Issue 28: All Hail the Brand Dinosaurs
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A couple months ago, I received an email from someone who took over another editor's role and wanted to confirm that I was still interested in publishing an article I had previously sent over.

I read the article. I vaguely remembered writing it a long time ago. 

And then I kept looking it over. It was so strange on so many levels. It was about my time at MRY. Which I left in 2016.

But it was actually about the start of my experience running marketing at MRY. That was the summer of 2013.

Somehow this article I penned in 2013 resurfaced for the new editor as she reviewed submissions. She was as surprised as I was to learn the date that I wrote it. She even welcomed me polishing it up and adapting it, but it was written for another time and place. It didn't make sense anymore.

We exchanged a few more notes, and I told her I'd come up with a few new ideas. I had one idea initially that went nowhere, so I scrapped it. This was for CMO Council's journal, Marketing Magnified, and I wanted to be proud of whatever I submitted. 

My new submission is personally one of my favorite pieces I've written in awhile, "All Hail the Brand Dinosaurs." It takes the negative business connotations of the term "dinosaur" and turns them into positive associations. And even though my four-year-old daughter would be aghast, it even knocks "unicorns" off their pedestals. Sorry, kid. (She likes dinosaurs too though, so maybe I'll be okay.)

Few doors shut entirely. Relationships are formed and reformed when least expected. Opportunities resurface. And like dinosaurs, they often evolve into something unexpected. 

Dinosaurs proved to be masters at long-term adaptation. They were around for 170 million years, give or take a few. We're at around the 300,000-year mark, and many of us expect the dolphins or crows or cockroaches to take over any day now. There's so much we can learn from dinosaurs.

That's what I've been making of myself lately. What about you - what have you been making of yourself? 



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I'm a big fan of Chris Voss and his book "Never Split the Difference." His newsletter is a perfect supplement (and free). Their recent blog post has a slew of useful tips for how to make sure your email is read in a way that you want it to be read so that you get a response while respecting the recipient's emotional state. I'm about to try one of the subject line tips on someone who went dark on me, so I'll see how well this works in practice.

I have the closing quote in this one, and a negative one at that. Are you an Apple Watch fan or detractor? This is a great history of the device, even if I don't think it changed the world all that much.

This is one of those crazy stories about using our own psychology against us. People hate waiting for bags, so they complain a lot. What should an airline do? Make people spend more time walking to baggage claim. It's a bit reminiscent of the Peak-End Rule, where people remember the most salient part of the experience and the end of it, but not how long it is, so you can put people through more pain for a longer duration if you don't cause as much pain and end the experience slightly better. Once again, I'm convinced the dolphins are ready to take over.

I worked with Leo Morejon, founder of Build & Inspire, at 360i where he led a lot of the Oreo work, and then at Sysomos where he was the master strategist. I even hired him for a project when I was at Storyhunter. Now he launched a podcast, and I guess because I was free that day, he had me as his first guest. Follow Leo and check out his work; if you hear enough from me already, be sure to check out his upcoming editions. He's a fantastic interviewer and conversationalist.  EVENTS

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November 11-13
Half Moon Bay, CA
This is an excellent event series; I went last year, and their lineup is full of memorable speakers. Everyone in the room has some impressive background and story. Request an invite via the link. "This November please join us for a probing, wide-ranging conversation about the tech-inflected issues that affect business and our world. Techonomy’s breadth is unlike other “tech” conferences. This year’s theme is Harnessing Tech for Responsible Growth, and as always we will address many of the issues facing leaders today."

December 1
Los Angeles, CA
I love Tameka's work, and this should be a great addition to LA's event calendar: The In.flux Reality Mixer is a pop-up innovation lounge, blending TED-style talks with immersive technology demos and a digital art installation. Speakers and attendees from across advertising, VR/AR/AI, academia and entertainment will gather to learn, network and get creatively inspired. It's the first of a series of events produced by long-time conference programmer Tameka Kee (eMarketer, Digital Summit, ad:tech, etc.) who is offering Serial Marketer readers a special discount (use code SERIAL for 20% off). 

CES 2019
January 8-11
I'll probably return for my 13th straight year. Registration is now open. Are you going? I'm already making plans with 4C's Aaron Goldman to eat Cinnabon in the Vegas airport again - but none of those mini-bons. Full-size 'bons are for closers!


New jobs are listed at the top, and older ones are phased out. Reach out to me if you want introductions or any additional information. And let me know if you have other job postings you'd like to share.

Data Journalist
We are looking for data journalists to join our content team to produce thoughtful and inspired data-driven stories and analysis. The perfect applicant would be a motivated team member, passionate about data and about telling stories that typical journalists don’t have the depth or insight or discipline or courage to tell. We will use information graphics to accompany our audio narrative and visually capture our business insights.
Examples of the type of work we are looking for can be found here. Target: 1-3 years of experience in journalism, with collegiate studies in applied statistics. Section4 is a new business media company that delivers data-driven journalism and insight via video and audio. 
Send resume and portfolio link to Kenn Peters, kenn (at)

VP Sales
They are hiring a VP Sales, along with others like an Event Marketing Manager. I can connect you with them, or check the link here and the rest of their jobs if interested. "In the newly created role as Clarifai’s Vice President of Sales, you will report to the CEO and provide sales leadership to grow repeatable commercial revenue through the sale of Clarifai’s API, Mobile SDK and on-premise solutions for our enterprise customers. You will also develop a scalable approach to growing the sales team including recruiting, training, and managing a team of exceptional account executives and sales development representatives."

Marketing Manager
New York, NY
Paxos' mission is to modernize finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet. Today, as the first regulated Trust company with blockchain expertise, Paxos is uniquely positioned to mobilize and custody these assets digitally. We are looking for a Marketing Manager to help execute our marketing initiatives across the whole company. This is a role that influences not only our products and businesses, but also our employer brand and our culture within the organization as well. As a high-growth tech company that is solving very unique and challenging problems around mobilization and settlement of assets, this is an opportunity spread our mission externally through marketing initiatives."


Here's are requests people posted lately in Serial Marketers or otherwise sent to me. Even if you don't join the Slack group, email me recommendations, and I will get them to the right people.

GN: I’m looking for anyone with a verified IG or 10k+ followers to help me test out a brand new market research tool.  If you fit the bill, would love to chat!


Eli Mandelbaum has a new podcast featuring Steven Glanz, the former CEO and Co-Founder of Crosswise who sold his company to Oracle. Podcast fans, check it out; Eli would love any feedback.

An exciting development via community member Marc Goldberg: In partnership with Jeff Jarvis, they're aggregating signals of quality about news sites from many sources. The goal is to make the signals more useful and help both advertisers and platforms on decisions and ultimately help reward good journalism.  

Bayer will partner with MightyHive to in-source its digital and programmatic media planning, buying, execution, strategy and analytics as well as search over the next two years. MightyHive will handle execution for the first year and phase out during 2020, Josh Palau, VP of digital strategy and platforms at Bayer, said during a presentation last week at Programmatic IO New York.


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