conversations went smoothly, usually when the hiring lead knew exactly who or what they were looking for. Some others were painful, either right away because it was so clear we were not speaking the same language, or afterward because the follow-up exchange wound up being completely different from what I thought I heard the first time.

To that end, I started writing this article on the 16 types of marketers. I thought it would be about 10, it grew to 12 quickly, and then organically settled at 16 after some rounds of editing (including some great input from editor Allie Smith). 

I'd love to hear your take on this. It's been a labor of love for too long, and I may do more with it, such as turning it into an e-book or a talk. I'll probably stumble on a few other types along the way. I kept it to a discussion on startup marketers to limit the scope somewhat, but most of these apply to marketers anywhere.

That's what I've been making of myself lately. What are you making of yourself?


PS: Thanks for all the kind notes you sent about my friend Luke Haseloff, whose passing was described in the previous newsletter. Not surprisingly, he touched so many of you in ways I never realized. Given how many people are coming together thanks to him, it's clear that the end of his life is not the end of his life's work. 


Check out The Squeeze, a podcast featuring 4C CEO Lance Neuhauser interviewing the brightest minds in marketing and communications. It’s juicy!

Read the can't-miss article that one commenter called... let me get this quote right... yes, there it is: "McCrap"! I won't harp on the negativity; that was one of the more amusing takedowns I've received, and I've had my share. More gratifying is that two of the first people to comment on the post had worked with me in marketing roles in my early days at iCrossing and Unicast when I barely could describe a single type of marketer.

Fast Company offers a detailed look at Uber's rebrand. My take: it's so thoughtfully done. And so... bland.  I loved reading about the process behind this redesign, such as avoiding an all-caps logo for readability, especially internationally. Font geeks can tell you how unique or not this new branded font really is, but to me, it looks like yet another generic font that I'd find included in Microsoft Office. Maybe the real lesson is that to be a global brand that resonates with everyone, you have to be dull and agreeable enough. Is the idea now that it's no longer worth the effort to be iconic?

This is a fascinating WSJ story - but with questionable spin. The story is mostly positive about the success Domino's had in Russia, where they got too much interest in people tattooing themselves for free pizza for life. But WSJ makes it sound like this campaign went awry. Domino's was clearly monitoring this closely and acting on adapting the rules while still giving hundreds of people free pizza for up to 100 years.

I've known Josh Linkner for years, and I saw this fun post of his pop up in the Detroit Free Press. His first technique involves thinking very big, and then his second involves thinking of something very illegal. Have you tried these, or are there others you like?

Want to include your event below? Just reply with the details.

October 1-4
New York, NY
Come for the advertising, stay for the week. And please let me know if any sessions or events look particularly good. I haven't spent much time coming up with my schedule just yet and could use some good tips.

October 4-5
New York, NY
This event is really several in one, covering music, games, TV & video, and rights tech. I'll be moderating a panel on voice-activated AI for media and entertainment.

October 9
New York, NY
Landmark Ventures puts on some phenomenal events, and this is their tentpole; you can request an invite via the link. I'll be attending (they do let some riffraff in). "Dealmakers Digital is a private forum for advertisers, publishers, and content creators to convene around the next chapter of consumer digital engagement. Leading CMOs, CDOs, and executives across media, sports, entertainment, and e-commerce will come together to collaborate and discuss trends and innovation at the core of the evolving digital engagement landscape."

October 15-19
New York, NY
Kite Hill PR is back with another round of their annual Communications Week. This year's theme is The Workforce of the Future. As always, they have a mix of paid and free events, including the PRSA Tri-State conference, plus some shorter events open to all.

October 30
Hailed as "the largest one-day media event of the year," hot topics include multi-screen marketing, location data, and new media models. Brands and agencies can attend for as little as $150, and I'm looking forward to attending.

CES 2019
January 8-11
I'll probably return for my 13th straight year. Registration is now open. Are you going?


New jobs are listed at the top, and older ones are phased out. Reach out to me if you want introductions or any additional information. And let me know if you have other job postings you'd like to share.

Various roles
Los angeles
Just got this note for any LA friends: I'm looking for a few key hires in LA, including a Social Media Director, Social Media Producer and Ad Manager. If you know anyone, can you send them my way? Job descriptions are here.
I can also connect you with the hiring lead.

