Issue 69: A Resolution for More New Years
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In a city like New York, it’s common enough to hear people wishing each other “Happy New Year” this week.

If your name ends in -witz, -stein, -berg, or other such suffixes, you might have people wishing you “Happy New Year” even if you aren’t Jewish. If you’re a doctor or accountant, chalk it up to an occupational hazard. It can still be considered a geographical hazard in a major city, or a marital hazard if you adopted another’s name.

This is the week of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year (literally “Head of the Year”), but even that can be considered a misnomer. There are actually four Jewish New Years.

The most widely known and celebrated is this fall holiday marking the start of the civil year. It's a big one, but it technically is in the seventh month of the calendar; the head of the year is not the start of the calendar year. And you wonder why so many Jews become lawyers. 

Another new year starts two weeks before the Passover holiday (around Easter) as the spring redemption holiday. This one is the start of the calendar year. Redemption comes first; repentance comes later. 

There’s also a new year for trees that falls around the middle of the Northern Hemisphere's winter. Finally, the least-known falls a month before Rosh Hashanah and is the new year for animal tithes; I never had to tithe my guppies or hamsters, so I had to look up what that was all about.

Even if practicing Jews might celebrate Rosh Hashanah and not think much about the others, it’s a treat to have an extra new year or two on the calendar. For Jews, that might entail celebrating a few days as new year holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah and Passover, but potentially also January 1 and one’s birthday.

But of course, this doesn’t need to be a Jewish thing. Other holidays could feel enough like a new year depending on how they’re celebrated, such as Eid, Easter, or Holi. 

There doesn’t need to be a religious component. Americans, for instance, might include days like July 4, Labor Day (with its back-to-work and back-to-school themes), or Thanksgiving in the mix. The first day of spring could be a good one for those who prefer to keep it secular and need a bonus new year in the first half of the year.

When I was talking to some people last week who were going through a rough patch, I said to them, “A new year is coming.” It didn’t matter if they were Jewish, and I wasn’t seeking converts. It was just a good excuse for them to give themselves a clean slate, take a breath, step back from everything that was consuming them day-to-day, and start fresh. If they could get a three- or four-day weekend in the process, all the better, but even a day of disconnection and reflection over the weekend would do them some good with the idea that when they got moving again, it would be a new year.

Most everyone is dealing with something in their lives personally or professionally, mentally or physically, intellectually or spiritually, objectively or subjectively where we can use an extra new year. Maybe we can learn from some of our ancestors and put extra new years on the calendar.

Treat an existing holiday as a new year, or come up with a new one. Maybe pick the birthday of your first relative or ancestor who immigrated to your country. Pick March 14 if you're a math wonk, or pick May 4 if your vehicle made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. Pick anything.

It’s a new year, at least for millions of people this week. To any such people reading this, Happy New Year. To anyone who’s adopting this week as a bonus new year, Happy New Year to you too. And if this isn’t a new year for you but you’re picking another day or week for such an occasion, let me know, and I’ll greet you then accordingly.

So that’s what I’m making of myself – I’m making the most of an opportunity to have at least one other new year, and three or four could work even better. What are you making of yourself?


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Thanks to those who said they enjoyed the limericks last week. They will likely return in future issues, but we'll play it straight again... for now.

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Client Strategy Consultant
Via Sharon in Slack, here's the overview: "You genuinely enjoy solving client problems and helping teams succeed. Asking critical strategic questions to keep people focused on client goals and achieving stellar outcomes is your jam. You’re also an excellent example to others in the collective when it comes to living your own story while growing your career with Apiary."

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Via a friend in the Slack group: The Sr Product Marketing Manager, Marketing Solutions will play a critical role developing the go-to-market strategy for the business, including amassing competitive intelligence, developing solution-specific strategies and building integrated execution plans.  The Sr Product Marketing Manager is a critical cross-functional role, serving as a strategic driver and partner to the product, sales and marketing teams, responsible for the overarching strategy to meet the business objectives of Neustar Marketing Solutions.

Director of People & Operations
Have you seen someone live-sketch a conference session on a giant board? If they were amazing, they were probably with ImageThink. Now, you can join their team. This is also one of the best job descriptions I've read in its attention to detail, and the illustrations don't hurt either.  

VP Marketing
Lebanon NH, Boston MA, Fredericton NB Canada
A friend of mine joined Appcast in the UK and absolutely loves it. They want the best of the best for this one in either of the three cities listed. "Appcast is seeking an effective, analytical, and creative leader to scale and enhance our marketing function as we enter a period of hyper growth."


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