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August 2022
Marta Piekarska-Geater
Line Kofoed
André Kudra
Philippe Page
Stephen Curran

It has been pretty quiet at the Sovrin Foundation over the summer, with the Sovrin networks humming along, business as usual.

One change that I am sad to announce is that Marta Piekarska-Geater has decided not to stand for another term on the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees, as she focuses on her (plentiful!) other work. Marta has been a big help to the Foundation over the last two years, including stepping in as Chair of the Board of Trustees at a crucial time. Thanks for all your hard work, Marta! 

Happily, several other board members whose terms were also expiring have agreed to stay on, including Line Kofoed, Dr. André KudraPhilippe Page and myself. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and Jamie Stirling hold ex-officio seats. 
We also look forward to the outcome of the Steward Council elections and the Chair of that organization joining the Board of Trustees. I'll add to this note a huge thanks to all of our Board of Trustees members for all that you do for the Sovrin community!

We're excited to participate in some important conferences in September for the decentralized identity / self-sovereign identity communities. Folks from the Sovrin Foundation will be at both the Hyperledger Global Forum in Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 12-14 and at the Rebooting Web of Trust conference in Den Haag in the Netherlands Sept. 26-30. If you are going, please make sure to let us know and let's have a discussion on what you are doing in SSI and how we can collaborate in growing the Sovrin Foundation and achieving our mission of Identify for All.

Chair: Stephen Curran
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While the summer months have been relatively quiet from a collaboration perspective with many holidays being enjoyed, the technical teams at the Sovrin Foundation and in the Hyperledger Indy community have been busy. The Sovrin network operations team has been busy preparing, coordinating and monitoring a pair of upgrades to the Sovrin Networks to address vulnerabilities reported in the Indy code. The updates were started on the BuilderNet, moved to StagingNet and as this newsletter is prepared, are being made on the Sovrin MainNet. 

The community has also made great strides on the Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade. The CI/CD pipeline is complete on the Hyperledger Indy side, and nearly so within Sovrin. Indy releases are finally a painless non-event -- a big change from the previous process. Kudos to all those that have contributed to that effort -- it's been a big transition! 

In testing the upgraded version of Indy, we found a really fun(??) difference in behaviour between versions of Python (of all things) that caused us some head scratching. With some great detective work from Christian Bormann of Bosch in pinpointing the problem, and some clever coding from Andrew Whitehead with the  Government of British Columbia, we had a solution and volume of tests to verify the fix. As such, we now have a true release candidate for Indy Node, and will shortly have one for Sovrin Node. The upgrade plans are finally taking shape!

Stephen Curran

Steward Council elections to be held in September

Nominations for Steward Council members are open until 3 September.
Steward Technical and Business Contacts have received an email with instructions and a link to the nomination form.

Governance Framework Working Group

The SGF WG took a break for the month of August. The feedback cycle for the Ecosystem Governance Framework was closed and prior to the break the SGF met to assess the changes and modifications required to be undertaken prior to publication.

Once we regroup in September the WG would be well positioned to complete the work of publication of the content making up the new release version of the Sovrin Governance Framework

Chair: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Co-chair: Line Kofoed

Guardianship Working Group

The WG is working on the final stages of a white paper which will released in September.

Chair: Jamie Stirling
Co-chair: Lisa Talia Moretti

Co-chair: John Phillips
Co-chair: Jo Spencer 


The IoT WG took a summer break for the month of August, so a quiet month.  
One update, the joint submission between the IoT WG and to the IEEE Software Technology Conference was accepted on SSI and Digital Twins.  This will be presented at the October IEEE conference.

Chair: Michael Shea
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Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday 7 September  5 PM UTC 


Join the Board of Trustees and discuss the issues at play in the management of a digital indentity utility.

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