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News to Move You. October 2018

Safety Focused Signal Changes

Last month the Traffic Signals Team in Public Works made Vision Zero based changes to the intersections of Terry and Royal and Terry and Barger. The intersection of Terry and Royal is on the outer edge of the City’s boundary, with a school on one corner and some bad driver behavior during the school drop-off rush in the mornings. To help remedy the problem the traffic signals for the left turns were changed so that all the left turns have Green Arrows and Flashing Yellow Arrows. This allowed a change to the signal timing so that people making left turns cannot go at the same time that people are using the crosswalks. It also gives people walking a 3 second head start (called a Leading Pedestrian Interval, or LPI). These changes helped make the intersection much safer for everyone, including kids that walk and bike to school, their parents, people walking or rolling with disabilities, and people driving.  

The intersection of Barger and Terry needed the same type of treatment. Although Barger had the Flashing Yellow Arrow there were not enough gaps to actually use it. To fix the same Green Arrow and Flashing Yellow Arrow were added to all left turns and the signal timing was changed to reflect that.

After the installation the changes were analyzed and the Traffic Signal team approved the changes. The intersections are much safer and seem to run better now that people driving don’t have to worry about finding gaps during the Flashing Yellow Arrows.

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DLC Kickoff Party
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Bike School!
UO Bike Program Open House
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Campbell Bike Group
Adaptive Bikes for All
Walk n Talkers
Greater Eugene Area Riders
EPD Bike Registration
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Oregon Drive Less Challenge: Oct. 1-15

It’s here! The 2018 Oregon Drive Less Challenge kicks off Oct. 1 and runs for 15-days through Oct. 15. Tap into smart sustainable travel options that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and be more green on the go. Taking fewer solo car trips each week helps cut carbon emissions, fossil fuel use and air pollution. Win weekly and grand prizes including:
  • $1,000 Bike Friday Folding Bike Gift Card
  • $500 cash cards
  • $200 Airbnb Gift Card
  • $100 Black Star Bag Gift Cards
  • $100 Columbia Sportswear Gift Card
  • $20 Dutch Bros. Coffee Gift Cards
  • Dakine and TREW backpacks, Hydro Flasks, and more!
  • Over $6,000 in local prizes for Lane County participants!
Challenge yourself to drive less—every trip counts! Learn more and sign up at
Bridge of the Month

The Owosso Bridge

The Owosso Bike Bridge was the fourth of the five pedestrian and bicycle bridges to be built across the Willamette River in Eugene.  The 490-foot bridge opened to the public in 1985.  The bridge is an important transportation crossing for people walking and biking to get from the East Bank and West Bank sections of the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path system.  It is located near Owosso Drive on the west side of the Willamette River and just north of Marist High School on the east side.
Like the Knickerbocker, Frohnmayer, and Greenway bike bridges, the Owosso Bridge was a multi-agency funded project to provide a transportation facility on top of the bridge with utility company pipes underneath.  Four agencies shared the cost based on the ratio of the cost each party would have incurred for separate facilities; the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (42%), Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company (6.5%), City of Eugene/Lane County (48.5%), and the Eugene Water and Electric Board (3%).  Hannan Bros. Construction, Inc. was the low bidder at $854,637.
Articles and videos about more of Eugene’s bicycle system history is located on this web page:
Community News

Find Sasquatch and win a prize!

Sasquatch stories are legendary--ordinary people claiming they saw a hairy, apelike creature deep in the Pacific Northwest woods. There have been 245 reported sightings in Oregon alone.
Now all of Eugene can join in the mystery! PeaceHealth Rides, Eugene’s bike share system, released a special Sasquatch-themed bike into the wild.
Last spring, PeaceHealth Rides partnered with the University of Oregon School of Art + Design to develop a distinct design that reflected Eugene’s community, bike culture, or health and wellness themes. The winning design was the brainchild of students, Eric Wilks and Alison Parker. The students collaborated with local designer Laura Walker of G. Liza Design to further refine their work.
In the coming months, riders can win a prize if they track down the Sasquatch bike, take a photo with it and post on social media with the hashtag #IFoundSasquatch. They just need to show their social post--with hashtag—to a staff member at one of Travel Lane County’s visitor centers: 754 Olive St. in downtown Eugene or 3312 Gateway St. in Springfield.
Additionally, anyone posting on social media with the #IFoundSasquatch hashtag will be entered into a random drawing for a one-year pass to PeaceHealth Rides. Whether you’re a Bigfoot believer or skeptic, you’ll have fun pedaling around town in search of the illusive Sasquatch bike!

