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October 2021

Sovrin Foundation's 2020 Annual Report Is Now Available

Highlights from 2020 include:
  • Transition to financial sustainability
  • MainNet 99,999% uptime
  • First Steward Council election
  • Introduction of “Principles of SSI” in 16 languages
  • Development of Digital Identity white paper
  • Release of “Compliance & Inclusive Finance Rulebook”
  • Publication of white paper “Self-Sovereign Identity and IoT”
  • Hosting “Network-of-networks” conference for Hyperledger Indy network
Access the report by visiting our website or by clicking the button below.
2020 Annual Report

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Governance Framework           

The Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group has been focused on:
  • updating the Glossary with the terms and definitions required to accompany the governance framework drafting work
  • continuing the drafting work on the Ecosystem Governance Framework creating sections which are intended to make it easy for the reader to comprehend the objective, risks and policy requirements
  • collating the feedback received on the governance framework documents published for review
  • engaging in conversation with the Steward Council including discussing the suggestions received towards a future decentralization of governance built around transparency in decision making approaches
We invite community members who are interested in the concepts around ecosystems and digital identity to participate in the meetings and work underway.

Steward Council

The Steward Council is currently involved in a governance discussion which focuses on formalizing the process of arriving at Steward Council decisions and of presenting these decisions formally to the Board of Trustees. And last but not least of course, in developing a proposal on how the Board of Trustees should formally respond to formal Steward Council decisions.


Identity for All

We have been working on the ‘Potential Harms of Digital ID & I4A’, which has included discussion in the group and then a session at IIW called Power, Politics, Hamlet & Harms. The community spotlight last month was from Sovrin Steward iRespond. Next month we’ll be discussing next steps on the Harms discussion and are open to all Sovrin community members to take up the I4A spotlight slot. Please contact Darrell or Nicky on the Sovrin Slack channel.


Compliance & Inclusive Finance


The CIFWG continues its work on the Digital Identity Whitepaper whose focus is sovereign identity principles that work to strengthen and support financial inclusion initiatives and required Know Your Customer (KYC) and FCC controls and operations. The group continues to promote the adoption of the Rulebook in the context of increased decentralization in financial services and crypto and fintech sectors growing; Finally, to ensure the Rulebook continues to be a dynamic document, the CIFWG continues to develop its risk assessment content amidst virtual asset providers’ need for risk assessments as well as banks’ need for assessing VASP partners.


SSI in IoT

The SSI in IoT Working Group continues and is focused on two tracks of activities. Track 1 is writing a paper on Digital Twins and SSI, and Track 2 is creating a proposal for an Embedded Aries Agent. The working group decided to move in this direction to ensure all of its members have opportunities to directly engage with working group activities.

Interested in joining any of the Sovrin Working Groups above? Email us at

APAC Briefing: Board of Trustees of the Sovrin Foundation

Wednesday, October 27th | 6am UTC

This is a monthly catch up with the Board of Trustees for Sovrin community members based in the APAC region. Register for the event here.

Community Call with Board of Trustees

Wednesday, November 3rd | 4pm UTC

This is a monthly catch up with the Board of Trustees open to the community. Register for the event here.

Behind the Sovrin Foundation is an infrastructure designed to enable true digital self-sovereign identity (SSI). In accordance with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, Sovrin infrastructure is open source and receives contributions from people around the world. A first step to working with the Sovrin community is to become a member by visiting our website.

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