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February 2022

Technical Governance Board (TGB)

The Sovrin Technical Governance Board (TGB) is participating in three key initiatives within the immediate Sovrin and broader SSI communities. Crucial to Sovrin is the ongoing work to upgrade the delivery pipeline for Hyperledger Indy to enable the creation of a Ubuntu 20.04 version of the Sovrin Steward nodes. Beyond that is work on the new "did:indy" DID Method to enable an Indy "networks of networks", allowing a single SSI component (an Issuer, Holder or Verifier) to easily work with many Indy networks in parallel. Finally, in an effort beyond both the Sovrin and Indy communities is the standardization of AnonCreds, the Zero Knowledge Proof Verifiable Credential data model, algorithms and protocols first implemented in the open source Hyperledger Indy project.

The Sovrin Foundation fully supports each of these initiatives, and the TGB will be key in activating these new capabilities on the Sovrin networks. If you want to learn more about these initiatives, or want to contribute to the work, please contact us at

The Sovrin Foundation is currently looking for members of the Sovrin community to join the TGB. Want to help drive the direction of the Foundation? Nominate yourself (or someone else) to the TGB! See the current members here.

Chair: Stephen Curran

Governance Framework (SGFWG)        

The Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group met and discussed changes and edits to the draft of the work-in-progress Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework. A highlight for this month has been an extensive review of literature - both informal (blogs) and formal (published research) on the topic of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with the intent of examining emerging patterns of governance and decision making models. A preview of the work available will also be highlighted in the upcoming meeting of the Sovrin Community in the month of March 2022. The WG is pleased to note that our Objective - Risk - Requirement model of ecosystems is also influencing work being deliberated in other communities of interest.

This article Building a Credential Exchange Infrastructure for Digital Identity: A Sociohistorical Perspective and Policy Guidelines by former Sovrin Trustee Mawaki Chango provides a good background to the principles based approach which makes SSI important for decentralized systems. In our upcoming Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework V3, the human-centric approach to The Principles of SSI which the WG presented at IIW32  year ago has been further developed into in a human rights based approach to SSI. This approach enables a view on the potential benefits and harms of SSI to individuals, the first principle being that of representation. This principle is also necessary when we discuss SSI ecosystems - their formation, interactions and sustained engagements. More on this at our upcoming Community Meeting on 2 March 2022. Register here for a free ticket

Chair: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Co-chair: Line Kofoed

Identity for All Council

The Sovrin Identity for All Council is being folded back into the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group (SGFWG) until further plans have been made with the Board of Trustees. Members can continue to bring their topics and issues to the SGF WG meetings which are on the Sovrin Calendar. A huge thanks to I4A Chair Darrell O’Donnell, co-chair Nicky Hickman and the group members for the past important work for the Sovrin Foundation in achieving its mission of Identity for All!


The Sovrin Guardianship Working Group continues to meet monthly in both hemispheres.  As Digital ID becomes more prevalent around the world, the need for digital guardianship is ever increasing. This last year was busy with the creation of the implementation and technical guidelines for guardianship and releasing our newest guardianship white paper within the month.   If you have a use case and want to know how guardianship can play a role in your solution, attend one of our meetings and we can create a “Wicked Problem”. The global  guardians can come together and possibly provide you a solution. 

In addition to guardianship, we also include  the “Digital Roundup” where we discuss what’s going on around the world with identity.  Check out the Sovrin Calendar and see when our next monthly meeting is in your part of the world. 

Chair: Jamie Stirling
Co-chair: Lisa Talia Moretti

Co-chair: John Phillips
Co-chair: Jo Spencer

SSI in IoT 

The SSI in IoT WG has had a strong start to 2022.  Continuing to build on the work in ’21 on an Aries Embedded Agent and the first of what is starting to look like several white paper on DIDs and VCs in Digital Twins. The WG brought ’21 to a close with a completed proposal of a top-down approach to an embedded agent and started speaking with potential funding organizations.

Our January calls focused on Digital Twins and pushed the work of the first paper from concept to first content being put ‘to paper’.  We are targeting a mid year completion of this paper.

In early February, Martin Schäffner from Datarella presented the MOBIX Deep Parking Multimodal Mobility PoC that was part of the IAA auto show in Munich in October of ’21.  This PoC is a joint effort of Datarella,, Bosch and Ocean Protocol, and it was underpinned using DIDs and VCs for Driver, Car and Parking Lot Gate Controller.  Identity and parking reservation being automatically exchanged between IoT devices.

Chair: Michael Shea

Please check the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.
Interested in joining any of the Sovrin Working Groups above? Email us at or simply join the calls through the calendar links.

Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday 2 March | 5pm UTC

Sovrin Board of Trustees and Governance Framework chairs Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and Line Kofoed spark a discussion about human rights based Principles of SSI in relation to "Membership, delegation and decentralization", a current topic in the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group. We invite the community to discuss!

Register here for a free ticket

Annual Meeting Board of Trustees

Wednesday 30 March | 5pm UTC


Register here for a free ticket
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