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I enjoyed reading the libertarian sci-fi book The Powers of the Earth and wrote a short review.

Alan Forrester wrote a short book review: “The Primal Prescription” by Murphy and McGuff. It has some info about how the US government has screwed up the healthcare system.

Wall Street and the stock market are rigged systems. Tim Pool video: Wall Street In PANIC MODE, Trading On GameStop And AMC Halted As Plebs NUKE Elite's Hedge Funds. But there are other complicating factors. Related, I recommend The Big Short (both the book and movie).

The GameStop stock news has been interesting. I posted some articles and shared more videos about it. Note: with links, you can often find more info by scrolling up or down to other nearby messages.

Deplatforming and fraud continue, e.g. a literary agent was fired for having Gab and Parler accounts (not for saying bad stuff; just for using those platforms at all).

Work continues on creating a new website and forum which will focus on philosophy, rationality and learning.

There are new highlight videos, edited by Justin Mallone. They condense some of my long live stream videos from 2019. You can look through the titles for topics that interest you.

From The Archives

Using Intellectual Processes to Combat Bias is one of my favorite ideas. I think it could really help the world.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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