Issue 42: Life, the Universe, and SXSW
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And now, a South by Southwest slow jam...

It's near the end of my 11th tour of South by Southwest (SXSW), as I write this after 1am the Wednesday I'm due to depart.

The show this year is thick with memories. It's so hard to walk down each block and avenue without remembering the previous years hidden in the mist here as the fog descends on Austin.

Each block or so, another memory resurfaces: a party, a meeting, a session, a chance encounter, a reunion, a diversion, a meal. It's a festival of ghosts. 

It's hardly all ghosts though. There's more energy blooming again here, people thirsty for knowledge and conversation. This may be the first year of SXSW since Twitter's launch made it a marketers' Mecca that people weren't quite as obsessed with their phones. It was far more common to pause and engage in conversation. Phones rang and vibrated, and whenever possible, people let them be. 

If this is possible here, then it is possible anywhere. We can pause and get to know those in front of us. We don't always have to be on the move to what's next. For any meeting that was canceled, I wound up relieved to be able to spend time where I was with who was around me.

This was particularly evident at the Serial Marketers meetup Monday morning. Over breakfast tacos and Voodoo doughnuts, about a dozen of us sat in our bank of couches in the Hyatt Regency getting to meet people who were part of our humble Slack community, with most enjoying the chance to see each other's faces for the first time. Other future members joined as well. Almost all of us wound up late to wherever we planned on going next, if not skipping some plans altogether. The one hour that was allocated stretched to more than four hours of conversation.

While at SXSW, I took a motorized scooter ride for the first time, opting for the Lyft version, as I use that ride-hailing app the most. My balance and coordination are not my strong suits, but I was determined to get the hang of it. I practiced first on a nearly deserted street and soon built up the confidence to ride three miles to the bar east of the interstate where The Drum hosted its programming. I had a few close calls running into pedestrians and shrubbery but survived unscathed.

After the event, I skipped the scooting and walked back downtown (not quite as far though). As I walked, I could appreciate my surroundings more. I could try to discern which shops and restaurants were new since I last passed that way. I could admire the sculptures in front of the public library. I could smell the weeds and weed and homelessness and joggers' sweat. 

There is so much I can't wait to catch up on when I'm back, and I will be in a hurry to add the new LinkedIn connections and schedule follow-up calls and meetings. 

Yet here, this year, I could enjoy the slowest SXSW I've had. 

It's remarkable, isn't it? Perhaps I'm inspired by a talk about linguistics that I heard from Converseon's Rob Key, but "slow" would have sounded terrible in the past. Social listening software analyzing such a line would instantly flag it as negative sentiment. 

Yet now that is shifting. We celebrate slow jams and slow food, and we can slow down our pace to enjoy where we are and who we are with. By next week, I'm sure I will think of SXSW as a blur, but next year, I will still remember the moments that felt slowest. 

That slowness may be what allowed the ghosts to reveal themselves, welcome me back, and celebrate the new ghosts that will join them as my plane takes off for New York.

That's what I've been making of myself as slowly as possible. What have you been making of yourself? Take your time to respond. Go slow.


PS: Did you attend SXSW, or are you following it? What's something you learned? It could relate to a session or person or app or band or film or Austin. Share your thoughts here, and I'll publish them next week.


This is the perfect research to read after SXSW. Arizona researchers discovered that picking a sinful dessert at the start of the meal leads to healthier choices that more then counter the bad dessert effects. I am going to use this study to justify pretty much all my eating choices going forward, regardless of whether it's relevant.

Who burned the aid convoy heading to relieve Venezuela? I heard repeatedly that it was President Maduro's forces in some act of barbarism against his own people. While Maduro may not be a saint, in this case, it turns out the footage was spliced to show the opposite of what really happened. The video at the start of this article is a chilling case study about the spread of misinformation.

Not sure where to begin with Yoga? Try the YogaBot. AI really is everywhere these days. Thanks to Marc Lefton for sharing this one.

Jason Berkowitz (no relation, at least not any century recently) shared this post in Slack about 6 common SEO mistakes he's seen from e-commerce sites. It should be a good primer or refresher.


Want to include your event below? Just reply with the details.

March 19, 7pm
We didn't pull off Grittycon. But we will pull off drinks. Come meet Don, Caroline, and I to celebrate all things Gritty while the Canadiens play the Flyers. Password: Grittycon2019

March 28, 6:30pm
Catalyst is heating things up with their SEO Hot Trends Happy Hour on 3/28 in NYC. Join them for a free evening dedicated to exploring the latest trends & changes in SEO.

April 5
Venice, Italy
The Crowdsourcing Week BOLD Awards, showcasing innovative businesses and individuals, will be a rewarding event for amazing projects, individuals and companies. Apply to attend.

