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I wrote Discussion Points of View and Mutual Benefit.

I’ve been microblogging regularly. I post short things smaller than a blog post.

I discussed whether genes influence our intelligence and personalities with Max.

I discussed whether there are conflicts of interest between people with Max.

I’ve continued making new videos you can learn from, e.g. more Max tutoring videos.

Causal Reality vs Social Reality. Here's someone from Less Wrong independently converging on some ideas similar to my Social Reality and Real Reality article. The LW post is missing the second-handedness, static memes and ASF/TRP angles. And it doesn't show any significant insight into understanding what social dynamics are like and why. But it has some good basic summary/outlining about the two realities/points of view.

Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued. People have collectively reported over $10 million/year in raises to patio11 that they credit to his article. And, related, patio11 shared info about answering tech interview questions.

Political video: Ritual Public Shaming.

Political video: I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump. It’s a black guy mostly talking about racial issues. He argues that Biden is a racist who hasn’t done anything useful in 47 years in politics (and has done a few awful things), while Trump has actually done stuff for blacks and for America.

Coronavirus Policies

I wrote Are Government Coronavirus Policies Awful Attacks on Freedom? disagreeing with Objectivist economist George Reisman. He replied with a blog post and I responded with partial agreement.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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