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I am happy to present the Language of Jazz Book Series (books 1-17) to those of you who are jazz practitioners or jazz educators. The Language of Jazz: A Repository of Melodic Ideas and Linear Constructions is a 17-volume series containing a plethora of melodic material that you as an improviser can readily incorporate into your jazz arsenal. These 17 books contain more than a thousand uniquely designed phrases and musical ideas in all 12 keys, and constructed from the root, 3rd(4th), 5th, 7th, and non-chord tones. Each book also includes exercise pages so you can create your own musical phrases and ideas over the chords and progressions. 

Working on this series has been a four years process. I initially intended to do just one book on improvisation. As I got deeper into the process, I realized it was going to take more than just one book. It ultimately took 17 books to complete the series. 

This series is intended to serve as a resource for aspiring jazz improvisers. For some, it might serve to broaden their jazz vocabulary. For others, it might help extend the vocabulary they have already developed. This Series provides plenty of melodic material for musicians to use as they wish. 

It is important to understand however, that this Series is not intended to be the "holy grail' of how to improvise. Rather, it should serve as a resource to compliment one's jazz development. Musicians should always listen and learn the solos of the Jazz Masters. In that way, you not only get the notes, but also the nuances of the jazz language. Although the musical phrases in this series have been inspired by the language of the Masters, they cannot substitute for the personal quest one must take to learn, not just "what' the Masters played, but also "how' they played it. Jazz musicians should also continue to study jazz harmony and theory, or anything related to their jazz development.

Let The Language of Jazz Series be a resource to develop and/or expand your jazz vocabulary. These 17 books are sure to provide a wealth of melodic information that you can incorporate into your playing. It is guaranteed to help put you on the road to improvisational mastery. Enjoy!

Antonio Parker

The Language of Jazz Series (books 1-17) is an essential improvisational resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced jazz musicians. It provides fresh melodic material that can be incorporated into your daily practice and used to supplement your ongoing jazz development.
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