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I've been trying to explain how to organize projects using steps so that people can gain conscious control over their lives. Making things consciously-controlled allows rational improvement instead of living by intuition and static memes. I've also talked about how and why to practice.

If you want to learn about conscious, rational steps to organize projects, that process should involve some discussions and questions about the steps as well as practice. The practice should start with projects that are easy so the focus can be on the steps themselves rather than the contents of the project. If you learn the steps enough to use them successfully several times, then you could try them out on a more challenging project and see if you're still able to use them in that harder situation, if they're helpful, etc.

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I Wrote

Also, Rami Rustom has been plagiarizing me and lying about being associated with me. Please don’t listen to him.


FI continues to receive ongoing harassment from David Deutsch’s Hate Group. I made an infographic to explain the situation (click to expand):


By Elliot Temple. I write philosophical essays and a blog.

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