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New Community Website

I’ve begun discussion of a New Community Website Project. It’d include a guided learning experience for the main philosophy ideas, new articles shared regularly, and a better discussion forum. There’d also be new marketing to better spread the word and reach more people. You can join the discussion to read some of my thoughts and analysis, as well as to share your thoughts early on while it’s still easier to influence design and goals.

Monetization is also under discussion. Pay to post with a monthly subscription is under serious consideration. Paywalling reading a lot of material is also being considered though I have more doubts about that. There are likely to be three subscription tiers of some sort. Feedback is welcome.

There’s a second discussion for the website design from a coding and technology perspective. Clojure or Ruby on Rails are the current leading candidates, and there is discussion of unifying posts and comments as one graph. If you have technical knowledge, your comments in that discussion would be appreciated. And if anyone would be interested in contributing code, let us know.

My main role will be philosopher. I want to mostly focus on philosophy education content, as well as on high level strategy. Alan Forrester and maybe some other people would do the coding (as well as possibly marketing and business stuff).

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Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020

Kobach: Texas Case Challenges Election Directly at Supreme Court. And 8 other states joined the lawsuit.

Where We Are by David Horowitz (one of my favorite political authors).

I watched a bunch of hearings (at 3x or higher speed):

I found them interesting and informative. I’d urge people who are interested to watch some instead of making up their minds based on summaries from journalists. It’s basically like looking at primary sources instead of just secondary sources.

I’ve been following Tim Pool on YouTube for election news. (The election events seem so important that it’s worth paying more attention to politics than I’d normally like to.) I don’t agree with him on everything (he comes from the left, voted Obama, liked Bernie) but I find him pretty fair, balanced and reasonable. If you’re one of the people who think Biden already clearly won, I suggest watching some Pool videos. He’s been explaining the whole time that the mainstream media is saying it’s all over and Biden won, and he thinks Biden is likely going to win, but it’s not actually over and done with – the media are partisan liars. He’s been covering news about fraud, election-related lawsuits, and discussed the legal procedures for how the next President is actually determined (which involve each state certifying vote counts and choosing electors, those electors voting for President, and Congress counting and approving their votes, and also there are rules for what happens if no candidate gets 270 electoral votes).

My overall take on the situation, based on my research, is that vote fraud and other violations of laws were a major, outcome-changing factor, and that many courts, judges and government officials are not objective, fair or reasonable. Lawsuits are being escalated to the Supreme Court and we’ll have to see what happens there. Some of the lawsuits clearly have merit, though whether it will result in Trump being President again is hard to say, and that seems somewhat unlikely for political/cultural/social reasons rather than legal ones. And the media is lying by saying Biden clearly already won when the process (of certifying votes, choosing electors, etc., as well as legal challenges) is currently ongoing and undecided.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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