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News to Move You. December 2019
Tactical Urbanism Project
In an effort to test some projects in a 'quicker, faster, cheaper' manner the City of Eugene is teaming up with community partners (including Lane Council of Governments, City of Springfield, and the University of Oregon) to implement some 'tactical urbanism' style projects. One of the first will be tried out at the intersection of Clark and Adams street in the Whiteaker Neighborhood. Last month a couple designs were laid out with chalk and cones before a longer term (but still trial) solution is laid out with paint and flexible bollards. Trying out the design with 'paint and plastic' rather than concrete and asphalt allows us to test and refine designs as well as try out new and innovative safety projects before they become permanent. 

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Improvement for 18th & Hilyard
As one of the Vision Zero "High Crash Intersections" 18th & Hilyard has been a priority for improvements and work is currently underway to trial a new type of traffic control device and make other improvements to decrease crashes at this intersection. This new sign, which has been ordered and is expected to be installed this winter, will signal to vehicle drivers the requirement that they must yield to people on bikes in the bike lane before making a turn (the law at all intersections). This is just one example of several signal and intersection improvements that the Traffic Operations team is implementing as part of our cities Vision Zero Action Plan. 

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E-Scooter Survey
Kinders on Bikes
Trees by Bike
LTD TouchPass

Project Updates
New Street Names
Suzanne Arlie Park Plan


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Springfield BPAC Members
Push Back on Cars Presentation

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Central Eugene In Motion

Thanks to the over 100 community members who attended the November 19 Open House to see how moving through Eugene’s core could change. Public Works staff unveiled alternative concepts for each corridor in the Central Eugene in Motion Study. At the open house people weighed in on the alternatives with staff available to answer questions about the traffic analyses and next steps.
Miss the November Open House? The virtual open house is available until next Wednesday, December 11 (an extension from the previous deadline of this week) on Engage Eugene.  There you will find an important preference survey for each of the subareas.  Click on the green buttons for all the open house information and to access the survey for each subarea. The information is best seen on a desktop or laptop but if you're using a mobile device be sure to scroll down to see all the information and links.

The next Open House will be on January 15th at the Campbell Community Center from 6:00-8:00 p.m. where staff will share the preferred alternatives. 

Community News

E-Scooter Survey Results: Coming Soon!

In October 2019, the City of Eugene announced its intentions to launch an e-scooter pilot program in 2020. The decision to pursue an e-scooter pilot is driven by the opportunity that e-scooters offer for the city to achieve its goals of (a) increasing the number of trips taken without the use of an automobile and (b) reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse emissions. To prepare for the pilot, city staff are researching best practices and examining the experiences of other cities. Staff are also soliciting and incorporating community feedback into the development of evaluation criteria that will be used to review future e-scooter operators’ permit applications. These criteria will help city staff determine which company(ies) are ultimately selected to operate in Eugene.  

One method staff used to collect community input was through an online survey on the Engage Eugene website. It asked respondents to select criterion regarding safety, sustainability, and equity that they considered most important for an e-scooter company to provide. The survey was open from October 3, 2019 to November 24, 2019. The survey received an incredible 541 responses!

The results of the survey are currently being processed. A summary report of survey results will be published mid-December and will be available at and by request. For additional information, contact Karen Mason at or (541)682-5260.

Kinder Kids on Bikes!

The regional Safe Routes to School program continues to grow and expand the amazing program they run in our community and one of their latest projects is not only amazingly cute but has the potential to have a great impact on their education program AND the community as a whole. 

This past week they wrapped up their first kinder ride program with about 80 kids riding pedal bikes by the end, up from 15-20 a month ago! The majority of the remaining 15-20 who aren't pedaling yet are gliding beautifully and should be able to pedal as soon as they decide they're ready.

This was a great community effort with SRTS partners like point2point Solutions, Burley, GEARs, teachers and community volunteers all helping to make the magic of kids learning to ride bikes happen. 

Plant Trees By Bike

Winter is here and PeaceHealth Rides invites all of you to get outside with them and plant trees. For the second year, PeaceHealth Rides will be partnering with Friends of Trees.

From December to April, anyone who arrives to a Friends of Trees planting event on a PeaceHealth Rides bike will receive a $15 ride credit. The credit can be used to cover monthly membership fees or out of hub fees. There is no limit on how many ride credits you can earn or how many trees you can plant. Be sure to register at the front table. The next planting event will be held on December 14th from 8:45am-12:00pm. For site-specific information and an in-depth description of volunteering, visit

Stay tuned for plant-by-bike specific events! 

