Issue No. 648
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Oh, hi friends!

What feels normal to you today that would have felt like a luxury to you five or 10 years ago?

Maybe it’s the way you spend your money — more, less? On bigger purchases? Do you have paid vacation now? More opportunities?

And what feels like a luxury to you today that would have felt normal five or 10 years ago?

Sleeping ’til 11 a.m. on a weekend afternoon with no plans on the horizon? Hours of time to chat on the phone? Or maybe your ability to make choices about your future? 

Everything can change. And it usually does. The remembering where you came from is the tricky part — but maybe it's also the part that can tell you where you want to go next.

Photo by Sandra Tan on Unsplash

Radical idea: Let’s bring back the telegram. Brief messages. Little punctuation. Quick thoughts.

Oh shoot, that’s Twitter?

“I’m interested in emotion. I sometimes find myself defending emotion. I mean, it seems to me that’s our job, to put emotion onstage. But so often I see theater shy away from that. They’re afraid of melodrama, or cheesiness. So they go after plays that are political, or (lowers voice, raises one eyebrow) interesting.”

This profile of Lauren Gunderson, the most-produced playwright in the U.S., is beyond fascinating, whether or not you care about theater at all — it includes insights into her process (she’s a verrrry fast writer), who she’s writing for (hint: not the NY theater crowd), and that she’s the rare playwright who is truly making a living at it (no day job and very little screenwriting on the side!!).

All hail Lauren Gunderson for doing the work and making it work for her.

Here's 22 seconds I recommend watching ...

"This barn owl chick has never heard thunder before. At just two and a half months old the young owl is only just learning about the world when a deafening thunderstorm passes overhead.

This owl only took its first flight two weeks before this moment and is still using the nest for shelter." 
(h/t Human Owl)

Sometimes we’re like a ghostly baby barn owl. We know how to fly, maybe we’ve even left the nest before, but then something happens that scares us deep down to our core.

A clap of thunder! An unfamiliar task! A rejection!

So we hide! And that’s OK. Thunder (and all these other experiences) are frightening. We’re not used to them. But if you look closely at the owl, she’s still a little curious, isn’t she? She's thinking, What the hell was that?! 

And I bet the next time she hears thunder, she’ll probably be a little less scared…and the time after that, even less so...until maybe, eventually, she barely hears the thunder at all.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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