Issue No. 657
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Oh, hi friends!

It was pitch-black, 6:15 in the morning, we were in the middle of a run in Prospect Park, and my friend Aransas was telling me about people she was reaching out to and projects she was starting. 

I’m in activation mode, she said.

Or maybe what she said was, I’m activating things right now.

And I thought: Wow, I LOVE that.

To be in a state of activating. 

It’s a reframing. You’re not simply being productive, or improving, or working, or hustling.

You are switched on, set in motion, energized. 

You are a-c-t-i-v-a-t-ed.

So when you’re starting in on something today — on what might otherwise be a rainy or stressful Monday — think less about “catching up,” and more about how you can choose to consciously activate yourself towardat, and for something.

Today you’re going to flow like water,
You’re going to bend like a million diamonds of glass,
married together as they climb, climb, climb
Reflecting nothing and 
shielding everything on the inside.

Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash

“A money pit place is anywhere you find yourself buying more than you intended, and spending more than you wanted.”

OMG. My friend Nina Semczuk wrote this story for me over at Money about why she stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s and Marshall’s and it. is. good. If you’re sweating your finances right now, identifying your own money pits could be a good idea (and she has advice about how). Because even the best intentions can sometimes go awry, you know?

How do you master a language when you’re out of high school/college and it’s no longer required (and when, of course, you realize that learning languages is a valuable skill?). My friend Alex Jeffries has been taking lessons through Preply, which has thousands of tutors across many languages and price points. You do lessons over Skype! He highly recommends it and I wanted to share in case others are looking for a similar program. Go! Learn! Speak!

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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