Sunday Streets Wraps Up for the Year

Sunday, September 23rd marked the second and final installment of Eugene Sunday Streets for 2018. It was the first time Sunday Streets visited west Eugene and it proved to be a popular location.

More than 2,500 people came to the free, four-hour event in the Churchill area. The route stretched from McCornack Elementary School to the new EmX corridor off West 11th Avenue. People played and learned about active transportation at all of the three activity centers. If you participated in this most recent Sunday Streets we'd love your feedback! Please fill out our online survey.

An estimated 11,100 people came to the Sunday Streets in downtown Eugene in July. Combined, the two events nearly reached 13,600 people. City staff will meet over the coming weeks to talk about what worked well and what could be improved upon for the popular summer events. Later in the year staff will choose the dates and locations for next year’s events.

If you volunteered or helped with the event in any way make sure you come to our Thank You Party on October 3rd!

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Eugene-Springfield is Here!

Do you remember your first bike?
Unfortunately, there are thousands of kids in our community who may never get that opportunity.
Who We Are
FB4K Eugene-Springfield is a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. 
What We Do
The public donates gently used bikes, we organize hundreds of volunteers to clean and refurbish them, and then we give them away to kids in need in our local Eugene-Springfield community.

How it Works

  1. Bike Collection Day. On Saturday, October 6th from 9AM-1PM, donated bikes will be collected at every Bi-Mart store throughout Eugene and Springfield. A handful of panel trucks will circulate on routes throughout this time picking up bikes and delivering to the temporary warehouse space for storage and refurbishing. 
  2. Refurbishment. Over the next 2 months (October and November) the bikes are cleaned and refurbished with needed parts and tuning (new chains, cables, tubes, etc.) and given a final inspection by certified bike mechanics. 
  3. Allocation to Kids. FB4K seeks out children most in need of a bicycle by partnering with Benefiting Partner Organizations for distribution of bikes to families.This model helps to ensure that the bikes are reaching the most vulnerable population in our community.
  4. Giveaway Day. On December 8th, Giveaway Day, the kids will get to pick their new bike and new bike helmet and will be given basic bike safety instruction.

Hundreds of bikes will turn into hundreds of smiles.

How you can help:

  1. Donate a gently used bike on October 6th from 9AM-1PM at any Eugene-Springfield Bi-Mart store
  2. Spread the word about FB4K Bike Collection Day (Oct. 6) to your family, friends and colleagues by sharing this email and following FB4K Eugene-Springfield on Facebook

Volunteer to help on Collection Day or throughout the 60 days following as we clean and refurbish the bikes.

It is going to take hundreds of volunteers to keep the wheels turning here at FB4K this season. No bike experience required! Opportunities include:

  • Bike Collection Day (October 6, 2018): Opportunities include collection site volunteers, movers, bike triage, and truck driving. Click here to learn more and sign up or contact Allison at  
  • Bike Cleaning and Refurbishing (October-November, 2018): Once the bikes are collected, the next step is to get them cleaned and refurbished so they are ready for donation to kids in our community. 
    • We LOVE volunteer groups! Is your company, club or team interested in a FUN volunteer opportunity? Email us to coordinate a group volunteer opportunity.

Check our website soon for upcoming volunteer opportunities 

(A New) Way To Go!

Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing network, provides a wide variety of vehicles to its members by the hour and the day. Zipcars in Eugene are located around the University of Oregon, in downtown Eugene and at the Amtrak station.

Your Zipcar membership gives you all the advantages of driving—without the hassle of owning a car. Every reservation comes with gas, insurance, maintenance, and a parking spot. Plus, each Zipcar takes up to 13 personally owned cars off the road, leading to cleaner, greener cities.

Join Zipcar at, reserve online or via app, then get driving! Enter the promo code “InMotionOregon2018” for 50% off your first-year annual fee and $25 of free driving credit. Join today!

Back To School = Time To Register

School is back in session and those bike thieves are looking for easy targets!  Outsmart all those thieves and use a U-lock as your primary lock and cable lock as a secondary to secure the front wheel!  Replacing quick release parts with locking skewers and removing easily removable items from your bike is also a good idea.  Park in well-lit/high traffic locations and never leave your bicycle out overnight!
Registering your bicycle can greatly increase your chances of recovering it, if it is stolen.  You can register your bike for free with EPD (if you are a resident of the incorporated area of Eugene).
University of Oregon students should register their bicycle with the U of O Department of Parking & Transportation. Registration with them is required for all bikes on campus.
For all others, various National bike registries are available, such as or Project 529 (who merged with National Bike Registry).  Like EPD & U of O, they're free, convenient and easy to use.  Only one registration per bicycle is necessary, so there is no need to register with EPD if you already registered your bike with U of O or a National registry.
To report stolen bicycles 24 hours a day (which should be done immediately), call 911 if the crime is in progress, call EPD Non-emergency at 541-682-5111, or go online to report it.

