Issue No. 654
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Oh, hi friends!

A coupla weeks ago I was trying to hit a few deadly — oops, that was a Freudian typo — I was trying to hit a few deadlines, and sacrificed some sleep in the process.

Historically, for me, sleep is always the first thing to go when the priorities pile up (even though I know, of course, that being rested is actually the best way to get your best work done…). 

But beyond the productive benefits of getting good sleep, I had another thought: 

It’s hard to be hopeful when you’re tired.

It’s hard to channel any sort of optimism, or to think about the future with stars in your eyes. 

So, suddenly, that’s another reason to turn out the lights. 

You’re preparing yourself for a more hopeful tomorrow.  

Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

Do you see the face??? Hi.

“When it comes to making decisions, I always ask myself: Does it feel expansive or contractive?” 

Thinking about this nonstop since reading this Cup of Jo article: “A Trick for Making Decisions.” (This idea was originally written about by Marie Forleo, whose new book I bought two minutes ago.)

Where can you apply the expansive vs. contractive question to your life right now? Which options feel like they expand your horizons — and which feel like they’re contracting them?

While in London last week, we saw six plays/musicals in four days (!!!), including this lovely musical called Islander, featuring two talented young women, two microphones, and a looping pedal. And that’s it.

Here’s a short trailer which captures the mood and mythical feel of this story of a young girl on an island who discovers a whale on the beach. Beyond it being a wonderful surprise of a show, I am also deeply obsessed with what you can do with limited resources and how shows market and brand themselves and this got my brain turning in new ways...!

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Love, Kara

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