Monthly LTD Passes are Going Green

If you have not already downloaded the TouchPass mobile app or purchased an electronic tap card, now is the time! As part of LTD’s continued efforts to improve sustainability, all monthly passes will only be available by using the tap card or mobile app, beginning January 1, 2020.

By switching all monthly passes to the TouchPass system, LTD eliminates more than 85,000 non-recyclable monthly passes from going into the landfill each year.

Electronic tap cards are available for $3 at the LTD Customer Service Center (CSC) located at 1080 Willamette St., Mon-Fri, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Once you have the tap card, electronic monthly passes can be purchased at the CSC or through an online account. To use the mobile app, download the ‘TouchPass Transit’ mobile app from the app store, select LTD as the provider, follow steps to set up an account, and purchase your monthly pass.

Learn more about TouchPass at or call the LTD Customer Service Center at 541-687-5555

Project Updates

New Street Names Revealed

Mayor Vinis revealed our new Downtown Riverfront street names at a media last week. The final street names are: 
•    Annie Mims Lane
•    Wiley Griffon Way
•    Nak-nak Avenue

“The creativity of our community really came through with all of the name suggestions,” said Mayor Vinis. “It has also been an opportunity to learn more about our own history as a city and highlight stories we may not often hear. I’m excited that we are at this point and look forward to walking down these streets to the river soon!” 

About the street names

•    Annie Mims and her husband were the first African American family to own a home in Eugene at a time when African Americans were excluded from living in the city limits and redlining was rampant. The Mims’ opened their home and guest house to African American laborers, performers, athletes, students, and others in need of a place to stay when hotels and businesses refused service to African American people prior to public accommodation laws. 

•    Wiley Griffon was among Eugene’s earliest documented African American residents. He drove Eugene’s first horse drawn streetcar system and later worked as a janitor at the University of Oregon. He remarkably owned a home near the Riverfront at what is presently E. 4th and Mill during a time when African American people were excluded by law from living not only in the city limits, but in the state of Oregon. 

•    Nak-nak (pronounced knawk-knawk) is the indigenous Kalapuya word for “duck.” Indigenous Kalapuya occupied much of our area until the 1830s, when many died of infectious diseases brought to the area by white explorers and traders. In 1855 the Kalapuya Treaty was signed handing over much of the Willamette Valley to the United States. At the time of the treaty, it’s estimated that only 400 Kalapuya remained. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process to name our new streets! 

Weigh in on Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan

On Monday, December 9, staff will present the new Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan proposal. Join us for a discussion about what's in the plan, how we got here and next steps. Staff will be answering any questions you have! If you can’t join us, please take our online survey at
Monday, December 9, 6 - 8 p.m.
Bascom Tykeson Room, Eugene Public Library
100 W 10th Ave, Eugene
Stay in the Know

I-105 Work- No Significant Impacts Until 2020

See you next year!  While road crews continue to work on the I-105 bridges and ramps, no significant traffic impacts are expected for the rest of 2019.
Thanks to all for your patience as the I-105 bridges and ramps between the Delta Highway interchange and downtown Eugene are repaired, repaved, and receive critical seismic upgrades.
with the most up to date information about the project at
All work schedules are subject to change due to weather.
Community Calendar
Pushing Back on Cars
Date: Tuesday, December 3
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: River Road Recreation Center, 1400 Lake Drive, River Road Neighborhood

Part of the series "Creating Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Economy and Culture". Jan Spencer presents a convergence of permaculture, social uplift, economics, urban land use and regime change. What could suburbia, homes and lifestyles look like in a world that planet earth might sustain for all humans? Very different from what most Americans are used to. The presentation provides a credible idea of what a sustainable economy, culture and way of life might look like along with examples of people and places already living "in the future."
The presentations suggest regime change starts at home. More info at

Join a Climate Revolutions By Bike ride to the event, meeting at the Eugene Public Library at 5:30pm and riding to the event via the Ruth Bascom River Path. 

Webinar: Improving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Work Zones
Date: Wednesday, December 4
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th floor Lyle Room
Communities across the United States are working to improve mobility, safety and comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians. Unique problems are faced by non-motorized road users in work zones, where temporary street and sidewalk closures can present significant challenges. During this webinar, participants will learn about the importance of maintaining mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users when streets are under construction.

