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January 2017 Newsletter
“The vision of the Social Development Center is to promote the lives of the people who have suffered human rights abuses, to teach non-violent skills to build up a new society, to develop the rule of law, to value human dignity and to protect the environment”
This month at SDC
by Principal Myar Reh
January brings new beginnings, a refocusing on priorities, and is an important month here at SDC. Coming off a much needed break in December we are ready to teach, learn, and grow into the new year. The next three months bring our Basic Course students through an intense twice a day English Curriculum. They switch groups every two weeks, so inside camp our students continue to learn much needed subjects centered around the issues of: Democracy, Rule of Law, Environmental Rights, Human Rights, and Social Sciences.
We are fortunate this month to have not one, but two new Volunteer English Teachers joining us to the end of Basic Course 2017. Teacher Martha joins us from Louisiana, USA, and Teacher Tasha is from Yorkshire, England. At the end of the month we had a visit from two important guests, our longtime supporter Renee, and her student Megan. Read on below for some highlights of what has been going on here at SDC in the beginning of 2017.
New Volunteer Teachers
Teacher Martha joined us at the beginning of January, and will be teaching the Basic Course with us until the end of March. She is originally from Louisiana, spent some years in Colorado, and is now traveling for an undetermined amount of time. We are lucky to be a longer stop on her journey onwards through the world. Teacher Martha is excited to be learning about our Karenni Community and Culture.
Our new volunteer Teacher Tasha joined us midway through January, and will be teaching through until the Basic Course Graduation. She is from Yorkshire, England. She has taught in Russia and England, and is excited to be teaching our wonderful students here at SDC. Teacher Tasha is involved in issues of gender equality, women's rights, and LGBTQ issues; and is very interested in continuing work with refugees.
We had two friends visit us at the end of January. Our longtime advocate and supporter Renee (pictured right), and her student of law at the University of Victoria, B.C., Megan (on the left). Of course our ever joyful Principal Khu Myar Reh is smiling in appreciation.
For the bravest climbers among us these coconut palms behind our kitchen provide a refreshing beverage or nutritious snack. 
Meandering paths, bamboo thatched farm huts, fields of produce, palms trees, and lush jungle hills; our beautiful surrounds here at SDC.  
Edodo captivates another heart, this time our friend Megan visiting from Vancouver, B.C.
All Around SDC
Our neighbor cows are always watching our ways and steps.
We have a proud new mother hen around here. These beautiful little chicks are only 5 or 6 days old, and there are always more on the way. 
The river by the village provides a host of resources. Students catch fish, bathe, and villagers wash their children, clothes and sometimes even their motorbikes.
Photos of activities during January 2017
Top left: Dance parties definitely have a place in a lesson plan; Top right: Students welcome teacher Martha with the application of Tanaka; Bottom left: Waking up bodies and minds here at SDC; Bottom right: Our visitor Renee gives a heartfelt Goodbye speech to the students.
About SDC

SDC is located in Karenni Refugee Camp 1 on the Thai-Myanmar border. It was founded in 2002 by three alumni of EarthRights School Burma (ERSB), who wanted to provide young people with the opportunity to learn about Law, Democracy and the Environment.

Since its formation, SDC has produced over 300 human rights and environmental activists. Coordinator and co-founder Aung Sun Myint continues to work with our team to realize the vision he set out with his fellow ERSB alumni in 2002.
Help us achieve our goals
To achieve the goals and the promise we made in our mission statement we rely on many avenues of support. Core organizational and project funding comes from our main donors. We are also supported by our community, local staff and volunteers from around the world.

All of us here at SDC would like to thank our core funders:

The American Jewish World Service
The Open Society Institute
Refugees International Japan

We would also like to thank our partners:

EarthRights International
The Curriculum Project
Mote Oo Education

We still need support to continue doing the work we do. If you are able to support us financially or with advice or expertise please contact us using the links below.

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