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Hello lovelies! 

I hope you are all tan and rested and reviving during this Virgo season - I know I am. After taking a long ass break for the entire summer, during which I didn't touch a single bit of Pink Things business (my bad ass Creative Director, Malaika, held it up. An effort for which I will never be able to thank her enough for), I grew and relaxed and fed my mind. You see, I was feeling worn out, pressured, and uninspired by everything I was creating while feeling utterly satisfied with my social and work lives. Summer had me lazy and ambivalent, but I sort of let myself revel in those feelings and recharged my batteries. 

According to my mood and fashion and education, not the actual weather, summer had ended. I'm usually a strict reader of nonfiction, so this summer, in the spirit of relaxation and giving my mind a break, I decided I would only read fiction books. It was DIVINE. I read Roxane Gay's collection of short stories titled Difficult Women. I read all of Chris Kraus's Fictitious works. I read two trilogies that both spawned fantastic movies this summer. I read two books that inspired riveting HBO dramas. I also read Meg Wolitzer's new work of fiction. I've provided you with my reading list below and am happy to report that there were not any books that I wouldn't recommend. Moving forward, there's a few nonfiction pieces I am dying to get my hands on, but I will definitely keep fiction in rotation because there's just so much to enjoy about a riveting story-line in a world that isn't exactly this one.

On another note - last weekend I turned 24 and it had me thinking a lot about the kind of person I want to be. This stems from a conversation I had with a friend back in May about perfumes. She showed me this divine scent that I thought was almost me, but not quite. I called it "The perfume for the person I would like to be." Well, dear readers. I've said fuck it and am adding that little overpriced bottle of floral freshness to my tray of skincare and scents. Because why wait? As I embrace autumn with wide open arms (this has been a summer of hellish temperatures in NYC), and leaves begin to change and fall, I'll smell myself and feel that I've grown a little bit into that future version of myself. 

I'd like to be the kind of person that can keep up this newsletter, so see you next week (hopefully)! 

xx Sarah

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