Climate Revolutions By Bike - December: Party Ride!
Date: Sunday, December 8
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Location: Monroe Park, 954 Monroe Street, Eugene

This one is a party ride! We'll meet at Monroe Park and venture out for a friendly ride around town, ending up at Falling Sky Deli )790 Blair Avenue) to relax and chat. The first round of snacks is on us. Rain or shine, of course.

Climate Revolutions by Bike is a grassroots movement that aims to decrease dependence on fossil fuels by creating a fun and growing bike culture and community. Our monthly (second Sunday of every month) around-town community rides are family friendly, inclusive and free. For more information,
Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan Discussion
Date: Monday, December 9
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Bascom Tykeson Room, Eugene Public Library, 100 W 10th Ave, Eugene

Staff will present the new Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan proposal. Join us for a discussion about what's in the plan, how we got here and next steps. Staff will be answering any questions you have! If you can’t join us, please take our online survey at
 Active Transportation Committee Meeting
Date: Thursday, December 12
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Atrium Sloat Room 99 W 10th Ave. at Olive

Agenda: Committee Officer Elections; Committee Recruitment
Webinar: Letting Bike Riders Catch the Green Wave
Date: Friday, December 13
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th floor Lyle Room
OVERVIEW: NITC researchers developed an app based on a new technology being integrated into modern cars: GLOSA, or Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory. GLOSA allows motorists to set their speed along corridors to maximize their chances of catching a "green wave" so they won't have to stop at red lights. This project demonstrates how GLOSA can be used by bicyclists in the same way it is used by motorists, with a test site on a busy car and bike corridor feeding the University of Oregon campus: 13th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon. Researchers developed a smartphone app that tells a cyclist whether they should adjust their speed to stay in tune with the signals and catch the next green.
SPEAKERS: Dr. Stephen Fickas and Dr. Marc Schlossberg, University of Oregon

Webinar: Education & Encouragement- Bringing the Right People Together
Date: Wednesday, December 18
Time: Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Location: 99 E. Broadway, 4th floor Lyle Room
What really changes a person’s behavior? How can agencies and activists help inform appropriate behavior on our streets and pathways? When new infrastructure or operations are introduced, how can we ensure that users understand intentions and exhibit safe operation? How do we best utilize the resources of agency staff and advocacy resources to help this process? We'll examine the effectiveness of Education and Encouragement, and how to broaden the tent of who’s involved in the "soft" E's.

Central Eugene In Motion Open House
Date: Wednesday, January 15
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Location: Campbell Community Center, 155 High Street

Staff will unveil the preferred alternatives for the three key areas at this final Open House of the Central Eugene in Motion Project. More information here.
See You There!

Walk n Talkers

This self-led group walks 3-5 miles at a quick pace; there is usually a coffee stop along the way. The route varies and may have hills or rough pavement. The group walks rain or shine, year-round and departs on Fridays at 9am sharp. Call Campbell Center at 541-682-5318 for more information.

Greater Eugene Area Riders (G.E.A.R.s)

Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARs) has been organizing rides since 1991. Rides are for people of all abilities and vary in distance. Every ride is led by a Ride Captain to insure participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. For more information about GEARs rides and our work to support area cyclists, click here.


Click Here to Volunteer for Eugene Parks and Open Space

Click Here for Bike Registration With Eugene Police Department

Cycling for All!

The City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation has a variety of adaptive bikes available for any community member in the greater Eugene area. Staff at the Hilyard Community Center provide assessments, fittings, and consultation for adults and children who may need adaptations to standard upright 2-wheeled bikes. Adaptive bikes available include recumbents, trikes, hand cycles, and tandems. These bikes are helpful for those who have challenges with balance, coordination, stamina, mobility, and vision. After an assessment is completed, the bikes are available for rent. Rental rates are $5/ ½ hour, $10/hour, $40/day, $50/weekend, $100/week and long-term rentals can be negotiated. To learn more about the bikes and get involved, contact Carly Schmidt, 541-682-5311,

Campbell Bike Group

Departs rain or shine from Campbell Center (155 High St) for a relaxed in-town ride. Helmet required, weekly attendance is not. Rides are 10-20 miles, depending on who shows up. Call Campbell Center at 541-682-5318 for more information. Wednesdays, 10am


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