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June 2022
The Sovrin Board of Trustees is happy to see the highest revenue ever from the Sovrin ledgers in the month of June. All revenue goes to sustain the Sovrin Foundation in its mission for Identity for All. 

The Financial Committee joined another combined Technical Governance Board and Steward Council call to discuss the technical viability of offering test services on the Sovrin BuilderNet.
The Principles of SSI graphic is being translated into 16 languages.

The graphic can be a helpful instrument when explaining Self-Sovereign Identity and the portential benefits and harms of digital identity methods.
Evolution of the Hyperledger Indy software that underlies the Sovrin Networks continues, with Indy release candidates now available, based on the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system. The hardest part of the upgrade effort is complete and we're into the final testing phases before the official release.  These changes will bring a round of updates to all of the nodes of the Sovrin Network.

The Sovrin Foundation is delighted to hear that the W3C has finally made the decision that the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0 Specification is approved to advance to W3C Recommendation, despite the objections of some large players in the W3C community. We've always felt that DIDs are inevitable, and we look forward to the increase in activity in the SSI space as a result of this milestone.

Congratulations to all members of the Sovrin Community that participated in the establishment of this important new standard!

Stepen Curran

Governance Framework Working Group


Digital identity systems have a special obligation to secure availability of the service. That requirement sets certain conditions for the participants in the ecosystem around the digital identity system: the members of the governing authority, the operators, the sponsors, the users. 

Sovrin Foundation has released a primary document for the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework which supports its mission of Identity for All.

The objective of the framework is to secure the sustainability and growth of the Sovrin Ecosystem while keeping in line with the Principles of SSI, enabling human agency while being in control and protected.

The governance framework takes a risk-based approach to assess the uncertainties of achieving the goals of sustainability and growth of the ecosystem while adhering to the principles.

Fundamental to the analysis is the view of the dual nature of the driving powers for the participants in the ecosystem - of competition and collaboration, of private versus common interests. These powers need to be directed in a manner that emphasizes and enables the collective ownership of the ecosystem.

Where a traditional risk assessment might allocate accountability to certain roles, this three part analysis provides a set of requirements for the Sovrin policies, to define tasks that are a collective responsibility of the ecosystem participants. 

We hope other similar efforts can relate to the draft and similarly build their ecosystem governance frameworks.

The primary document has been approved by the Sovrin Board of Trustees and is now out for a 30 day public review. We sincerely invite you to read it and add comments.

Chair: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Co-chair: Line Kofoed

Please check the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.
Interested in joining any of the Sovrin Working Groups? Email us at or simply join the calls through the calendar links.


Guardianship Working Group

The WG is working on the final stages of a white paper which will released in September.

Chair: Jamie Stirling
Co-chair: Lisa Talia Moretti

Co-chair: John Phillips
Co-chair: Jo Spencer 



The SSI in IoT WG has submitted a paper abstract to an upcoming IEEE Software Technology Conference : A Practical Approach to a Digital Twin. 

Starting July 11, the SSI in IoT WG will be on Monday’s at 1800 CET / 1200 / ET / 0900 PT.  Please see the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.Sovrin Calendar of Events for Zoom link. 

Finally, in July we will continue our investigations in to Digital Twins and where DIDs and VCs will bring real value.  Upcoming will be a special speaker from Bosch.  Details to be available shortly.

Chair: Michael Shea
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Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday 6 July  5 PM UTC 


We continue last months discussion on DAOs and the path of emergence of these models. Members of the Sovrin Community who are familiar with such decentralized governance approaches are welcome to join and share their knowledge about this topic.

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