The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie 2017 Newsletter - Issue 1            Read what's been going on with Sophie and Scottie and the adventure-mystery book series!
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Happy New Year! 
I hope this first newsletter of 2017 finds you all healthy, rested, and ready to read and write!

Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock Receives the 2016 Gold Family Choice Award!

I'm happy to announce that this award recognizes the best in children's and parenting products.  Now in its 21st year, the "Family Choice Awards" is one of the most sought after family friendly award programs in the nation.  Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of the Monarch Mystery and Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Something's Fishy are also Gold Family Choice Award Winners.



Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock has a featured page on SCBWI.

This adventure-mystery book in The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie  series has an interesting Author Page on the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators website.  Check it out!



Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of the Monarch Mystery is adapted into a screenplay and is evaluated!

This adventure-mystery full-feature film is based on the first book in The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie series.  It is perfect for families and children who enjoy watching action and adventure.  Fresh Voices gave it an "A" in story, premise, character, marketability, and salability.  Then gave it a "B" in theme, plot, conflict, and castability.  I'm looking forward to working on it more so that the B's become A's as well as work on some technical writing parts of the script that they suggested I improve upon.   

Fresh Voices stated that this submission was incredibly imaginative and believable but still incorporated a heavy dose of magical realism. They went on to say that the script has potential to be very successful; perfect for a younger demographic, as it was entertaining and also educational in its own way.

I'm really excited about this evaluation because this description is EXACTLY what I wanted the books in the series to be about to the reader. As a full-feature film,  I want to show on the "big screen" that Sophie and Scottie are fun characters and I envision everyone to be able to join them on their many journeys on the ranch and their amazing adventures within the magical crystal picture frame

Readers' Favorite 2016 International Book Awards Ceremony
The Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Ceremony was held in Miami, Florida in November of 2016.  I met several award winning authors from all over the world. It was an honor to be recognized for "excellence in writing" for Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of the Monarch Mystery

Tierra Bonita Elementary School

I was happy to take a picture with one of the students who purchased a set of my books at a recent author visit.  Don't be fooled, just because the main characters are girls, doesn't mean that boys shouldn't read these books. They are full of adventure and action and are a perfect book series for all!  If you'd like me to present in your classroom, please email me at
As the author, I am always trying to think of new ways to share The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie book series. Like their availiabiltiy in select libraries, on, and through my website. The several awards this book have received shows that the series is perfect for readers ages 8 to 12 and my vision is to see this book and the other two in the series become a full feature film - possibly animated.  If you agree, let me know at and be sure to tell others about this newsletter so they can sign up and interact with me.

Interviewed at the Awards Ceremony

I had a lot of fun being interviewed by a local Florida reviewer from the Miami area.  I only had one minute to describe my book and what the Silver Award in the Children-Adventure category represented!

Tierra Bonita Elementary School

I really enjoy talking with the students in their classrooms.  It's fun to see how the students interact with me while I'm presenting.  This class was really chatty and asked lots of questions like what was my favorite book when I was in 4th grade (it was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell.) In my Power Point presentation, some of the topics I talk about are character and plot development, how I decided on who my main characters in my books would be, and I also read from Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of the Monarch Mystery (or one of the other books when requested.)


***Girl Scouts Printed Book Deal***
Its important to keep reading during school and in the summer months.  Therefore, I want to continue this book promotion for Girl Scouts - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal!  I'm not sure how long this great opportunity to receive a signed book from the author (me) will last, so don't delay and get your books today! (Please tell your troop members and other troops about this deal.)


Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Something's Fishy
One of the really cool parts of this book, Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Something's Fishy, is when Sophie and Scottie are in the building of Oceanic Institute 8.6 of Oceanography and the girls see Bubbles the dolphin for the first time.  They can see her through the glass viewing area and Scottie almost goes into a trance as she watches Bubble release her bubbles over and over again. 
That night as the girls lay in bed and Sophie was drifting off to sleep, she heard a loud voice.
From page 123:
"That's it!" Scottie yelled as she sat up in bed.
"What are you talking about?"
"I've been really bothered about what Bubbles was doing over and over again with her bubbles and then shaking her head back and forth, and I think I figured it out." Scottie turned on the light, climbed down from the upper bunk bed ladder and continued, "Bubbles was saying something! Quick, hand me that pad of paper and a pencil over there.  Yes, I'm pretty sure it was...."

You'll need to read the book to find out what Scottie figured out!

Reviews - We've all seen them - the five stars or less that have been assigned to a book or another product.  Why are they important? Two reasons: First, because this is what gets the attention of the potential buyer to see how the item rates and helps them to make a buying decision. Second, the amount of reviews the item receives is how that item gets noticed by the platform it is being sold on.  If the platform entity notices the item, then they will also help to market the product to sell more.  A win/win situation!

A Request -  
If you've read any of the Sophie and Scottie Books, please go on and submit a review, this way the book series will get noticed by those who are looking for more reading options for their students, children, grand children, nieces, nephews, etc.               (A heartfelt thanks to those who have already done a're the best!)

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