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Dear <<First Name>>

We would like to share with you some exciting news of our future plans.
At the beginning of 2016 both Kim and I felt prompted by God that it was time for a ‘new adventure’. Within a few days of us discussing this and what it might mean Kim was diagnosed with cancer and given a bleak outlook. A year later we were informed by our church, who have graciously supported our ministry financially for the last thirty years plus, that along with all the other ministries they were no-longer able to continue to do so in the same way. This was not the sort of ‘adventure’ that we had expected and sensed that we had entered a time of wilderness testing. We felt that once we had come through this it would signify a new empowering and the beginning of the next phase that God has for us.
In all this we both felt that the new adventure would involve us moving house. Having lived in our present home for almost thirty-three years and having been part of the same church since we were both saved over forty years ago, this was a challenging thought! But the thought remained. Not sure what would actually be involved we pushed a few doors but they all seemed to be firmly closed to us.
We did however sense in this wilderness experience that God was preparing us and that there was no rush and so we continued to be open to His leading. Over the last months as Kim’s health has improved and in my times with God I have felt led back to two prophesies; one through Smith Wigglesworth given in 1947 and the other by Jean Darnell given in 1967. Both talk about a great outpouring in the United Kingdom that will flow across the nation and into Europe (I wrote about these in our most recent magazine if you would like more information). Jean’s word specifically speaks of this outpouring flowing from the north to the south of the country. God particularly highlighted this point and I felt strongly that He wanted us to move north. Over the months since it has become clear that this move north would be to Liverpool. In the natural this seemed to make little sense as many of the doors that God has opened in the last three years for us to minister have been and continue to be in the south of England.
We were approached by a long standing friend who asked if Kim and I would prayerfully consider being part of a work that he felt God was calling him to establish. He felt this venture would benefit from the involvement of someone with the ministry of a healing evangelist.  I told him that we were considering moving to Liverpool and perhaps this would exclude us from being involved only to be told that one of the areas they were working in was Merseyside. We were duly invited to a gathering of church leaders from throughout the Liverpool area. Having met with these guys we really wondered what we could bring to the table that they didn’t already have; the room was full of very gifted evangelists doing amazing things and although they came from greatly differing backgrounds, they were all championing one another in a way that we have not experienced before. Having met with a number of them since it has become clear to us that God is doing something exciting and significant in Liverpool and both Kim and I have a growing expectation that God is calling us to be part of what He is doing there.
We still have questions but are confident that Liverpool is where God is leading us for the next season of our lives. As Merseyside is where we now need to base our ministry, to enable this to happen as quickly as possible, we plan to rent out our home here in Bordon and move into a rental house in the Liverpool area and see where God takes us from there. We already have a little knowledge of the area as our son Tom and his family are living there at the moment.
Having made this decision we were recently at a conference in Bradford and reconnected with a guy who would be considered by many as one of the church fathers in Liverpool. Over lunch we shared with him that we felt God is moving us to Liverpool. He asked us if we knew what we would be involved in there and we described how God has been leading us. Without a moment’s hesitation he asserted that he knew why we were being called and felt that we were a ‘gift to the city of Liverpool’ and he could see several situations where we would be used. You cannot imagine our surprise at his words! We still do not fully know all that this means but as ever we have great expectations that God has a plan and purpose for us as we step out in faith.
We are grateful to all those individuals and churches who have supported us over the last couple of years and hope you will continue to do so as we seek to step out into the new adventure that God has for us in Liverpool. We feel sure that being based in this great city will be complementary to all that we are already involved in through the work of Spearhead Ministries. We envisage that both aspects of our ministry will continue to expand as we seek to equip churches and enable evangelistic endeavours. I fly out to Ghana for the first time next week to teach in a Bible school in Swedru and to minister at a healing crusade. Merseyside is well served by both Manchester and the Liverpool John Lennon airports which have suitable connections to enable us to continue to serve the churches that God has opened to our ministry both in this country and throughout Europe. We will continue to be in relationship with good friends who have always been there for us over the years, all be it from a little greater distance.
We would really value your prayers as we step into this new season and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.
Every blessing
Tim & Kim Grant


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