Issue No. 580
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Oh, hi friends!

What are your keystone habits? 

They’re the things you do that seem to trigger other good habits to fall in line in your life. 

One of mine is writing this newsletter. It gives me a sense of progress for the day and helps me think about people (you!) outside of my own life. I usually can’t do anything else until I write and send it. 

Which is exactly why the day got away from me! (That means I’ve done z-e-r-o today.) Funny how these things work, right?

So now I’m thinking about positive habits and how to keep them up even during times of rest, like the weekend.

Hope you have a nice weekend planned — and if you’ve got nothing planned, there’s still time! And if you’ve got nothing planned purposely? I salute you.

Can you find a new path?

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

“I continue to live beneath my means because I like watching my wealth accrue. I like watching the numbers grow in my account. That gives me a peace of mind and sense of freedom that I’ve never had before.”

Elaine Welteroth left magazines and is making more money than ever before — but she’s not simply buying stuff.

How to build a ‘bad day life raft’ — my latest for Shine.

This 14-year-old composer blew my mind.

How to stay up really late for no other reason than ruining tomorrow. Story of my life. LOLOL.

My friend Erin McReynolds is a gorgeous writer and just launched a weekly newsletter. Check it out here!!

The most insane Twitter thread you’ll read (in a good way).

Broadway HD is shaking up the theater world.

Why does writing suck?

Finally, if you read one story today, make it this one. RIP, Gabe.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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