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New Critical Fallibilism Forum

My new Critical Fallibilism Forum has 32 topics in the last week. I’m happy to see discussion happening, and we’d be happy to have more people join us who are interested in critical analysis, learning or debating.

Note: You don’t have to read all the posts! You can spend as much time at the forum as you choose. More posts is a good thing for everyone, because you can pick and choose which topics interest you.

To join the discussions, sign up for a free account, verify your email, then click Subscribe to pay the one-time price of $20 to be allowed to post. (On mobile, Subscribe is in the menu near the top which, by default, has “Categories” selected and displayed.) Having a price, even a small one like this, increases discussion quality. Reading the forum is free.

Discussion topics include both Critical Fallibilism philosophy and also anything interesting. Part of the point of rational and critical thinking is that you can use it to better analyze every other topic.

New Critical Fallibilism Website

The Critical Fallibilism website is under construction. It will have articles. You can sign up there now to receive Critical Fallibilism emails. In the future, those emails will replace this newsletter. (Out of respect for clear consent, I’m choosing not to automatically sign up people on this newsletter for the new emails.)

The best way to learn about Critical Fallibilism today is to buy my Yes or No Philosophy and Critical Fallibilism Course. Alternatively, you can read free material. If you run out of free material and want more, you can ask on the forum. There’s a lot more free writing but some is not in organized locations so you’ll miss some when searching. I’d also recommend my free Overview of Fallible Ideas video.

Harassment Update

I explained more in Sam Harris on Defamation; Comments on David Deutsch and Others Defaming Me.

I saw that David Deutsch Tweets with my Cyberstalker and Harasser, Andy B, both in the past and now. Lulie and others still do too.

In Callout Blog Posts Policy, I wrote about the circumstances in which I write negative blog posts about people. I wanted to reassure people that it’s avoidable for them. Basically, just don’t use force against me and also refuse to communicate about the problem.

I organized the posts in Harassment Summary into categories.

Being harassed – and writing about it – is an unfortunate distraction which is delaying Critical Fallibilism articles. If you don’t like that, complain to Deutsch and the others involved. I can’t ignore them because they are using ongoing force and I have no way to choose to be left alone. They come to my websites and follow me to public discussion places like Less Wrong or Reddit. One of them joined and vandalized my FI Learning Basecamp, and I realized that using Basecamp is not a realistic option because it doesn't have good enough security. I’ve tried not talking about them for months at a time but they won’t stop. I’ve tried to discuss the problem privately and deescalate (I did that before going public and tried again later too), but they’ve refused to discuss – they have no demands, have no stated grievances, and have offered no terms under which they’d end the harassment campaign. Fan support regarding this major problem would be appreciated.

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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