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My new podcast: Rationalism and Convention.

I’ve continued making new videos.

Article: UC Berkeley McCarthy era loyal oath compared to today's woke oath.

Article: What's Wrong with Social Science and How to Fix It: Reflections After Reading 2578 Papers.

Article: George Reisman Criticizes the 1619 Project and argues that slavery isn’t the source of America’s wealth.

From The Archives

Video: Overview of Fallible Ideas Philosophy (now with a detailed table of contents).

Online Harasser/Stalker Returns

The guy who has been harassing Fallible Ideas people on and off for two years came back again: Andy B Harassment Continues.

Less Wrong Banned Me

Less Wrong Banned Me with no warning and no claim that I violated any rule. The admins say they don’t like some posts I wrote 9 and 3 years ago (that I wasn’t banned for at the time), but that I was improving in their opinion … but banned me anyway in response to nothing in particular, just a vague concern that I might do something bad in the future. It doesn’t make much sense.

Twitter Shadowbanned Me

I'm (partially) shadowbanned on Twitter via reply deboosting. I’ve mostly quit posting to Twitter.

If you dislike the bans and harassment, you can support my work.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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