April 10-12
The ANA Media Conference brings together media leaders to galvanize the industry and share actionable insights on the newest ways of connecting with today’s consumers.  Attendees will be able to network with more than 600 marketers to gain firsthand knowledge from those facing similar challenges. Speakers will cover the industry’s most critical topics including media agency reviews, e-commerce, voice/audio, GDPR, programmatic, transparency, data, owned media, in-house agencies, digital media, and more.  The agenda includes CMOs and Heads of Media from Procter & Gamble, The Hershey Company, JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, Wayfair, GlaxoSmithKline, IHOP, Mars, Johnson & Johnson and more!  This conference was sold out ast year so register and reserve your seat.


Reach out to me if you want introductions or any additional information. And let me know if you have other job postings you'd like to share.

Via Marc Blumberg in Slack: "5 open positions to fill here at Sellics, the leading all in one Amazon software, across sales and marketing." I can connect you with him, or DM him if you're in the Slack group.

Director, Revenue Generation
Director, Product Marketing
Botify is hiring a lot in marketing roles thanks to their new CMO, who just shared these in the Slack group. If you want an intro, let me know (or if you are part of Serial Marketers, you can find her posts and reach her directly). About Botify: "There are approximately 80,000 queries done every second on search engines. But more than 50% of pages on enterprise websites are not showing up at all in organic search results. That’s a ton of missed opportunity! Enter Botify. We are building the new standard in enterprise search marketing."

Demand Generation Marketing Manager
I met this company when they were launching and loved what they've been doing in the event space. This role could be more director-level for the right candidate. It was posted in Slack if you're in there, and I can connect you with the hiring lead. "SummitSync is the first Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) that helps B2B companies across the entire event arc - pre-show, real-time and post event analytics. We help companies drive more meetings and track the ROI across every event, year-over-year."

Senior Art Director
The A Team, is looking for a talented SENIOR ART DIRECTOR to join our NYC team.
Specific Job Requirements:
•    Responsible for the execution and on-time delivery of high quality creative materials.
•    Confers with the Creative Director and Account team to determine objectives, budget, background information, and presentation approaches, styles, and techniques.
•    Responsible for managing creative projects from inception to final release
•    Responsible finalizing the creation of all print/digital visual design, including typography, visual concept and logo design
Contact: Owen Boland - oboland (at)

Director of Marketing
Here's the listing, and I'm in touch with someone there (who's very active in the Slack group) if you need an intro. "MightyHive is helping brands and marketers make sense of a digital media and advertising landscape undergoing a tectonic shift. MightyHive needs a Director of Marketing to help tell our side of the story and help decision-makers understand what we have to offer and why it’s important. Our message needs to be compelling and accessible, and our content, stories, and materials need to reach our audience wherever we have an opportunity to capture attention—in boardrooms, on sales calls, in the press, at conferences & events, via social media, or via organic research."

Senior Manager, Performance Marketing & Analytics
A lead via a member of the Slack group: "Responsible for end-to-end project management of social media amplification and performance marketing for our influencer marketing and branded content business. This is a mid-level role with an emphasis on campaign management, reporting and performance analytics."

Content Manager
Via E.B. in Slack: This is a fun, fast-paced environment. Position includes client-facing opportunities. Must be strategic thinker with excellent writing, editing and organizational chops as well as deep understanding of this industry/terminology/issues and obstacles faced by both agencies and marketers.
Basic deliverables include:
1)    Manage proofreader and also help edit high volume of articles on media, marketing and advertising
2)    Support the publishing process between MediaVillage, our member partners, columnists and Head of Content Strategy
3)    Help build and manage multiple Editorial Calendars
4)    Ensure all publishing is on schedule/coordinate details internally and with clients
5)    Review all initial social media posts for accuracy and style
6)     Work with journalists to schedule interviews and participate in the approval process with clients
7)    Train to upload member content to CMS, and be a resource for miscellaneous publishing support
More details to the right potential candidates. EOE!
Please email me at Insites @

Executive Administrator
Sales Development Manager
Marketing Coordinator
The Digital Place-based Ad Association is a fantastic group that I've had the pleasure of being involved with. They're looking to expand their New York team with a few roles. See the descriptions, and let me know if you want me to refer you their way. About them: "With over 130-member companies, DPAA represents the thriving Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) media sector to brands and agencies through thought leadership, events, marketing initiatives, etc. We create a community for our members to network, learn from each other, do business with each other, while working together on industry solutions."

SEM Specialist
From my friends at DidIt: "The Senior SEM Specialist is responsible for the execution of campaign management projects and responsible for implementation tasks across the team’s client roster. No independent agency has the heritage and expertise in SEM that Didit does; with 20 years in SEM and 23 years in SEO. Come grow with us." If you want an intro, let me know.

Enterprise Account Exec
Here's another I can give a friendly intro to: "Asana is a leader in the Collaboration Work Management space touting over 50k paying customers in 194 countries as well as strong penetration of the Fortune 500.  After carefully building the Enterprise Sales segment, Asana is ready to scale that business pillar. As a member of our growing Revenue group, you will be instrumental in defining, testing, and growing a sales model that balances bottoms-up scale with top-down positioning.


David Berkowitz, publisher


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