Stay in the Know

Amazon Active Transportation Corridor Construction to Begin

Project Overview
Beginning in early October, the City of Eugene will construct a series of walking and biking projects along East Amazon Drive and Hilyard Street in south Eugene.

Project Components
Fall 2018

  • Construction of a two-way protected bike lane on the west side of East Amazon Drive from Dillard Road to Hilyard Street as part of the “Ridgeline to River Corridor” that will connect the Ridgeline trail system to the Ruth Bascom Riverfront Path system. Building the protected bikeway entails removing parking from E. Amazon Drive.
  • Construction of a bicycle signal to help bike riders get to and from the southeast to northwest corner of Hilyard and E. Amazon Dr./33rd Ave.
  • Extend the buffered bike lane on W. Amazon from Fox Hollow to Snell.
  • Extension of the Amazon Path on the west side of Hilyard Street from 34th Alley south to 36th Place.
Summer 2019
  • Full reconstruction of the soft-surface running trail along both sides of Amazon Creek.
  • Three new walking and biking bridges will be installed across Amazon Creek connecting East and West Amazon Drives.  The bridges will be installed near 37th, 39th, and Dillard Road.  The existing bridge at 39th Avenue will be removed.
To be constructed by 2020
  • A fourth walking and biking bridge will be installed across Amazon Creek connecting East and West Amazon Drives near 39th Avenue.
  • The path along Hilyard Street will be extend to the south end of Tugman Park.

For more information:
Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, (541) 682-5727
Bryan Root, Project Manager, (541) 682-5300
Project web page.

MovingAhead Wants Your Input!

Share your comments by Oct 10
Residents in our region have said that they value safe and accessible transportation to help everyone get around - whether by foot, bike, mobility device, bus, or car. Such a system supports great neighborhoods, a strong community and a healthy local economy.
The City of Eugene and Lane Transit District (LTD) are working with the community to evaluate and plan new features to some of our most important streets. The project, called MovingAhead, is focused on better connecting people to jobs, schools, shopping, recreation, and other activities by considering a range of transportation investments along key corridors to improve safety and livability for everyone. Investments could include many features and range from enhancing existing bus stops and bike/ped access to recommending a new EmX line in one or more corridors.
A significant public comment period is under way for you and others to share your input about what you’d like to see in the future. Your feedback will help the City of Eugene and LTD prioritize transportation investments in five of the region’s busiest corridors over the next 10 years. These corridors include: Coburg Rd., MLK Jr., River Road, Hwy 99, and 30th Ave. to LCC. Please take the online open house survey at by October 10. 

LTD Loves Seniors!

Are you 65 or better? Ride LTD for FREE! Get your Honored Rider card today at the LTD Customer Service Center. You just fill out the application, get your picture taken, and get your own card. The card is free to obtain from now through December 31, 2018, and is good for five years of free rides! Beginning January 1, 2019, the card will cost $3; still a bargain!

Do you have public meeting fatigue? Are there too many things competing for your time? Do you still want to be involved in making our community a great place to live?
Making it Happen is a one-stop-shop project fair sponsored by City of Eugene Planning Division to share information and encourage the community’s involvement in over ten planning projects currently underway.
Stop by the Downtown Library anytime between 4 and 7 pm on Wednesday, October 10, and learn about how the City is implementing Envision Eugene, our community’s collective vision.
Projects featured at Making It Happen include:

  • MovingAhead
  • River Road & Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan
  • River Road Transit Corridor Plan
  •  Urban Reserves Planning
  •  Growth Monitoring Program
  • Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan
  • Clear & Objective Housing Approval Criteria Update
  • Housing Tools & Strategies
  •  Neighborhood Planning Guidelines
  • Clear Lake Development Strategy
  • Urban Design Showcase
  • Historic Preservation

Come after work or bring the family. There will be interactive activities, and project staff will be available to answer questions and provide additional information. Complete a Project Passport by visiting project booths, and be entered into a drawing to win great prizes!
For more information, download the event flyer, or call 541-682-5461.
Event Details: Making it Happen! Planning Division Project Fair. Wednesday, October 10, drop in anytime between 4:00 and 7:00 pm at the Downtown Library, 100 W. 10th Ave., 1st Floor Bascom-Tykeson Room.

