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Discussion of a new community website/forum is ongoing. Link

I made a new open discussion topic for 2021.

Watch new videos that condense the best parts from my live streams. Link


Tim Pool video reporting on info from The New York Times: Pentagon Officials Say Pelosi Asked Them To Stage A Military Coup Against President Trump.

You can read more (and join the discussion) at in the topics on politics or deplatforming. Those links go to the first comment in each thread from Jan 6.

Consulting, Tutoring and Coaching

Want more beyond all my free stuff? I’m available to hire.

I’m raising my rate to $300/hour (USD). Discounts are available for public engagements.

I offer value-priced fixed bids for projects that don’t directly buy my time. That means that if you want me on Zoom for ten hours, I’ll charge by time. But if you want a goal or outcome, regardless of how many hours it takes me, I can offer a fixed, total price in advance.

From The Archives

With the ongoing political turmoil, I recommend people don’t get too caught up in current events and the latest news. Political philosophy ideas are more important to help enable a rational perspective. We need concepts and reasons, not just to look at the latest news/facts/evidence and think we already know the right conclusion. Read my article: Liberalism: Reason, Peace and Property.

Book Recommendation

Time Will Run Back is an easy-to-read novel by Henry Hazlitt (journalist and economics writer) about a leader in a fully socialist society who tries to fix some of the problems. The result is that he starts (unintentionally) reinventing capitalism.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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