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Critical Fallibilism Course

I will be teaching a philosophy course on Zoom (computer screen sharing and voice chat). I advertised it on the Fallible Ideas Google Group, signed up some students, and just decided on the schedule today.

I’ll be doing a lot of preparation for each session and using slides. Each sessions will be an interactive lecture (questions and discussion welcome as I go through my slides) followed by Q&A and tutoring type activities.

It will be on Friday and Monday at 5pm US Pacific time, from Nov 6-30 (8 sessions). Sessions will be 75min but may go a bit longer. The price is $3600 USD. I know it’s not much notice but if anyone else wants to sign up, you can get in touch quickly.

The course will be private, not streamed. Recordings will be sold with a 3+ month delay for $800+ (details not finalized). If you don’t want to wait, join the course! An alternative is my Yes or No Philosophy videos and articles for $400. I spent a month making those and believe they’re some of my best work.

Below is an outline I wrote for Critical Fallibilism. This is not the course outline but will provide an idea of what kind of things may be covered. Words in parentheses are sub-topics.

  • Knowledge
    • Purposeful Information (evolutionary epistemology, {idea, goal, context} triples)
    • Critical Discussion (using observation)
    • Organization of Knowledge/Ideas (trees; literature; library)
    • Focus
    • Progress (bounds)
  • Error
    • Fallibilism
    • Error Correction & Problem Solving
    • Error Correction Mechanisms (Paths Forward)
    • Error Rate (Overreaching)
    • Non-Error-Correcting Approaches (e.g. Induction)
  • Conclusions (YesNo)
    • Conclusive Knowledge
    • Binary and Digital Evaluations (digital error correction)
    • Breakpoints not Amounts (universality)
    • Decision Making (primary/secondary issues; decision charts)
  • Action
    • Project Planning or Resource Management (buffers)
    • Learning (practice, mastery, persistence)
    • Life

My Writing

Idea, Goal, Context Groups are a way to think about knowledge.

What To Sell or Give Away?. I’m not clear on which things I should make free or paid. Input is welcome.

Should I Facecam?. Input is welcome.

Skills I'd Pay For (or accept volunteer help for). For most work, it’s much easier for me to work with fans who are familiar with my philosophy ideas. Get in touch if you’re interested.


Article: Rampant shoplifting leads to another Walgreens closing in S.F.. The police aren’t doing their job.

Tim Pool video: Facebook Whistleblower In Studio EXPOSES Election Interference And Censorship. Over 2 hours of stories and details about what Facebook moderators do.

Votes cost around $6 each in Texas. (New Project Veritas undercover video.)

By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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