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New Discussion Forum

I made the Critical Fallibilism discussion forum where you can discuss, learn and/or debate. Good topics to discuss include: philosophy, rationality, learning, thinking methodology, discussion organization, morality, memes, science, history, writing, grammar, math, evolution, programming, statistics, economics, political philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, parenting, education, relationships, atheism, skepticism, business, sales, marketing, art, design, social dynamics, culture, and decisions people face in their lives.

There are two main forum sections. Unbounded allows full criticism of anything with no limits. Friendly excludes tangential, meta, personal and harsh criticism. When starting a topic, you decide which section to use. There’s also an Other section which allows off-topic discussions like about gaming or food. Discussion of current political issues and news is only allowed in Other.

This forum replaces all my other discussion forums, like Google Groups, Basecamp, Discord and

The forum is free to read but costs $20 to be able to post. It’s a one-time price to increase discussion quality. It’s meant to keep out posters who don’t care much as well as trolls. I’m not trying to make a meaningful amount of money with the forum.

To sign up, first make a free forum account, then verify your email. You can use that account to read the forum, keep track of what you’ve already read, and receive notifications. In order to post, log in to your account, then click Subscribe (towards the top right on desktop; in the menu that says “Categories” on mobile, or here’s the direct link to subscribe).

If you’re unable to pay, but care enough to go through a screening process (to keep out trolls), you can contact me.

New Website

I’m setting up the Critical Fallibilism website. It’s going to have new articles and also send out emails to subscribers. The site is under construction, but email signup works now. It will replace this newsletter. I’ll only be sending out a few more newsletters. BTW, this is the 136th Fallible Ideas newsletter.

I will not automatically sign up current newsletter subscribers at the new site. People here signed up for infrequent emails which are usually summaries with links. The new site will email out new articles individually. I don’t want to automatically sign people up for something different than what they previously agreed to.

After you sign up on the new site, make sure to verify your email address, or you won’t be signed up. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to click to finish your signup. (Currently it’s called “🙌 Complete your sign up to Critical Fallibilism!” and the button says “Activate my account”, but that’s just the default and I may change the wording.) Ghost calls it having an account, but it basically just means being signed up for emails.

There will be no comments section on the new site. Instead, I’ll direct people to use my new forum to discuss the articles. I’ll sett up a bot to automatically post new articles on the forum.

Fallible Ideas Bundle

I bundled together 18 digital products for $100. The total price of the individual products was $417. Buy here.

Basecamp Archive

I put up an archive of all the posts on the FI Basecamp. Read it here.

It includes my recent debate with Firebench.


The above are efforts to consolidate my stuff in fewer places and make things simpler. Now I have one modern forum using Discourse software, and a modern website that also does email using Ghost software. And I have a smaller number of products for sale which are better curated. My older websites will continue to exist but will be updated less.

I thought about how I wanted to communicate with the world. I like the open web (articles and forum), email (which is enduring), and video/audio. I’ll keep using YouTube because it’s popular and convenient, but I can move my videos somewhere else in the future if necessary, and I’m not going to focus on gaining YouTube subscribers. I don’t want to use any other social media, and I don’t want a realtime chatroom. I also decided against having a private or semi-private section of my forum for now.

I think people want a realtime chatroom so they can speak more casually. But I don’t like how disorganized it gets and how hard it is to continue discussions over time. I think the “Friendly” and “Other” sections of the new forum will help address people’s issue in a better way.

Critical Fallibilism is the name I’m using for my philosophy. It’s an “ism” so, like Fallible Ideas, it sounds like the name of a philosophy. It sounds similar to Critical Rationalism, which is intentional because it builds on Popper’s work. It also builds on Rand and Goldratt a lot. I think I’ve developed enough original ideas, like Yes or No Philosophy, Paths Forward and Overreaching, to name it. I also taught a course on Critical Fallibilism which is available to purchase as video recordings. I plan to write more about Critical Fallibilism on the new website.

Harassment Update

I closed the free, public, anonymous comments on my blog (after having them for nearly 20 years) due to the ongoing targeted harassment, so I think having some paywall on the new forum is necessary, but I decided to minimize the price. I was interested in a paywall anyway for quality reasons. If someone isn’t even willing to pay a little bit, maybe they’re not very serious about discussion.

I wrote Friend Groups, Social Legitimacy, Abusers and No Contact Requests (which I particularly recommend) and Does David Deutsch Know He's Lying?.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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