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November 2021
Philippe Page
Line Kofoed

Line Kofoed Becomes Sovrin Foundation's Treasurer

Philippe Page, Treasurer since May 2020, has handed over the role to Line Kofoed, who will combine the roles of Board Secretary and Treasurer. Philippe remains a Trustee and a member of the Sovrin Financial Committee.

Governance Framework           

The Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group continues to discuss and iteratively improve the text of the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework. This month the focus has been working on feedback received around the risk mitigation and policy requirements framing. Alongside this task, the group has been engaged in discussions around making practical efforts towards improving the feedback loop with the various governing bodies within the Foundation.

Compliance & Inclusive Finance


The CIFWG continues its work on the Digital Identity Whitepaper whose focus is sovereign identity principles that work to strengthen and support financial inclusion initiatives and required Know Your Customer (KYC) and FCC controls and operations. To ensure the Rulebook continues to be a dynamic document, in the last month the CIFWG worked on developing the risk assessment in the context of virtual asset providers’ need for risk assessments as well as banks’ need for assessing VASP partners. A new risk assessment resource from the Trust Over IP Foundation, Trust over IP Foundation Issues Its First Tools for Managing Risk in Digital Trust Ecosystems - Trust Over IP, is being incorporated as a key tool to build out this section of the Rulebook.
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Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday, December 1st | 5pm UTC

We wrap up the year 2021 with a special Sovrin Community Meeting. Sovrin Vice Chair and technical lead Stephen Curran will cover a number of topics in the technical domain that impact the Sovrin Foundation and Sovrin MainNet. 

Stephen will talk about: 

  • the objections from several large W3C member organizations about the proposed W3C DID Standard

  • DID:INDY status 

  • experiences using W3C Standard Verifiable Credentials

  • the latest on updating Indy Node

If there is time, we'll have an AMA session for Stephen and other members of the Sovrin Board of Trustees. Register in Eventbrite for your free ticket!

Behind the Sovrin Foundation is an infrastructure designed to enable true digital self-sovereign identity (SSI). In accordance with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, Sovrin infrastructure is open source and receives contributions from people around the world. A first step to working with the Sovrin community is to become a member by visiting our website.

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