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January 2022


The Board of Trustees is happy to share the strong recommendations for Sovrin issued in the recent report on Digital Identity from ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity).

“one of the most mature networks for SSI and is still evolving”

“a strong, self-regulated governance scheme”

“has useful experience that should be taken into account for a European electronic identity”

“most experience in governing an SSI scheme”

“Requirements for privacy and/or GDPR are specifically addressed by Sovrin.” 

“The Sovrin system includes the use of Cloud Agents, which hold wallet information under the control of users. This shares similarities with the CEN EN 419 241-1 based server signing systems and could provide a path forward for providing assured security of wallets without depending on security elements within user devices”


And on Hyperledger Indy:

“Indy is the most advanced SSI solution based on blockchain and should be considered as one of technologies for the implementation of a European electronic identity wallet”.

“The Indy network also provides the revocation functionality, which is required by eIDAS.”

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Read the full report to get an update on the European technological landscape of SSI and digital identity. 


Steward Council

The Steward Council meetings and TGB meetings will be held together from now on, and will shift to a cadence of monthly meetings starting February 3.

Governance Framework           

The Sovrin Governance Framework WG reconciled and linked to the living document versions of the governing bodies so as to enable better access and change management. This has been in context of receiving feedback and input from the Steward Council about democratic decision making process and governance procedures. The group has also been meeting to make progress on the drafting of the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework by discussing risks, objectives and requirements matrix. Additionally, an outreach plan around this new document has been put together for the public comment and feedback phase.



Working on the final edits of the Guardianship white paper.
Next meeting Friday Jan 28, 4.30 PM UTC.

Compliance & Inclusive Finance

Next meeting is planned for Wednesday Feb 9, 11 AM EST.  

SSI in IoT 

The SSI in IoT WG has agreed on four areas of work in 2022. These are
1. Digital Twins
2. IoT Agents
3. Interop
4. Governance and IoT
The group will continue to meet on a weekly cadence to complete the work started in 2021 on Digital Twins and IoT Agents

Please check the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.
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Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday, February 2nd | 5pm UTC

The Sovrin Board of Trustees shares some of the current issues on the Board agenda and opens for discussion with the community.  One of the topics will be individual sponsorship.

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Our objective is to maintain a sustainable ecosystem in keeping with our principles, while remaining independent of any external powers or funders.

As a nonprofit organization, the Sovrin Foundation relies on the generous donations of its supporters to continue to provide the essential elements needed to revolutionize trust and privacy in digital identity. 

Your donations directly support the continued development and maintenance of the Sovrin Network and its governance as well as the community engagement and SSI advocacy we lead around the world.

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