Issue No. 592
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Oh, hi friends!

I guess I wanted the holiday weekend to last a little longer, which explains the lack of email yesterday.

That got me thinking about skipping steps. These little bypasses that can sometimes happen.

Maybe you hop a job title (or two) when you move companies. Or you don’t go about your career the “right” way and take a circuitous path. Or you breeze past “go” and head straight toward the finish line.

In the moment, it rarely feels like you’re skipping steps. You’re just…moving. And these movements might seem natural, inevitable.

It’s only in the retelling afterward that you might notice your skipped steps or potholes or weird diversions. Or maybe you don’t even notice then — maybe someone has to point them out to you.

The point is you can walk or run or crawl or skip all you want. So long as you’re on your way.

Photo by Dom J from Pexels
What kind of tools do you need to do your work?

“Relying solely on the final event to determine your worth can make you forget the process.”

You know I love process, and I know I love process, and you probably love process, too. Then why do we forget about it so often? I wrote about arrival fallacy — and the idea that getting to a destination distracts us from enjoying the journey — in my latest for Shine.

I was mesmerized by Wimbledon this weekend — especially Coco Gauff’s comeback against Polona Hercog, culminating in this match point. Coco ended up losing yesterday, but the 15-year-old inspired me with her grit and total calm. Even if you’re not a tennis fan (I wasn’t!), you might enjoy these 90 seconds with a triumphant ending. (Such joy!!! That’s her mom waving her hands in the air.) All hail Coco!

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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