Downtown Riverfront Park Survey

There is a third and final survey to complete for the Downtown Riverfront Park project. The parks team is eager to hear what you think about the refined vision for this legacy project. They particularly want to know if they hit the mark in designing a project that is responsive to what they've heard from the community. Take a look at the survey and let them know what you like and if there are opportunities for further refinement in any area you care about!

Statewide Committee Seeks Member at-large

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (OBPAC) is currently seeking a new public member at-large to advise ODOT on bicycle and pedestrian issues across the state. OBPAC invites members of diverse communities to join our committee as we endeavor to best serve Oregonians from all backgrounds who walk, ride and roll for transportation and recreation. The committee also encourages individuals with an interest or background in public health to apply.
The Oregon Bicycle Committee was first formed by Oregon Statute 366.112, a bill passed in the 1973 Oregon Legislature. In 1995, the Oregon Transportation Commission officially recognized the committee’s additional role in pedestrian issues, and the group became the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The eight-member committee, appointed by the governor, acts as a liaison between the public and ODOT. It advises ODOT in the regulation of bicycle and pedestrian traffic and the establishment of bikeways and walkways. Members serve four-year terms. 

As a member of the committee, you help inform policy and investment decisions to implement the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan and improve conditions for walking and biking throughout the state. The committee meets up to six times per year. Meeting locations are primarily in Salem or Portland, with one or two overnight travel meetings hosted in other parts of the state each year. Travel expenses are reimbursed.
Throughout the year, the committee gathers input from residents, officials and ODOT staff as it considers bicycle and pedestrian transportation-related issues. Upcoming work items include input on the new Safe Routes to School program, statewide plan implementation, urban design guidance updates, and the department’s intermodal policies. OBPAC’s work plan and other background materials are available on the committee’s website: 
TO APPLY: Complete and submit an Interest Form, available at:
For questions about the appointment process, contact: Kristina Rice-Whitlow, Boards & Commissions Manager,, 503-378-6829. 
For questions about the committee, contact Jessica Horning, ODOT Pedestrian & Bicycle Program Manager, (503) 986-3555,

Updates from ODOT

Be in the Know
Interstate 105 (Washington/Jefferson Street Bridge) bridge repair project
This project will have several different work areas. I-105 bridges and ramps between Delta Highway and downtown Eugene will be brought up to current standards. The bridges were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s and need repair and upgrades. Work will include new guardrail, deck paving, seismic retrofits, joint replacements, and other repairs.
Beginning in mid-to late October, work will occur day and night, and it will be noisy at times. Lane closures and detours will be limited as much as possible, but will be necessary.  With the closures and increased congestion it's a great time to give active transportation options a try and avoid the mess altogether. The multiuse paths on both sides of the Willamette River will remain open and protected from construction. Work will be completed in mid-January 2021.
Both Highway 126 and Beltline have construction projects happening too so please check and sign up for regular email updates to keep you in the know.  It's a good time to consider adjusting your route, your time, or trying a new way of getting where you are going – that’s where Lane Transit District’s Point2point can help.
Community Calendar

UO Bike Appreciation Day
Date:  Wednesday, October 3rd
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm
Location: Chapman Lawn opposite Lillis 
Learn about the Bike Program and Do-It-Yourself Work Space for bikes in the EMU. We have resources for helping you be a happy and safe Eugene biker including bike rides, maintenance classes, and tools galore!  We will have treats, bike repairs, and more!
Volunteer Thank You Party & Fashion Show
Date: Wednesday, October 3rd
Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Location: Kesey Square
This is a special THANK YOU party for all our volunteers, sponsors and staff who helped make our season of Sunday Streets, Smartrips, Breakfast at the Bike Bridges, and Party in the Parks a success. If you attended these events and would like to join in, you are welcome too. 
This is also a special goodbye to two of our amazing long-standing coordinators- Lee Miller and Emily Farthing . Emily, our Sunday Streets Coordinator, has taken a Director position at Nova Era Vidigal Coliving - Coworking - Bar in Rio de Janeiro and will be leaving for Brazil, and a bike trip on her Bike Friday through Central America shortly after this party. Lee, our SmartTrips Coordinator, will also be embarking after this event to cycle through the U.S. and potentially South America as well. Epic bike adventures await!
We will celebrate with free pizza, a Winter Wear Bike Gear Fashion Show, a live DJ, and raffle prizes. Bring a friend and come have some fun at our last hoorah of the season!

