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July 2022

Happy Anniversary to the Sovrin Community - 5 Years of MainNet

It was July 31, 2017 when a group of digital identity pioneers gathered together virtually to launch what is now the Sovrin MainNet. The genesis block was set, nodes were spun up (see transactions 123 and more), DIDs (well, they were called NYMs then) were added (see transactions 123 and more) and the network was active! For those interested, here is a video of the launch ceremony. From Phil Windley's blog entry about the event:
Here's the recording of the Sovrin launch ceremony. It's not terribly exciting, mostly people certifying things and reading keys. But it is the official record. For reference, stewards were brought online at 1:18:47 and verifying consensus occurred at 1:22:16 in the video.

What's happened since?  A lot!! Most good, some not so good. Through it all, the Sovrin MainNet has been there, ever growing.
  • The first dated transaction was transaction 17, July 31, 2017, 17:11:39 GMT.
  • It took over two years for transaction 50000 (September 25, 2019), and it should be noted that a lot of the transactions up to that point were from a Sovrin Monitor that wrote a transaction every 15 minutes to make sure all was well with the Network. Nowadays, we have much better tools for monitoring the health of the network!
  • It was February 4, 2020 that the Sovrin MainNet was last offline -- soon to be 18 months of perfect attendance!
  • Transaction 100000 happened earlier this year, on March 23.
  • Transaction 150000 happened less than three months after that, on June 15.
We're very proud of everything about the Sovrin Foundation. Its independent voice, its mission of "Identity for All", its community that has created some incredibly important documents concerning digital identity, the Sovrin Governance Framework, and of course, the Sovrin Networks that just keep growing.

Best wishes to everyone that contributed to this Sovrin Foundation milestone! We encourage everyone to join with the Board of Trustees in celebrating this event, and to ask that you continue to support the work of the Foundation.
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Sovrin Foundation positive net income by June 2022

A year ago, the Sovrin Board of Trustees reviewed the enforcement of the economic policy. The objective was to secure the Sovrin Networks by generating income from ledger writes rather than company donations. Paid ledger writes for StagingNet were introduced at a 90% reduced price compared to the MainNet prices. In order to provide time for existing Transaction Endorsers to adapt, changes implemented on 16 September were announced to commence for them after 6 months in April 2022.

The Board of Trustees is happy to announce that the enforcements have lead to a positive net income for the Foundation by Q2 of 2022. 
Watch the Community Call from 6 July


Moderator: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (Vice-Chair Sovrin BoT)
  • Ledger activity growth: Stephen Curran (Chair Sovrin BoT)
  • Sovrin YTD in the plus: Line Kofoed (Treasurer Sovrin BoT)
  • W3C decision on DIDs and its impact:  Stephen Curran (Chair Sovrin BoT)
  • Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (Chair Sovrin Governance Framework WG) and Line Kofoed (Co-chair Sovrin Governance Framework WG)
  • MyData 2022: André Kudra (Trustee Sovrin BoT)
Work on upgrades to the Sovrin implementation of Indy Node continues. The Sovrin Network Operations team has begun to roll out the first of at least three planned upgrades over the next few months. We're pleased with the response of the Stewards to this point in the upgrade roll out and look forward to the upcoming updates, including the move to running the Sovrin Validator nodes on Ubuntu 20.04. 

We're delighted to report that work on the AnonCreds Specification is proceeding well. The structure of the specification is complete and iterative refinement is proceeding. A recent focus of the Working Group has been in specifing how AnonCreds is agnostic to the ledger (or more precisely, the Verifiable Data Registry) on which AnonCreds objects are stored. This is an important evolution for AnonCreds, enabling the use of AnonCreds important, privacy-preserving, secure, Zero Knowledge Proof based capabilities on ledgers beyond Hyperledger Indy, with participants in the Working Group demonstrating non-Indy implementations.

Stephen Curran

Governance Framework Working Group

The Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group (SGF WG) has closed the feedback cycle on the Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework. The completed document was available for feedback, discussions and comments from the Sovrin Community for a month. Now, the SGF WG will complete a review of the feedback received and prepare the complete set of documents to be presented for approval and final publication on Sovrin website.

The WG recognizes the interest in the availability of the text of the ecosystem governance framework in that it takes a fresh and unique approach to the topic of ecosystem and the concepts of collective ownership which help grow an ecosystem.

It is both phenomenal and extraordinary to be a part of the Sovrin Foundation which for 5 years has provided stewardship, pioneering technical contributions and new concepts to the domain of self-sovereign identity (SSI). The Foundation has paid great attention to governance and demonstrated that this is a key aspect to the growth of the Sovrin ecosystem and continued addition of new members. The SGF WG wishes everyone at Sovrin a happy 5th and will continue to be a forum for discussion of innovative approaches around decentralized governance.

Chair: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
Co-chair: Line Kofoed

Guardianship Working Group

The WG is working on the final stages of a white paper which will released in September.

Chair: Jamie Stirling
Co-chair: Lisa Talia Moretti

Co-chair: John Phillips
Co-chair: Jo Spencer 



This month the IoT WG had a couple of guest presenters, Peter Busch, Program Manager DLTs Bosch and Lead of GAIA-X moveID Use Case.  Peter presented how Bosch is integrating DIDs and VCs into their mobility systems as well as tools business. 

The second guest was Jon Geater, Chief Product Officer from Rkvst.  Jon presented on the use of DIDs and VCs in digital twins. 

The WG is taking a break for the month of August and will resume in September.

Chair: Michael Shea

Compliance and Inclusive Finance WG

The CIFWG has greatly expanded its marketing of the Rulebook to US and global regulators given the interest in having self-governance and sector-led regulatory modernization tools at the ready for AML/FCC applications. 

With digital ID and applications to the KYC and KYB elements essential to AML/FCC, the Rulebook has been strengthening its dig ID and verified credential language AND providing a broader FATF-aligned framework for AML in the space.  Outreach has recently included the following:
  • US Based regulators including the US Treasury, FinCEN, the SEC and CFTC at the Commissioner and staff level
  • UK and EU policy makers and regulators and trade groups including the Bank of England, the Payments Association and the FCA
  • Digital Asset trade groups that are growing in their pushes to global regulators to multiply our application of the Rulebook including Global Digital Currency Association (GDCA), Global Digital Finance (GDF) and the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC).

Chair: Amit Sharma
Please check the Sovrin Calendar for links to join calls.
Interested in joining any of the Sovrin Working Groups? Email us at or simply join the calls through the calendar links.
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Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday 7 September  5 PM UTC 


Join the Board of Trustees and discuss the issues at play in the management of a digital indentity utility.

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