PR contractor
New York, NY
Just got this ask from a recruiter: "If you know of any PR folks that are available for onsite work, I have with a Non-Profit in NYC." She added it's contract work, seeking someone with at least 5 years experience. I don't have any details but will gladly send anyone's info to the recruiter.

Head of Product Marketing
New York, NY
Had another good chat with someone who was connected my way. The company is noteworth - - based around NYC. They're looking for a product marketer, one who has experience launching a product and can build and lead a team. They're gearing up for a pretty big launch in January and need the right marketer. Impressive credentials behind them. It's healthcare related - the target is to market to execs at hospitals - but you don't need healthcare expertise. The biggest trick for them is they need both the doer and the manager, so it could be an execution oriented person ready to step up and manage/lead, or more of a manager who wants to go back to rolling up sleeves.

Lots of roles
New York, San Francisco, many other global cities
As a friend in Serial Marketers noted, "MightyHive is growing like CRAZY -- we have a ton of openings globally." From their site: "MightyHive is a Programmatic Solutions Partner for forward-thinking marketers and agencies. As one of the largest and fastest-growing programmatic buyers in the world, we know how to navigate the system for top brands and agencies. "

VP Marketing
Cambridge, MA
This is a tremendous role for the right person, whether based near Cambridge or willing to relocate: "The Vice President of Marketing will lead and deliver break-through marketing strategies to propel the company to a new level of brand awareness, perception, and market penetration. He/she must be a collaborative team player who can help build upon the value of the existing reputation of Wistia and have a passion and appreciation for video. He/she must be creative, dynamic, engaging, curious, thoughtful, team player."
Contact me for the job description and recruiter information

Indianapolis, IN
They are looking for someone based in Indianapolis or who can relocate or commute: "Viral Launch is recognized as the go-to Amazon seller growth platform. They are the recognized leader in their space. The company’s software tools, creative services and consulting services have launched 30,000 products, grew 8000 products and tracked 77 M products...  We are targeting a strategic CMO to lead all Branding, Demand Generation, Digital, Product and Marcom areas. A business partner first, we are targeting a CMO leader that can help innovate and broaden the brand."
Contact me for the job description and recruiter information

Head of Marketing
New York, NY
Into meditation and wellness? Well, sell and market the heck out of it. They compare themselves to the Peloton for Meditation. From the description: "We’re seeking someone to lead our marketing efforts across the company. You will bring Journey to life through all touchpoints - online and off, including experiential. You will engage new B2B customers, help create incredible experiences for our users, and support our work to build a product that scales."

Chief Marketing Officer
Boulder, CO
Sphero is the industry leader in Connected Play with the mission to inspire the creators of tomorrow through technology. They create robots and connected products that are fun, programmable and offer infinite possibilities to learn.
Sphero is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to inspire and build their brand identity, influence key product decisions, guide retail and online sales strategy, and build Sphero’s young brand to be the definitive leader in STEAM-based education at home and in schools.
Let me know if you're interested, and I will refer you to the hiring team

Account Executive
Sales Development Rep
New York, NY
I saw a demo from at adtech connect and was impressed. I recently met with the founder, and he has a couple key roles open with more to come. Let me know if you want an intro. Mish Guru is a full-service storytelling suite for Snapchat and Instagram Stories that scales a brand’s content team, quickly.


Here's are requests people posted lately in Serial Marketers. Even if you don't join the Slack group, email me recommendations, and I will get them to the right people.

SS: Does anyone have a contact to Mari Smith, the Facebook guru? I'd love to get in touch with her for a  project I'm working on.

VM: I'm looking for *examples of best in class digital marketing for B2Bs.* So far, I have good examples for professional services and platforms/SaaS. My thinking is that the experience involves an integrated content to lead process, mobile, and/or a strong e-commerce component. It's been interesting to see how much some of the market has closed the gap with B2C on digital marketing... even when unevenly distributed. 

SL: Hi all - my uncle has a pretty established law firm in LA and needs to get a full makeover done on his website.  If anyone is interested or wants to refer someone, please ping me.


Thanks again to 4C Insights for their support of this newsletter and of serial marketers everywhere. 

David Berkowitz, editor


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PS: Thank you so much for reading this.

PS 2: Luke, we miss you.

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