Bike School!
This six-session course will teach you to repair and maintain a standard road, mountain, mountain, or commuter bike. Featuring instruction from Bike Program Mechanic Sam Miller!
These classes are on Mondays weeks 3-8 from 6pm-8pm for $65.
Sign-up and pay to reserve a spot at the Bike Program EMU in Room 008.
UO Bike Program Open House
Date: Thursday, October 4th
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Location: EMU Bike and Outdoor Program, Room 008
Check out our Do-It-Yourself Workspace and learn about our maintenance classes, tool selection, and rentals. Chat with the Bike Program staff and meet new people who also dig bikes. There will also be food! See you there!

UO Transportation Day
Date: Monday, October 8th
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: Chapman Lawn
Screen print a t-shirt, register your bike, learn about transportation options on campus and in the Eugene community, and get help planning your route to school or work.
Free bike repairs, t-shirts, reflective stickers, and swag!

ATC Meeting
Date: Thursday, October 11th
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Atrium Sloat Room 99 W 10th Broadway
Agenda: West Eugene Smart Trips/Sunday Streets Debrief

Webinar:  Ten Years of Safe Routes to School - Where do we go from here?
Date: Wednesday, October 17th
Time: Noon-1:15 p.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th Floor, Lyle Room

Webinar:  Aligning Public Transit & Vision Zero for Better Communities
Date: Tuesday, October 23rd
Time: 10 a.m.-11:15 a.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th Floor, Lyle Room

Webinar:  Making New Mobility Work for Your Community:  Equity, Access, Safety, and Street Design
Date: Thursday, October 25th
Time: 9 a.m.-10:15 a.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th Floor, Lyle Room

Friends of Trees Crew Leader Training!
Thursday, November 1st, 6-8:30pm, RSVP for location. As a leader in one of our most important volunteer roles, you will help teach our volunteers how to plant trees and work together as a team. At our training event you will learn about proper planting techniques, safety protocols, and how to lead volunteers on planting day. During our planting season, we ask that each crew leader commit to guiding small groups of planters at four Saturday morning plantings. We are especially looking for bike team leaders this season!
Learn more at:

Friends of Trees Neighborhood Tree Planting
Saturday, November 3rd, 8:45am-12pm, 12th & Lincoln, Eugene. Join us in planting trees by bike this fall! After a brief welcome, the planting starts promptly at 9:00 am. We will provide coffee, food, gloves and tools, so all you need to do is dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. There will be two bike planting teams that will travel carrying tools and trees by bike trailer. If you have a bike and/or bike trailer we hope you'll join us for our first neighborhood planting of the season!
Learn more at:

See You There!

Campbell Bike Group

Departs rain or shine from Campbell Center (155 High St) for a relaxed in-town ride. Helmet required, weekly attendance is not. Rides are 10-20 miles, depending on who shows up. Call Campbell Center at 541-682-5318 for more information. Wednesdays, 10am

Cycling for All!

The City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation has a variety of adaptive bikes available for any community member in the greater Eugene area. Staff at the Hilyard Community Center provide assessments, fittings, and consultation for adults and children who may need adaptations to standard upright 2-wheeled bikes. Adaptive bikes available include recumbents, trikes, hand cycles, and tandems. These bikes are helpful for those who have challenges with balance, coordination, stamina, mobility, and vision. After an assessment is completed, the bikes are available for rent. Rental rates are $5/ ½ hour, $10/hour, $40/day, $50/weekend, $100/week and long-term rentals can be negotiated. To learn more about the bikes and get involved, contact Carly Schmidt, 541-682-5311,

Walk n Talkers

This self-led group walks 3-5 miles at a quick pace; there is usually a coffee stop along the way. The route varies and may have hills or rough pavement. The group walks rain or shine, year-round and departs on Fridays at 9am sharp. Call Campbell Center at 541-682-5318 for more information.

Greater Eugene Area Riders (G.E.A.R.s)

Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARs) has been organizing rides since 1991. Rides are for people of all abilities and vary in distance. Every ride is led by a Ride Captain to insure participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. For more information about GEARs rides and our work to support area cyclists, click here.


Click Here to Volunteer for Eugene Parks and Open Space

Click Here for Bike Registration With Eugene Police Department

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