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March 2022

An Overview of the Annual Meeting of the Sovrin Foundation

The Annual Meeting of the Sovrin Foundation was held online on March 30, 2022. 

The State of SSI in 2022 by André Kudra (Trustee) WATCH

Annual Reports were approved

  • Technical Report by Stephen Curran (Chair) WATCH
  • Financial Report by Line Kofoed (Treasurer) WATCH

Budgets were approved

  • 2022 objectives by Stephen Curran (Chair) WATCH
  • Revised budget proposal 2022 by Line Kofoed (Treasurer) WATCH


  • André Kudra, Stephen Curran and Philippe Page were appointed to serve for another term of 1 year in the Finance Committee, chaired by Treasurer Line Kofoed.


  • No Trustees were up for election.
  • The Board thanked them for their contributions and accepted the resignation of
    • Darrell O'Donnell (Ex-officio Chair I4A Council)
    • Daniel Hardman (Ex-officio Chair TGB)


The Sovrin Governance Framework Group proposed to approve the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework. The proposal was approved by the Board of Trustees.

Read the Annual Report 2021 here soon.


Sovrin MainNet surpassed 100.000 transactions 🎉

Click to see transaction number 100.000 and browse our MainNet live!

#Sovrin5years #identityforall #SSI

Technical Governance Board (TGB)

The Technical Governance Board and the Steward Council held two sessions with the Finance Committee to listen to concerns and feedback around the Economic Policies. The discussions were spirited and explored the rationale of the policies, the specific business impact as well as exchange of ideas around other possible changes and improvements. It is important to note that while these activities continue, the Sovrin Dashboard continues to provide the necessary full transparency to the community about the status of the network and uptime.

Chair: Stephen Curran

Governance Framework (SGFWG)        

The Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group has focused on making the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework ready for approval. The participants have been engaged in refining the statements related to the objectives and policy requirements. The WG continues to discuss the proposal to adopt a greater degree of decentralization in the approach to governance - especially in the context of being more democratic and transparent.

Chair: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Co-chair: Line Kofoed


The EMEA and Americas working group on Guardianship meets the fourth Friday of every month. As such, the next meeting is Friday 22 April. For more details and times, please see the following link.

Chair: Jamie Stirling
Co-chair: Lisa Talia Moretti

Co-chair: John Phillips
Co-chair: Jo Spencer

SSI in IoT 

The WG had a special presentation from Michael Ford and Radu Diaconescu who are working on a standard in the electronic manufacturing sector, IPC-1783.  Michael and Radu were lead authors on an earlier standard IPC-1782 for component traceability in this sector.  IPC-1783 is integrating verifiable credentials for component traceability into the electronics manufacturing sector.

Chair: Michael Shea

Please check the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.
Interested in joining any of the Sovrin Working Groups above? Email us at or simply join the calls through the calendar links.

Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday 6 April | 5pm UTC


At the Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees presented an opportunity to  liberate the Sovrin Foundation from debts originating in 2019/2020.

The Board invites the community to discuss plans - nothing is too ambitious or wild!

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