Issue No. 585
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Oh, hi friends!

More mornings than not, I buy a small coffee at the cart just outside my apartment. I like to go there because it’s quick, cheap, and the owner remembers my order. He just looks at me and plunks down the coffee. He also remembers the order of every other person who shows up during their commute every day. There must be hundreds — she’s roll with butter, he’s bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, she’s two hardboiled eggs, etc.

So just a few minutes ago I stopped by, it’s absolutely pouring out, people are drenched, and as I place my quarters on the counter to pay, I say, “Beautiful day, huh?” And Sergio hands me my coffee with a smile and says, “Every day is beautiful. You need everything.”

Well-played, my friend.

Whatever kind of day you have, remember you need it all.

Who could actually drink this little monster? (He is both terrifying and wonderful.)

Photo by Thitaree Sawettatat from Pexels

“Theatre is a collaboration; it is a collective craft. Though the play is indeed the thing, the play in the theatre is not only the text or the actor or the director, but the thing created when the spirit that moves the dramatist is given a concrete body by all the people in the theatre together. The spirit or idea of the play arises from the society of which the theatre people are part—from the audience which they aim to serve.”

Thinking about collaboration in a deeper way, thanks to this quote from Harold Clurman. (h/t Katie Barbaree)

My same old instrumentals were getting kind of stale so been listening to these Broadway piano covers lately. There’s something pleasing about feeling the song without getting distracted by words (silly words!!!), especially when trying to write or edit.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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