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We have a spanking brand new triumvirate of terror for  your delectation, there's bound to be something to tickle your horror fancy: we have the ultimate battle between good and evil in The Unredeemed, an honest-to-goodness contender for Slenderman's throne who will have you shivering in the dark in The Southern House, and in Black City: Tales From The edge of the Abyss we have one soul-shredding occult fiction collection!.

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In the ultimate battle between evil and evil...only one can win.


Four hundred years ago, Benjamin Harwood butchered whoever he saw fit to kill, knowing that sacrificing his murder victims to a demon would keep him safe from eternal punishment. 


But now, their agreement has been torn in half and the demon is coming for Harwood’s soul, coming to set him to burn. 


Preparing for war, Harwood gathers the worst of the worst, the monsters and murderers he calls friends. 


With this group of damned killers, Harwood must return to the crimes of his past and seek help from his most recent prey: a teenage girl whose family he destroyed, a girl with more reason to loathe him than anyone in his life or death. 


Only then he can try for a redemption that may be impossible or face a universe of suffering. 


But Harwood doesn’t know there is a hole in the floor of the world. And something much worse than the dead is down there...

"Move over Slenderman, there's a whole new reason to be afraid of the dark!"


There are some places that lie where the barrier between worlds is thin and growing thinner. These corridors are as old as the Earth itself, hidden in dark and forgotten places, waiting to be found. 


There is a being who stalks these places and travels between those worlds. He was given the name Mr. Shift by generations of children and madmen. 
Just as Hickory Grimble hits rock bottom, he inherits his grandparents’ farm and believes his luck is changing. He soon finds he inherited more than money and land. 

Haunted by his own inner demons, now he has new problems. He begins to see strange creatures on the dark, sprawling acreage, animals that have no business living in middle Tennessee. He also discovers a decrepit, abandoned house in the forest that never seems to be in the same place twice. 

Balanced on a razor's edge between, addiction and fate, Hick is now face to face with an ancient evil that has returned once more to claim more of the town's children.

Black City: Tales From the Edge of the Abyss is an occult fiction anthology from elusive American author and artist Jane Grey. 


Written from beyond the shattered lens of reality, the eternal Abyss reaches Its invisible and alien influence into a bizarre mosaic of intersecting victims and willing participants. 


Twisting the short tales together alongside esoteric ink illustrations by the author, the anthology focuses on the darkest side of spirituality, the occult, and the demonic. 


Warping sensibilities by using ancient barbarous names and incantations, the collection itself is an occult working wrapped in the cloak of fictional horror. 


Enter the Black City.

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