We have new anthologies in the works. Coming soon will be  Demons, Devils and Denizens from Hell, The Big book of Bootleg II and Depraved Desires 2. You don't want to miss these amazing stories. We are still taking submissions for our poetry anthology. If you or someone you know writes dark poetry let them know we would love to see what you write! 


Three amazing new HBB anthologies you won't want to miss!

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume 1
A simply superlative collection of spine-tingling horror from the very best minds in the business!

Depraved Desires Volume 1
Depraved Desires delves into the writhing depths of carnal appetites and sin, peeling back the veneer to reveal tales of wanton lust and supernatural depravity...

Shopping List
Twenty tales of terror, darkness, the truly macabre and things most unpleasant from a delectably eclectic bunch of the very best independent horror authors on the scene today!


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We recently had the honor of Richard Chizmar as a guest. He is the co-writer of Gwendy's Button Box with Stephen King. Needless to say it was an amazing show and lots of fun! Thank you Richard Chizmar and we wish you the best with the new book! 

Listen to the show here: 

Listen in to our trailblazing blog show, it makes quite the refreshing change from your average horror podcasts! There really is no other indie horror show like it!

The all-new Panic Room Radio show is a wonderfully entertaining, eclectic mix of chat, good ol' irreverent humor and the very best guests from the world of independent horror, bizarro, erotica and dark erotica publishing.


HellBound Books are currently seeking submissions for 'Devils, Demons & Denizens of Hell' (Guest edited by P.Mattern), 'The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol 2' and 'Depraved Desired Vol 2' (Edited by Bonnie Capps) 
We are also on the lookout for outstanding horror, dark erotica and bizarro novels! 

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Dark poetry from our own dark princess.....

The dark side of Xtina Marie's poetry delves into intense emotions: heartache, loss, hurt, pain, rage, and a dangerous consuming love which can drive one insane. Dark Musings is not a collection! The author returned to the centuries old practice of Narrative Poetry—the telling of a story through poetry. If you believe you are brave enough to explore the savage emotions of the human heart; Dark Musings will test your mettle.

    When you close your eyes, where do you go? What do you see? The moment you drift off into that world of the unknown, you are on a rollercoaster ride, speeding down a track that takes you anywhere it wants to take you. 

Often it takes us to places that we would never voluntarily go when we’re awake, into a world of darkness, tragedy, and fear. In this virtual reality world, you do things that you would never do when you’re awake, such as jumping from a plane without a chute, or opening the door to a room when you know there is something behind it waiting for you to enter. 

But dreams can also tell you stories of love, wit, and treasures. You may wake laughing, crying, or screaming, because your dreams know your weaknesses. They know your every thought, and they know how to attack.


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